Live-A-Live Part Five

December 29, 2011: Live-A-Live! It’s been too long, old friend.

Previously on L-A-L, we got fed up with Akira’s oddly tedious chapter.

I found a… Shower Cap.

Maybe this chapter isn’t that bad, but it’s not very intuitive. You’d think that having a telepathic protagonist would avert that, but no. Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Five


Live-A-Live Part Four

May 5, 2011: Odie is tough but exploitable, just like Jackie from the front. Just use Max’s German Suplex over and over. I think it stuns Odie.

A mystery opponent approached Masaru after the defeat of Odie and said, “If I knock you down…”

And then… it’s over. This was the shortest chapter so far. Man.

If his opponent wants to knock him down, does that mean that Masaru has to face Garland from Final Fantasy?!

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