Live-A-Live Part Four

May 5, 2011: Odie is tough but exploitable, just like Jackie from the front. Just use Max’s German Suplex over and over. I think it stuns Odie.

A mystery opponent approached Masaru after the defeat of Odie and said, “If I knock you down…”

And then… it’s over. This was the shortest chapter so far. Man.

If his opponent wants to knock him down, does that mean that Masaru has to face Garland from Final Fantasy?!

The Old West era of the American continent.”

A wandering man with a price on his head must protect a town. The gimmick of this chapter is to prepare the town by collecting materials to make traps and setting them up to ambush an outlaw gang known as the Crazy Bunch.


The sheriff goes into the bar and asks the bartender to put up a wanted poster for the Sunset Kid.

The Sunset Kid’s sprite sheet

The music in this chapter is beyond fantastic.

Old West Chapter


The saloon has a mariachi band (could this get any more adorably Old West?), but they stop playing when Sunset strolls in (yes). Except for the guy playing the maracas.

May 7, 2011: The Sunset Kid and Maddog agree to work together to defeat the 15-strong Crazy Bunch, led by O. Dio (hmm…) of the 7th Cavalry Division.

May 14, 2011: The Sunset Kid rides again.

O. Dio turned into a horse! WTF?

It turned out that the Sioux and Cheyenne spared but a horse from the 7th Cavalry. A horse that could imitate a human? WTF?

After defeating O. Dio, Sunset and Maddog had a good old-fashioned duel. Sadly, dueling against Maddog is a piece of cake for the Sunset Kid.

The town said their goodbyes to Sunset. The sheriff told him to keep the badge, and that he felt like a true sheriff after their ordeal.

Annie apologized, for the town would not be able to give him the gold they promised him, because there was none. But the Sunset Kid had already been paid.

I…. was taught again…. How to defend people!….”


The mariachi band started to play as Sunset rode off.

I see…. It was him!” declared the sheriff. “Known throughout the West for his superb skill…. Someone was always out to challenge him. His town was eventually taken over by outlaws…. So he put a price on his own head…. And wandered the desert in search of a place to die….”

Mister!! Kid! Sunset Kid!!!” called out Billy. Was Sunset too far away to hear him?

The chapter ends with the sheriff taking his place in his office.


So Sunset only found a reason to live again because he wanted to die. Isn’t that ironic? I don’t find it as poignant as the “Inheritance” chapter, however. I think there are a few reasons for that: the scenario is much more predictable than Inheritance, and it’s too short. At least setting up the traps, finding the materials for them, and the ideal places to set them up isn’t much trouble. I’m sure I missed some stuff, however.

Let’s try the Mechat’s scenario next.

In the not-so-distant future, there is a boy with supernatural powers. A boy with mind-reading abilities…. Will the ancient devil robot Buriki Daioh truly revive!?”


This scenario opens with a pair of eyes staring at me in the dark. The voice behind it asks, “Are you…. happy?”


Not really

How are you supposed to answer that truthfully? It depends on the day.

–>Not really

Too bad…. But your life belongs to you…. Oops, I was preaching, wasn’t I? Well, listen to my story….”

The screen fades. Freaky eyes go bye-bye.

A boy sleeps on a bench in the park. He dreams of a child lost in darkness searching for his father.

Then, a gunshot.

His father bleeds out before him on the docks. He calls out to him over and over.

By then…. He’d passed away. He’d been fighting the Crusader gang…. as captain of the riot police….”

The little boy introduces himself to his new bosses. His name: Akira, meaning “shining” or “bright”. His sister, Kaori, is also new to the class. Uh-oh.

They are now orphans. It is here that Akira develops psychic powers.

If you had these kinds of powers, how would you use them….? In my case….”

Near Future Chapter: -Flow-

What would you do? Who would you be?

That line is not from the game, nor did I come up with it on my own. I got it from a winning entry in the first volume of Rising Stars of Manga. Yes, the Tokyopop Original English Language manga competition.

If only this scenario struck me as poignantly as that line.

If you encounter Crusaders around the neighborhood, kill them first and the rest of the enemies will die too.