Live-A-Live Part Nine

June 20, 2016: Ultimate Destruction

When Orsted decided to go to Akira’s world, he wondered why Akira and his friends strove for assimilation and unification. Orsted believed that the world filled with filthy humans needed to be purified.

Then, the world of Oboromaru.

Orsted: “There will be turbulent days in the future…… Without any nonsense like so-called ideals…. Until soul is sold for the power of a demon….”

The statue of the frog’s eyes glowed. “You should believe in your own way!” Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Nine


Live-A-Live Part Eight: Green-Eyed Monsters

April 2, 2015: We limped back to the castle. The guards could hardly believe that Hash died.

The king apologized and told the trio to rest in one of the rooms.

Orsted dreamt about Alicia in the grip of the Demon King.

Stay away!”

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Live-A-Live Part Seven: The Demon King

April 2, 2015: You play as Oersted, a knight representing the West in the Lucretian Battle Tournament. His opponent representing the East is Straybow. The prize: Princess Alicia’s hand in marriage.

Straybow: “Don’t hold back. Even though we’re friends… If you go easy on me, I won’t forgive you!”

Oersted won.

Alicia: “Oersted, was it? It was quite a… manly battle. It is with pleasure… that I become your queen.”

The king called a feast. Later that evening, Alicia talked to Oersted. Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Seven: The Demon King

Live-A-Live Part Six

January 4, 2012: I recently learned that the Flow chapter is also known as “Blood Flow”. That makes sense considering the liquified humans in the chapter’s storyline.

The Captain Square minigame has groovy music.

At least Buriki Daioh’s theme was pretty cool.

January 5, 2012: Is anything gonna happen in this chap? It’s all PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT

OD-10 Cogito Ergosum”

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Live-A-Live Part Five

December 29, 2011: Live-A-Live! It’s been too long, old friend.

Previously on L-A-L, we got fed up with Akira’s oddly tedious chapter.

I found a… Shower Cap.

Maybe this chapter isn’t that bad, but it’s not very intuitive. You’d think that having a telepathic protagonist would avert that, but no. Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Five

Live-A-Live Part Four

May 5, 2011: Odie is tough but exploitable, just like Jackie from the front. Just use Max’s German Suplex over and over. I think it stuns Odie.

A mystery opponent approached Masaru after the defeat of Odie and said, “If I knock you down…”

And then… it’s over. This was the shortest chapter so far. Man.

If his opponent wants to knock him down, does that mean that Masaru has to face Garland from Final Fantasy?!

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Live-A-Live Part Three: Living Legacies

May 3, 2011: Live-A-Live, how I have missed thee.

The old master had to kick his pupils’ butts. They learned some of his moves from being on the receiving end of them. How cool is that?!

He had them train atop the mountains to build their endurance and in the forest to train their reflexes. That night, after Li and Sammo passed out went to sleep, the old master caught Yuan training alone outside. Aww.

You do not get an equal number of training sessions with the three students. The reason why is soon revealed. Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Three: Living Legacies

Live-A-Live Part Two: Prehysteria

April 25, 2011: An L-A-L shrine says to just keep plugging away, but it doesn’t work!! Nothing happens!

It seems like if you battle a Kuu Tribe member outside of the exit, they just won’t go away! Killing them does not remove them from the entrance. So I’ve tried to outrun them but right in front of the exit, they keep coming until ANOTHER one physically replaces the one you already killed. Only two are on-screen at a time. But another one just replaced the one I killed and I still get encounters in front of the exit. It feels impossible.

L-A-L is a wonderful game, but it has some very frustrating parts. This is a theme of most of the scenarios.

April 30, 2011: Guess what? Through the magic of YouTube‘s BoltMcGammar, I found out how to get Gori back. Let’s rock.

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Live-A-Live Part One: One Million Years B.C.


Developer/Publisher: Squaresoft

System: Super Famicom

Release: September 2, 1994

I would not play L-A-L (pronounced “Life Alive”; take note of how the second “Live” is spelled backwards on the logo) until almost 16 years after its initial release.

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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Final Stats, Thoughts, and Trivia

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom is a game with a solid concept saddled with less-than-solid execution. The game was not made with the help of Phantasy Star co-creator Rieko Kodama, and the game was rushed.

The Story

The story is lacking much personality and characterization. Note how we get so much exposition in the third gen that finally explains the backstory and introduces the big bad, Dark Force. Another sign that the game was rushed?

If I was to ask you what PSIII is about, what would you tell me? Does the game really have any overarching themes? I could tell you about the themes of Dragon Age II (family and the conflict between the templars and mages) or Final Fantasy XIII (the veracity of free will), but for PSIII, the biggest theme I get is the problems brought upon by previous generations being left to the next generation to clean up. But the game never really delves into the emotions that such conflicts would believably invoke.

Remember Lyle? He actually died in gen two, but I forgot to bring it up. It was a missed opportunity to add characterization to the relatives that knew him.

The generation system is the game’s main gimmick, but the women are barely established, so the decisions can be hard to make. Heck, the princes are barely established as well!

The game would have been better if it had more cutscenes like the one at the end.

To the translators’ credit, Generations of Doom is a much cooler title than Successors of Time.

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