Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Five

April 1, 2015: Castle of Silence

We found Laya’s Pendant in the Castle. Even though Laya can’t equip it, I still gave it to her to hold.

We went to the temple. It reacted to Laya’s Pendant and teleported us to the planet Elysium, which Siren programmed to plunge into the sun of its system.

We went to the town of Aerone and found the hidden path to the moon known as Dahlia…

There, a guard told us to find the Aero Parts for Wren down the stairs. “Use them to reach the sky city on Frigidia.” Oh, boy. “There, you may find the strength to combat evil.”

On the moon base, there were people who worked for the original Laya, like Lune.

I’m Lune; I once fought in Laya’s army. Orakio banished me here almost 1,000 years ago. For centuries I bided my time in cryogenic sleep. I recently awoke and decided to take revenge. But now I regret the trouble I have caused.”

There was also Alair. “I’m Alair, Lune’s sister. I also have been frozen in a cryogenics pod for 1,000 years. When I woke up, I was kidnapped by Orakians. Of course, that made my brother more furious. Yes, we were the ones who destroyed Satera. But we’re not behind the recent monster attacks. We hope you can forgive us for our past errors.”

There also stood Kara, a woman in purple with light-green hair. She was Lune’s daughter. “Father’s too weak to fight. I must do it! Father, please lend me your Lune Slicer!”


So now, we finally have a full party. Kara seems like an average party member. Her Slicer lets her attack a whole row of enemies. I think that Thea could do the same with her weapon. Kara also has elemental and time techs, like Forsa.

We left Elysium for Frigidia and found Skyhaven.

April 2, 2015: Castle in the Sky, Or: Wren in the Skyhaven with Diamonds

We talked with the masters of Skyhaven.

The ultimate evil dwells on a floating city in the barren wastelands of the dome named Terminus.

A word of ultimate power has been lost for ages. This name can empower the weapons of legend.”

The ancient heroes used the legendary weapons. These are Orakio’s Sword, Miun’s Claw, Siren’s Shot, Laya’s Bow, and Lune’s Slicer.”

The name of this power can be learned on Sage Isle, in Draconia, the world of old Cille and Shusoran. Our dungeon holds the aqua parts for Wren.

These will enable you to wrest Orakio’s Sword from its watery tomb and to visit Sage Isle.”

To discover the lost name, you must first find all five weapons of ancient legend.”

Kara takes forever to level up!

You can also find Star Mist and Moon Dew in the Skyhaven dungeon. Weren’t those special items in Phantasy Star II?

Why are the techs so ineffective when we use them?

With Wren’s new aquaskimmer form, we reached the remote town of New Mota. The elders there told us their history.

We’re the descendants of the people of Palm, a planet that once circled the distant star Algo. Palm was destroyed by an evil being that haunts us every 1,000 years, bringing death and ruin. This evil incarnate is known as Dark Force!”

The people of Palm were thinkers and creators. They knew of the plans made by the evil being. When the vile Dark Force stirred 1,000 years ago, preparations were made to escape from Palm.”

Our ancestors built a fleet of 400 spaceships. This armada escaped the destruction of Palm and set off into space to find a new homeland.”

Our ancestors thought they had at last escaped from the clutches of the undying master of evil. But Dark Force managed to slip aboard a ship. It destroyed all but one of our sister ships before Orakio and Laya trapped it on Alisa III. Now there are only two ships left of our fleet: our ship, the Alisa III, and Neo Palm.”

Now, we have to find Orakio’s Sword, the first of the legendary weapons. We already have Lune’s Slicer.

April 10, 2015: Since we passed through Aridia in our attempt to find Aquatica, I figured that we should get Miun’s Claw. Miun wandered the desert north of Hazatak.

Miun: “Where is Orakio? It’s been 1,000 years, but I’d know his black sword anywhere!”

Oh… so we… can’t get it until we already have Orakio’s Sword… What a… funny joke…

I finally realized how Laya’s palaces connect and warp you across worlds, so I finally found the Sunken Shrine on Landen. Orakio’s Sword is just hangin’ out there, strangely huge-looking compared to everything else.

You pull Orakio’s Sword from its stone sheath. Engraved on the floor is ‘I hold Dark Force.’

DARK FORCE: “At last I am free of my vile bonds!”

Uh, what? Was this supposed to happen? Did we get punked?

Ominous music immediately starts playing.

Tremble, fools, for I roam the worlds again! Other matters await me, but we will meet again! Bring it on!”

You have learned Megido, destruction incarnate!”

Uh, okay. Sweet. It doesn’t cost any Technique Points to use.

Duuude, Orakio’s Sword causes Crys’ attack and defense to skyrocket.

Finally, at Sage’s Isle, we found Siren.

Siren: “I fought Laya many long centuries ago. I nursed my hatred and attacked Layan people. But on Sage Isle I found that the Layans are not our real enemies. I am sorry for my mistake.”

Siren collapsed and left a treasure chest behind containing the Siren Shot.

Miun: “The black sword! Orakio, you’ve returned! I’m so glad to meet you again before I…”

She collapsed and left behind the chest containing Miun’s Claw.

Goodbye, Miun.

We returned to the sages and learned that the ancient word of power was Nei. They gave the Grantz tech to Mieu. It, too, cost nothing to use.

Now, we have to backtrack to Skyhaven.

Our task is over; yours truly begins now,” said one of the masters. Then, we equipped our Nei weapons. Next, we had to go to Terminus…

Miun was sad because she honestly thought that you were Orakio.

All of this backtracking is so not tres fashionabluh.