Live-A-Live Part Five

December 29, 2011: Live-A-Live! It’s been too long, old friend.

Previously on L-A-L, we got fed up with Akira’s oddly tedious chapter.

I found a… Shower Cap.

Maybe this chapter isn’t that bad, but it’s not very intuitive. You’d think that having a telepathic protagonist would avert that, but no.

December 30, 2011: It’s ironic how this chapter is called Flow when it’s so easy to get stuck.

Ugh, I finally made some progress. You must complete the quest to obtain Taeko’s… panties, even if you’ve already completed later events. UGH

I don’t get the obsession with panties.

WillyKick”?! Uh-oh!

Toei liquified humans? I knew I hated that guy.

W1 seems like a nasty boss, until it kills itself with Vaporize Counter.

Sickly Kaori offers herself up as a liquified human to power the Buriki Daioh mecha. But then Matsu the biker rushes ahead to Toei’s house to take her stead…

How do you power things with liquified humans??? Oil companies probably do that on the side for the lulz.

January 2, 2012: The Crusaders biker gang set fire to the orphanage. Akira rushes in to save Kaori, the only other person left inside. Meanwhile, Matsu overdoses on Matango Light to increase his spiritual power and activates Buriki Daioh!

That means Great King Buriki in English, IIRC.

Matsu is crazy. He uses Buriki Daioh to tear a hole in the orphanage wall and rescue Akira and Kaori.

The Crusaders try to use an electrical attack on Matsu, who sends it back at them. Fools!

Akira reads Matsu’s mind and sees Matsu’s memories of being the Crusaders’ boss many years ago. Akira’s dad wanted Matsu to join the police. They argued; Matsu shot Akira’s father just as he pulled a gun on Matsu.

No matter how much I try to make amends… You wouldn’t forgive me…”

M-Matsu…” mumbled Akira.

Akira… Let’s go, to the temple… Let’s bust ’em up….!”

Taeko, Matsu’s sister, begs him not to go.

Women… always get in the way… right?”

He falls dead over the controls. Akira tells Taeko and Toei to leave.

Matsu… isn’t dead… This….

As long as we have Buriki Daioh!”

Akira uses his psi power to move the mech!

Here we go, Matsu… To the Oedo Temple…! I’ll show you how it’s done!”

The pond at the Temple is actually 60K liters of liquified humans.


The army did it to beckon Master Oedo into this world.

Akira smashes the newly-animated Inko Statue to bits, and the bad guys are liquified by an unknown force. Akira blacks out trying to keep from being absorbed as well.

He wakes up on a park bench. A child tells him to make some taiyaki at the stand.

Apparently, everything went back to normal.

Oh Flow, let me count the ways I disliked you.

  1. The scenario made terrible use of its theme, despite a great source of inspiration in Akira.
  2. For a game that’s the antithesis of grindy strategy, the combat in Flow is even more inconsequential that in other chapters. Yet, the number of random battles is far too annoyingly high.
  3. This chapter had the least intuitive tasks of the whole game so far.

I still feel that this is the worst scenario in the game, but some of my enmity has faded over time. Make no mistake, the gameplay in Flow is very annoying, but looking over the story now, it’s not that bad. But it’s not great either.

As stated above, it seems to take some inspiration from Akira. It has the ESP theme, an apocalyptic scenario, biker gangs, and two characters that share names with characters from Akira (Akira and Kaori). It’s like a mishmash between Akira and a giant robot anime.

Revisiting it now, it reminds me a bit – just a bit – of Gurren Lagann, because Matsu sacrifices himself to rescue Akira and Kaori. Akira then assumes the role of manning Buriki Daioh, kind of like how the mantle of hero is passed from Kamiya to Simon.

Ultimately, it doesn’t surprise me that Flow is considered to be the worst scenario in the game.

A different and better Let’s Play of this game has a chapter covering Flow with a title that references the lyrics of Megas XLR‘s theme song. Bless.

Next up?

The for-hire transport ship Cogito Ergosum, in the middle of its journey to Earth. Strange events occur one after another on board the ship….

The robot just created by Kato the mechanic will become involved….”

The robot, Cube, beeps when you select him!

Science Fiction Chapter

-Mechanical Heart-