Live-A-Live Part Two: Prehysteria

April 25, 2011: An L-A-L shrine says to just keep plugging away, but it doesn’t work!! Nothing happens!

It seems like if you battle a Kuu Tribe member outside of the exit, they just won’t go away! Killing them does not remove them from the entrance. So I’ve tried to outrun them but right in front of the exit, they keep coming until ANOTHER one physically replaces the one you already killed. Only two are on-screen at a time. But another one just replaced the one I killed and I still get encounters in front of the exit. It feels impossible.

L-A-L is a wonderful game, but it has some very frustrating parts. This is a theme of most of the scenarios.

April 30, 2011: Guess what? Through the magic of YouTube‘s BoltMcGammar, I found out how to get Gori back. Let’s rock.

I thought I could just leave Gori there… turns out, no.

Gori’s sprite sheet

The Kuu Tribe tried to sacrifice Beru, but it turned out that the wooden plank broke, and we fell into a pit. One of those horned T-rexes waited for us. HOW DID I KNOW THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN? Why would the Kuu Tribe worship such a thing?!

Of course it’s a huge and really tough boss. Tricky, game, lulling me into a false sense of security with the Kuu Tribe mooks.

Pogo’s Bunbun jumping kick does a lot of damage to the T-rex, though.

The T-rex was called O-D-O.

The final boss of this chapter is probably the best point to introduce the music of L-A-L. Composed by Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV), the soundtrack of L-A-L boasts such tracks as the boss theme, “Megalomania”. IDK if it was my computer, emulator, or both, but the game’s soundtrack certainly sounds better on YouTube.

Megalomania” is a really cool theme.

They chased the dino off and Pogo’s tribe’s leader arrived to confront Zaki. But it was all good. Zaki took over the Kuu Tribe and the two tribes had a ceremonial dance.

Pogo and Beru went into Pogo’s cave. Gori tried to to into Pogo’s cave but was kicked out. The female gorilla chased him into another cave.

The screen goes red. Someone said, “…S…S…Sweeeet!”

Gori giggled, the screen faded to black, and some Japanese lettering was shown. Huh?!

Maybe that was supposed to indicate how the scenario ends with the speaking of the first word, “Love”, but I don’t read Japanese very well, so I don’t know.

A tidbit I forgot to mention: Zaki joins your party three times over the course of this chapter. He never finds any clothes to wear. -.-

Contact” is a decent introduction to the game, but we’re just getting started, as the next scenario proves.

Well, that was my first L-A-L scenario. Let’s move on to the next.

The location is China. There is an old martial artist atop a mountain called Mount Taishi…

Having grown old, he searches for a young person to pass on his technique to…”

If you select “yes” to begin this scenario, the Monk strikes a pose and says, “Wachoo!”

The world enveloped in destiny…

A Kung Fu style, generations old, is about to fade forever…”

Not if I can help it!

It’s Master…”

You get to name the old master, apparently. But the screen is full of Japanese letters! Did I wind up with a partially translated ROM?

That’s a scary thought.

Anyway, the art is Shinsanken.

Kung Fu Chapter – Inheritance

The old master of Xin Shan Quan, looks for a worthy heir. First, search his cabinets and pots in his house for items like equipment and food.

He goes northeast to Yunfo Street. People say that food is scarce lately…

The old master sees a chef chasing a chubby dine-and-dasher through the streets. He has a big and blubbery body, yet he eludes the chef. The old master pays for the dine-and-dasher’s meal and decides to take the elusive one home. His name is Sammo Hakka.

We tried to go home, but nothing happened. So we went to Wong Street, where people have fallen ill. There were rumors of a healing herb in the forest, but there were supposed to be bandits there too.

This scenario has peppy music.

We found some Healing Herbs, but then some crazy woman came out and demanded the old master’s money. He refused. So she told him, “You’re up for a guided tour to a painful death!”

The woman’s name was Li Kuugo and she tried to use Drunken Fist style against the old master. Even if he hasn’t leveled up at all, it’s tough for him to lose against her.

After he defeated her, she became his second pupil. Then, we collected more Healing Herbs and returned to Wong Street.

Once the old master healed as many people as he could, a little boy named Yuan Jou nicked some money off of him. The boy worked under “the Tiger Master”, but wanted out. The Tiger Master and his ruffians threatened the lad, so the old master stepped in to teach them a lesson. The old master admired the boy’s courage, but could not take him on as an apprentice.

Upon returning home,Yuan appeared on the trail to plead for the old master’s tutelage. The old master decided to take him under his wing this time. The old master thought that Yuan would become stronger without him.

Finally, the old master took his new students to his dojo…

After clearing the old master’s scenario, I’m gonna tackle the Ninja’s. Then, the cowboy’s. Then… I dunno.

I did not actually play the scenarios in this order.

I think that L-A-L has a wonderful concept and execution.