Live-A-Live Part Three: Living Legacies

May 3, 2011: Live-A-Live, how I have missed thee.

The old master had to kick his pupils’ butts. They learned some of his moves from being on the receiving end of them. How cool is that?!

He had them train atop the mountains to build their endurance and in the forest to train their reflexes. That night, after Li and Sammo passed out went to sleep, the old master caught Yuan training alone outside. Aww.

You do not get an equal number of training sessions with the three students. The reason why is soon revealed.

While the old master had to defeat the Tiger Master back in Yunfa Town again, Gihamon thugs attacked the dojo. Yuan was the only survivor, because he hid.

What really happened is Yuan got more training sessions than Li or Sammo. Yes, “Inheritance” forces you to choose one of three likable characters to inherit the Shinsanken style. Because the number of sessions is not equal, it is impossible to ensure the survival of more than one student. This bittersweet element is an amazing plot twist, and makes “Inheritance” my fav scenario in the game.

He begged to be expelled, but the old master refused.

They buried Li and Sammo atop the mountain.

Old Master: “Li… Sammo… Forgive me… I’ll be with you all soon…

Wait for me…”

Then, he showed Yuan Shinsanken’s special technique, the Sengazanken!

The next day, the old master told Yuan that he was going to pray for Li and Sammo’s souls, which he did. What he didn’t tell the lad was that he was also going to assault the fortress of the gang that took his friends’ lives.

But Yuan still came out of nowhere to help his old master penetrate the fortress.

May 4, 2011: The final boss gauntlet of the old master’s life is a lot harder than Pogo’s because neither the old master nor Yuan have long-range attacks. Just go up there and Old Fox Dance Odi Wang Lee’s underlings like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t be ashamed to use the healing items that you picked up along the way in the fortress.

Lee pulls two more underlings to attack the old master and Yuan. The old master ordered Yuan to attack Lee with Sengazanken. Yuan bravely accepted the challenge. “Li… Sammo… Grant me your courage!”

Shinsanken special… Sengazanken!”

Unfortunately, you still have to DEFEAT Lee. He’s really tough. Hopefully, you saved some attack and healing items for Yuan.

After they won their respective fights, the old master collapsed.


The old master told him that he knew he could use the special technique, and that he would get stronger again.

…I believe you could properly pass my skills down…… through future generations…”

Don’t say such things!”

No… I’ve lived this long, but it’s over now… Your growth has made me live longer…

Yuan… You have a bright wind… With your power… keep your bravery and courage… Don’t ever lose them…”


Now… I’ll go deliver the message now…. About how…. you….” He fell to his knees.

….have…. grown….”

He collapsed.


Yuan bowed.

He buried the old master with Li and Sammo. With one punch, Yuan split the rock on the mountain in half.

Sensei…. I made it this far…. I broke the rock. But I’m still not perfect. Will I be as good as Sensei someday? Will I be able to take over Sensei’s task? I will…. I’m sure of it…. And I will surpass him!”

He clasped his hands in prayer at the graves and told Li and Sammo that he became the Shinsanken master.

Six years later, this scenario, despite being one of the shorter ones, still gets to me.

I know I said I’d go in order and play the Ninja next, but order annoys me so I’m going to tackle the Wrestler next.

A fierce young man aspiring to acquire all the special fighting techniques…. found throughout the world to claim the title of the world’s strongest!”


Once, I told everyone in the gym my dream….”

-Strongest on Earth-

Ryu?! Okay, I’ll stop now. But why do these martial artists always wanna be the best in the world? How much punishment can one body take?

Our intrepid butt-kicker mused on his mission as he lifted weights, did squats, situps, and pushups, and shadowboxed in his high-rise. His name? Chris Redfield! No, wait, it’s Masaru Takahara. (sigh)

-Masaru Takahara-

My name shall be known…”

Present Day Chapter

-The Strongest-

You get to pick your opponent! Cool beans!

The menu for choosing your opponent looks like the character select screen of a fighting game, another really cool touch.

We have Namcat, an Asian Indian and Mauy Thai master; Great Asia, a Japanese luchador; Tula Han, a scarred soldier; Moribe Seishi, an old Japanese master; Hulk Hogan Max Morgan, an American pro wrestler turned actor turned fighter; and fat dude Jackie Iaukea, a wannabe sumo. He looks like he belongs in The Adventures of Bayou Billy.

You even get to read your opponents’ profiles before fighting them.

Just like our students in “Inheritance”, Masaru earns techniques used on him in battle!

The theme song for these fights totally rocks, too.

Trivia time: Yoko Shimomura also composed Ryu’s theme in Street Fighter II.

Apparently, Jackie wanted to become a sumo wrestler but failed and shifted his attentions towards the international circuit. Hm.

He is so easy to beat if you just stand right in front of his front leg and attack over and over. Apparently, he just doesn’t have any attacks at that range.

Max Morgan is very easy to defeat if you keep him away with the Ogre Grip move.

After Masaru polished off the competition, he faced Odie Oldbright, who said he killed them all.

Masaru: “….Bastard…. You cheating bastard…. That wasn’t a match…. That was just a massacre!”

Masaru lists his former opponents’ signature moves.

Tula’s armlock, Jackie’s strength…. Morgan’s power, Seishi’s technique! And…. My anger! I’ll crush you!”