Live-A-Live Part Seven: The Demon King

April 2, 2015: You play as Oersted, a knight representing the West in the Lucretian Battle Tournament. His opponent representing the East is Straybow. The prize: Princess Alicia’s hand in marriage.

Straybow: “Don’t hold back. Even though we’re friends… If you go easy on me, I won’t forgive you!”

Oersted won.

Alicia: “Oersted, was it? It was quite a… manly battle. It is with pleasure… that I become your queen.”

The king called a feast. Later that evening, Alicia talked to Oersted.

It was a truly marvelous feast, huh… Father overdid it a bit… But he’s happy to have an heir like you… Of course, I’m happy too.

Please stop calling me Your Highness… Now it’s just you and me… From now on, more than Father… More than anyone…”

She walked up to Oersted. “I… I believe in you.”

She kissed him, but the moment was cut short when a Dragnon attacked! Oersted stepped in between it and his queen. But it was a distraction for a bigger monster that stole Alicia away to the eastern mountains!

There is a demon in the eastern mountains… who despises all thing. There is a hero in the western mountains… who will destroy the demon…”

Medieval Chapter

-King of Demons-

King: “Disgusting demon! He’s come back to life!? The brave Hash had defeated him in the past, but… now Hash has closed his heart… and is holed up in the mountains…

Are you saying you’ll go? Oh! Oersted! You’re the new hero who will defeat the demon, save Alicia, and return peace to us! And you’re especially suited to being king of our Lucretia! I’m counting on you, Oersted! I believe in you…”

The villagers saw Oersted off and Straybow joined him on his quest.

In another village, we met an old man who had the shield of the legendary hero Uranus, Hash’s sidekick. The old man said that Hash was “discarded”, hold himself up in the mountains, and grew angry at people. “Just as I did… The fame of being called a hero corrupts a person. That’s why I’ve been living a quiet life here.” He was Uranus.

Though it’s important to rescue the princess… I don’t want to leave Hash as a miserable misanthrope. If people can’t believe in others, in what can they believe…? I’ll go, too! Off to rescue Hash’s heart!”

Feels kinda weird having a party again after flyin’ solo in the ninja chapter for so long.

April 10, 2015: Old Friends

Uranus tried to talk to his old friend. “Hash… How long do you intend to stay like that? The demon’s returned!”

Hash just turned away from him. Sad music began to play. (I like this song.)

Uranus: “Hash… You’ve gotten weak, Hash. Humans are weak, I suppose… and so they depend on those stronger than they are… Because they believe in people! That’s how they can grow strong…”

Hash said nothing, and Uranus turned towards the young heroes. “Let’s go, Oersted. The hero Hash is dead! This man… is nothing but a sulky coward!”

Hash turned towards Uranus and crossed his arms.

I kind of hate Hash’s stonewalling, but I guess that I kind of relate to him. What’s the point of doing the right thing, of trying to be an example, if no one recognizes that? Or worse, mocks you for it?

But that’s not what it’s all about, is it? You think Commander Shepard cared about being recognized? Well, maybe he/she does if you go Renegade instead of Paragon like I do, but still.

Examine Hash’s shield and Straybow says, “This is… the shield you used against the demon…”

When you try to leave, Hash opens the locked treasure chest in his house.

Uranus: “Hash!”

Hash: “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not going for the sake of some measly human race.”

Woah there, Jethro. We’re not GOOD enough for the great Hash?

And yet… he armed up anyway.

Hash: “I’m going to prove… that I’m no weakling!”

The hero Hash joined the party!”

First, let’s go to the summit.”

One of his skills, Laser Sonic, “kills particles”. Duuude.

Demon Peak was visible from the summit.

Uranus: “Hash, if this is where…”

Hash walked up to the grave on the summit and knelt down before it. “The demon…” He looked out towards Demon Peak. “Just this once!” He held up his sword. “I’ll put an end to you!”

Hash got a sword!”

The grave said, “The hero, Hash, who battled the demon… sleeps here…”

Hash is level 10 while Oersted and Straybow are only level five. Uranus? Level six.

The entrance to the Forbidden Land had a scary and demonic face on it.

Hash: “Let’s go. This entrance…” He held up his sword.

…is only for those qualified to fight with the demon!”

He used the sword to unlock the entrance. The face’s mouth opened. “There.”

The guys in this chapter learn so many skills.

The graphics are kinda mediocre, but some of the skills look cool.

There was a room with seven statues of anachcronistic characters. I think that they were all enemies from the previous chapters!

Beyond that room lied the demon wrapped in wings.

Hash: “Demons!”

Demon: “If it isn’t the brave Hash and that priest Uranus…” He threw his wings open. “You will pay!”

The Demon King is actually kind of scary-looking. He’s kind of a tough boss with his Sonic Beam attack; it has good range and damage. I suggest putting Straybow and Uranus behind Oersted and Hash.

I was surprised when we beat him, and apparently, so was Hash. “No… There’s no way… That wasn’t the demon!”

Uranus: “Hash!”

What a puny thing…”


Suddenly, Hash fell to his knees and coughed up blood. “Bah… Hash, the great hero… I’m tired of hearing it…”

Straybow: “So he wasn’t the demon after all…?”

The true demon… isn’t that fellow…”

Th… then the princess?” Straybow looked around.

Uranus: “Hash… Weren’t you suffering from some terrible illness…? Why did you come?!”

Hash: “I… Though I may be old… people have called me… a hero…”


I feel like I’m headed for sort of a heroic last moment… Oersted… use this sword…”

Received Bryon!

Hash: “The Princess… She believed that you would come to help… As long as there’s at least one person who believes…”

He coughed up more blood and Orsted ran to his side.

Hash: “You must believe…!”

He collapsed.

Uranus: “Hash…”

Straybow: But wherever can the princess be…?


Suddenly, there was an earthquake.

Straybow: “This isn’t good! Let’s get out of here!”

When the trio left the room, Straybow got left behind.

The room with the Demon King had a statue of a knight clad in armor wearing a cape.

The roof collapsed and we couldn’t get back in to save Straybow.