Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Four

March 14, 2015: Terror in Techna

Our new weapons – wow. I thought Sari hit hard before…

In Techna’s castle dungeon, we met an old man who said that our Power Topaz proved our courage and worth, and that we had earned the right to see our “true world”.

Somehow, I got two details wrong in this conversation: I misidentified the old man as a woman, and power instead of courage as the virtue that the Topaz proved we had.

We warped out into the galaxy on a spaceship. We saw the worlds become interconnected.

A voice speaks: ‘Know your true world at last! It is a giant spaceship built by our ancestors!’

We now approach the craft called Satellite. As you see, it is also an ancient spaceship.”

Oh, no…

They still have some of the same monsters on Satellite as they do planetside.

I think that this game makes it hard for Sari to level up because she’s already a bad enough dudette.

I realize now that Ayn and Sari’s kid may not have access to techs, but does that matter if he inherits Sari’s strength?

We found Siren, a robot resembling Wren.

Siren: “So, you’ve found me after all, rabble! Seems that a few rats escaped my cyborg army.” Yeah, they weren’t that impressive. Did you see how those Fatale things attacked?

Siren: “I once served Orakio, but Laya forced me here. Then she somehow moved this satellite far away. I’ve waited 1,000 years for my revenge!” Golly, you’ve had a lot of time on your hands. How do you fill it? Minesweeper? You really have been through a lot.


Siren: “You have won but a single battle, Ayn. This war is not over yet. I will return one day!”Siren disappears! Thus did Prince Ayn fulfill his destiny. Rejoicing, his people moved to the satellite. Two women made known their interest in him.”

I will marry Thea

>>I will marry Sari

Ayn: “I choose you, Sari, as my one true love.”

Sari: “I accept, but no more quests for you!”

Thus Ayn became king of the nation of Landen. Sari soon gave birth to a son, Prince Crys. Enemies beset Landen for the next 20 years, but Ayn and Sari defended their land without fail.” No surprise there.

Ayn was smart, and kept Wren and Mieu with him.

King Ayn! A messenger from Azura is here!”

Messenger: “I fear that I bring very grim news, your majesty. Siren has returned to exact his revenge! Siren plans to propel our world into the sun!”

Woah! He upped his game.

Ayn: “When we were young, your mother and I were shown that our world is really a huge spaceship. Somewhere there must be someone who can aid you. Find help or we’re all doomed to fiery death!”

Gee, thanks, Dad! At least Grunkle Lyle gave YOU some directions!

Crys is handsome.

He starts out with Wren and Mieu by his side.

Crys inherited some techs from Ayn, but they’re different ones. Crys has high HP, Damage, and Defense, and almost as many Technique Points as Ayn did at the end of generation two.

IDK what Crys’ techs do, though.

General Lune, one of Laya’s old generals, is arranging an army in the west. Laya’s people sure do know how to hold a grudge.

So, we need to: Stop Siren, stop Lune, and find a pilot for the spaceship, maybe? Someone in the castle said that there was supposed to be a pilot somewhere “past Satera”. IDK what/where that is.

I wonder what would happen if you somehow got to Satellite without the Power Topaz.

Ayn looks middle-aged now and has a ‘stache, but Sari looks the same as she did when Ayn first recruited her.

I wonder if we’ll find out what happened to Thea.

March 18, 2015: We left Landen and reached Divisia. We learned that Wren can turn into different kinds of vehicles, but we need to find the parts for him first. We’ll find those and rebels in a cave to the west.

Crys hits hard, but is rather slow and tends to attack last.

I can’t figure out what his techs are supposed to do.

March 21, 2015: We got the Sub Parts for Wren. Now, we have to return to Aridia, but to get back there, we have to backtrack through Divisia. Sigh.

Characters’ techs do increase in cost as they level up.

This… isn’t the deepest RPG. There is offensive magic, but I prefer to just hit stuff because the game’s so dang easy. Deffo one of the easiest I’ve ever played.

If one of your characters somehow gets KO’ed, then the overworld music grows much more dire.

I like the music in this game, even if there’s not a lot of it and it has some of that Genny abrasiveness.

It’s SO cool whenever Wren turns into a sub!

Whenever Wren turned into a vehicle, the game showed a brief cutscene of his transformation.

We followed the passage in the river on Aridia to a shrine where Laya was still alive in cryogenic sleep for 1,000 years. A bunch of old dudes protected her ever since the war.

That Laya was the little sister of the original Laya…

Laya entrusted the future to her sister,” said one of the sages.

Mystoke, on Frigidia, holds a key to the truth,” said another. “Return to the desert and go southwest with Laya.”

Any bets on how to pronounce Mystoke?

The portal to Mystoke awaits you there,” explained the sage.

Laya: “I was very young when Laya fought Orakio. She left with a knight who wore a black sword. I must know the truth. Please take me along!”

Laya used healing and offensive techs, just like Mieu.

Laya’s hair looks green on the overworld.

Tech redistribution allows you to change the power of your techs. At least they let you customize the ones that are actually useful.

Since Laya started at level one, she gained a ton of levels from just a few battles.

She has the Forsa tech, which can instakill a monster. Maybe I’ll pump it up through redistribution.

She leveled up more quickly than Crys!

When she joined the party, the overworld music in the world within Aridia changed a bit. It was pretty.

There are monsters called Titans in this game. They’re naked, big, and have messed-up mouths. Where are Eren, Mikasa, or Levi when you need them?

We FINALLY reached Mystoke on Hoth Frigidia.

At last! We have waited centuries for Laya’s kin to reach Mystoke, the Castle of Silence,” a woman said.

Okay, get this: Frigidia is an arctic planet, right? But Mystoke looks like every other town in the game, in that, it looks like it’s located in the middle of the plain. Then again, so does Hazatak on Aridia, the desert planet…

Use the Laya Pendant to hear Laya’s final words. Then, journey to Aerone, south of Divisia,” instructed a woman in Mystoke.

This is the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection version of the game, which means the ability to save anywhere at any time you want. The only way to “hard save” in PSIII: GoD is to visit an inn. That must have been pretty inconvenient back in the day.