Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Six: End of a Generation

April 21, 2015: Welcome to Terminus

We made it to Lashute on planet Terminus. One of the women there said, “We wanted Siren and Lune to start another war, but we needed Rhys to bring Satellite back. And that’s exactly what that old fool did!”

The women at the start of the city told us that our deaths awaited us here.

They jacked the encounter rate way up for Lashute.

It’s basically Skyhaven with some messed-up columns, which is a letdown for the final level on a bad world filled with evil.

Centuries ago, Laya locked the passageways between the domed worlds of our ship, Alisa III. But your father and grandfather opened them up again, enabling us to spread evil once more!”

Such deep, nuanced villains we have here. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been someone with a mustache to twirl while they laugh about kicking a puppy and tie a woman to railroad tracks.

Dark Force brings your doom, fools!”

You fools have done everything we wanted!”

Finally, we reached Rulakir, who said, “My heart went black 1,000 years ago, when my family died in the Laya-Orakio war. Dark Force owns my soul, and he shall own yours!

Rulakir’s sprite is pretty lazy because he’s just a full-bodied version of the Defender-type monsters here.

Rulakir: “You have freed me; destroy Dark Force!”

Rulakir is dead; finally he is at peace.”

Lazy to the very end, Dark Force’s dungeon looks just like the tunnels that we used to take to get around the worlds before we unlocked Laya’s shrines.

April 22, 2015: Uh-oh. I opened what I thought was a random chest (it certainly didn’t look any different from the dozens of others), but it contained Dark Force!

It was a… pile of stuff… with faces on its side.

I am Dark Force, master of death! Your sorrow, anger, and pain are my strength! Observe my might and despair of life, fools! I will greatly enjoy your painful deaths!”

He emerged as a hideous monster with a beastly face and giant claws. Good job, monster/sprite designer. He even snarls at you! Creepy.

Dark Force

He required some strategy to beat because his claws count as separate targets and one of them casts Gires for group healing.

I wanted you to burn in the sun-fire. It was not to be this time, but I’m patient. I’ll be back in 1,000 years to try again!”

Why wait so long? Is it because you suck? It’s that, isn’t it?

Dark Force disappears!”

Crys: “This city is too evil to leave standing!”

Crys’ anger triggered the Megido technique.”

Wren: “Megido is tearing the whole city apart!”

Mieu: “Hurry, we’ve got to get out of here!”

There’s no time, we’ll never make it!”

Well, someone’s a negative Nancy.

Mieu used the Grantz technique automatically.”

I never tried to use Megido or Grantz techs before the ending. The Phantasy Star wiki says that neither of them have any effect when you try to use them in battle.

A shield appeared around the party.

The entire party was instantly teleported to a place of safety far from the falling city.”


The evil city seemed to scream a hideous cry as it fell from the sky and sank deep into the lake.”


Mieu: “Look at the sky – the sun is so close! We’re going to burn up if we get much closer. The pilots had better hurry up and move us!”

Kara: “Those pilots cut it pretty close!”

Wren: “They’re sending us a message!”

Hello, this is Aerone. Thanks for your help. We’re once again back on our original course. Without you, Dark Force would have prevailed. We’re going toward the brightest star up ahead. We’re heading for one of its planets – the third one out from the star.”

Are… are they talking about Earth? Is PSIII the origin story of human life on this planet?

It seems perfect for us. At last, our journey is almost over!”



This is one of those games where the credits are filled with wacky acronyms. Wackronyms.

That ending was kind of lacking, so I made up some extra scenes.

Crys was honored back home in Landen. He and Kara fell in love, and she moved her family to her new home planet. Wren and Mieu stayed by the royal family’s side. Laya became an adviser in King Crys’ court.

Crys eventually erected several memorials for his ancestors and passed down the story of Dark Force so that the people of the future wouldn’t be unprepared for his resurrection…