Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Two: Cille Season/Fighting Evil by Moonlight, Winning Love by Daylight

August 18, 2010: Special thanks to ‘s strategies page for helping me over the hump.

Now that we’ve got Lyle in the party, I think the overworld music has changed.

Lyle joins Rhys’ party in exchange for help repairing the weather control system in Aridia, the desert region.

August 19, 2010: Ugh. After a tough dungeon, Lyle inexplicably leaves the party, only to challenge Rhys in combat in Shusoran. He’s easily dispatched, despite his spe- excuse me, TECHS

Then, you reunite with Lena, who was the one that set Rhys free at the outset of the game. She tells you that you must insert the Moon Stone and Moon Tear into Aridia’s satellite control system to realign the moons.

Lena joins you along with Lyle. She has no techs and little HP, so she’s bringing up the rear.

Now that we have five characters, it’s time for a…

Spotlight: Generation One Characters

Rhys: A prince and a descendant of Orakio. Orakio created cyborgs in a war against Laya, and their war resonates even today across the land.

All PSIII characters have a distinct dominant color. Rhys’ is light blue.

While the colors are typically bright for a Japanese game with an animesque art style, it certainly helps the characters stand out.

In battle, he’s a straightforward swordsman, not quite as durable as Wren.

Mieu: Cute cyborg that waited 1,000 years to assist a true descendant of Orakio.

In battle, she is the only character that can cast healing techs, buffs, and Forsa, an instant-death tech.

DC: Red

Wren: Another cyborg hidden deep in a dungeon in the desert land. Wren can transformed into various vehicles and repair systems like the satellite and weather controls dictation interfaces.

In battle, Wren’s HP and defense are ridiculously high. He also uses attack spells techs, although he doesn’t have many Technique Points.

DC: Black/grey

Lyle: A resident of the once-frozen land, fixed once Wren changed the settings on the weather control systems in the desert region (don’t worry, the Hazatakians didn’t mind).

In battle, he is an offensive spell tech user, less frail than most.

DC: Green

Lena: A strange, unoffensive, and unassuming young woman who helps Rhys out for no apparent benefit to her, so that he may have his fiancé, Maia.

In battle, she uses knives and has very little HP.

DC: Light brown

We fixed the lunar alignment. Then, Wren told us to visit Cille Island, north of Shusoran.

Directly north of Shusoran, stand still, and the seas will part, creating a landline to the town.

I fear that Lena will never learn techs, for she has no TP.

August 20, 2010: Cille Village is full of xenophobic Layans. One tells Rhys that an Orakian like him can’t marry Maia. Well, my seven hours of gameplay and level-building can prove you wrong, mister.

Once in Cille, enter (yes, enter) one of the many fountains to access the roundabout route to the castle, just like in Shusoran. Only one of the fountains is the “right” path, though.

In Cille Castle, you will encounter an enemy type right out of the inexplicable shmup game Choaniki: a legless, naked male torso with a stump atop his head. How does he attack? By flexing his pecs. Scarred. For. Life. This game is full of slightly disturbing enemies, but c’mon.

Or are their legs simply not shown? The world may never know…

Later, you meet the king of Cille, who treats you like a spy and wants to kick you out.

I’m reminded of one of Bayonetta’s lines: “I’m like a f*cking celebrity in this town!”

December 21, 2010: I beat the king of Cille. Now, he tells me that I can marry Maia, the woman we’ve been looking for the whole game, or… Lena, the rather weak newest member of the party. I WONDER WHO I’LL CHOOSE!

Rhys the Orakian renounced his inheritance of Landen to rule Cille with Maia, the Layan. They also have a half-Orakian, half-Layan son with a questionable name: Ayn. I’m pronouncing it “Ein”.


Fifteen years later, cyborgs arrive to bother Cille and Shusoran. Ayn speaks to his father after the dire report about the cyborgs. They actually made Rhys look older by giving him a mustache.

He asks Ayn to take Mieu and Wren with him to find a “sanctuary” called Satellite. I’m sure that won’t be convoluted at all!

Thank God that Mieu and Wren keep their levels, but Ayn starts at level one. Unlike his father, he has a number of spells healing and “time” techs at his disposal. This is because of his mixed Layan blood.

Rhys and Maia (who, unlike her husband, hasn’t aged a day) don’t give you any clues on how to find Satellite, so we’re on our own, I guess.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! Hmph.

Ayn has blazingly blue hair, just like his mom. He has long hair tied into a low ponytail, like Lyle.

King Lyle has an eyepatch now! Someone in Shusoran called him a “dragon knight”. Whut!

Apparently, growing old as a male in Phantasy Star requires you to look like Bradley Whitford, which I don’t mind.

I’m totally confused and lost, so I guess it’s time for another trip to again. Otherwise, it’s on to another game.