Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Three

August 21, 2012: Let’s try to start Ayn’s quest properly by talking to everyone in Agoe.

Ugh, time to relearn what everything is/does.

So, we’re supposed to find “the legendary Satellite”.

The game’s many flaws should probably bug me more, but since I was desperate to have ANY inkling of the Phantasy Star legacy, I stuck with it and became charmed by the game.

October 22, 2012: Still confused as to where to go. A Haztakian cyborg said that our family and friends fled to the west, and that they took the Twin’s Ruby (the “key to Landen”). Another cyborg says, “You can reach Satellite from the eastern world. But you need the Power Topaz first.” Yet another cyborg says that the Topaz lies with Lena’s daughter in Landen.

We found a cave to the west, and a dude who said that our family is waiting inside!

Monomate heals 30 HP

Res is a healing technique

Gires heals the entire party, but is weaker than Res

Ayn has some of the same healing techs that Mieu has. They cost more Technique Points for him, but have a stronger effect!

Lyle is wounded, and wants us to find his daughter, Thea, to the east.

Ayn has good techs and strength, but his HP is not so great.

Foi is a powerful damage tech against one enemy

Gra: Damage tech against a group of enemies. Weaker than Foi

If the game EXPLAINED anything, I wouldn’t need to write this stuff down.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize that you could put two weapons into the hands of characters before. MORE POWER!

You can put a claw in both of Mieu’s hands to make her incredibly powerful with two attacks per turn and increased speed!

I rarely even use techs because weapons are more effective, and there aren’t elemental attributes here.

Battles in this game go quickly, at least. Too bad the encounter rate is so high.

Ugh, we have to go southwest to go to Castle Lensol to rescue Thea.

Not only do we have Doomflies, but now we have Demonflies too!

APPARENTLY, Lensol Castle is in the town of Lensol, which is the first town you visit in the eastern world. (screams into hat)

Lensol sounds like a brand of mouthwash.

Or a cleaning fluid.

May 7, 2013: I’m super lost. I think I’m on the wrong continent. The only village on this continent is Hazatak, which is populated entirely by cyborgs (aside from the shopkeepers).

I guess I’ll just have to look it up, because the game doesn’t have a friggin’ map.

July 13, 2013: To Save a Princess

You have to go through a boring and repetitive dungeon with easy enemies. To add insult to boredom, running away seems to often fail.

I found Princess Thea and she asked to be returned to her father, wherever he is.


July 18, 2013: The overworld music changed!

Thea’s dad, Lyle, let us keep Thea’s Twin’s Ruby to open the Landen Path… whatever that is.

I’ve realized that this game is sort of like the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest of PS. It’s not like the game ever really requires strategy.

The only spells I really use are Res, Gires, and Anti (cures poison). I’m not sure if there are any other status effects in the game.

March 3, 2015: After much fumbling around, we found Sari, the daughter of Lena from Generation One. Sari ruled Landen and had the Power Topaz, which she would not hand over without a fight. She wasn’t too hard to best in combat.

Sari: “OK, I’ll let you use the Power Topaz, but you have to let me come along to guard it!”


She has 206 HP, even more than Wren, and a lot of strength. However, she has no Technique Points, so that means no techs.

She doesn’t need them. Sari is a brute in terms of physical strength. ❤

Now, we need to go to Draconia in the Easter Passage out of Aridia…

So, at the end of this gen, Ayn will have to choose between Thea or Sari to marry. I think that I will choose Sari because her stats rock so hard.

Lena was the other marriage choice in gen one. Ironic, huh?

March 7, 2015: Trying to find the right passage to Draconia.

Most of the monsters in PS are technological, but why are there hostile machines running around? Has no one heard of Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics?

Back at the Family Cave, Lyle told us to go east to Cape Dragon Spire. Could it be? Actual direction?!