Live-A-Live Part Six

January 4, 2012: I recently learned that the Flow chapter is also known as “Blood Flow”. That makes sense considering the liquified humans in the chapter’s storyline.

The Captain Square minigame has groovy music.

At least Buriki Daioh’s theme was pretty cool.

January 5, 2012: Is anything gonna happen in this chap? It’s all PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT

OD-10 Cogito Ergosum”

Mechanical Heart” follows Cube, an ironically-named spherical robot created by Kato, a mechanic, aboard the Cogito Ergosum. The ship has an alien creature called the Behemoth as its dangerous cargo. The ship was headed to Earth.


After Cube explores the ship and introduces itself to the crew, a crew member named Kirk (!) dies in a “freak” accident, and the Behemoth is released. It begins to kill the crew, which collapses into bickering over how the Behemoth was released and who released it…So Mechanical Heart is basically Alien, with far less Freudian sexual imagery and symbolism. Still, this should be good, right?

The Behemoth

In the end, it is revealed that the ship’s computer, the OD-10, unleashed the Behemoth. Cube has to hack into the computer and defeat it from within.


This scenario was so… lame. It seems like Alien, but isn’t anywhere near as interesting. There was only one boss, the Mother Computer, which was admittedly good.

How did Darth, Cube, and Kato get to Earth after Cube defeated the Mother Computer?

The Bakuretsu chap better pick it up…

Cogito Ergosum-XXXX- En route to Earth_”

XXXX Picked up while floating near Earth”

Corporal Darth – retired from military service. Currently developing medical robots._”

An addendum mentions that a worker robot named Cube was found aboard the ship.

In the Bakumatsu era of feudal Japan…. To a shinobi who lives in shadow even during this era of upheaval, a secret mission is given….”

Bakumatsu Chapter

-Secret Orders-

Ode Iou of the Ude Clan has captured someone and is holding them inside of a huge and complicated castle. Is Oboromaru a bad enough ninja of the Enma Clan to rescue them?


There are a ton of other ninjas in the castle! Could they all be on the same mission?

Who would’ve thought that a pacifist run would be so annoying?

Secret Orders had multiple ways of handling the other characters in the castle. You could kill some, none, or all of the inhabitants – even the innocents. Every time you fought or killed anyone, Oboro updates how many people he’s killed.

As you’ll soon see, a pacifist run of Secret Orders is very difficult. At least I started out on an ambitious note.

Not another chap where I have to limp over to RPG Classics‘ walkthrough…

The game’s kind of gone downhill.

July 21, 2013: Still trying to finish the annoying ninja story.

It didn’t help that I forgot I had an invisibility cloak, albeit one that only works if you stand still.

April 1, 2015: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

That should technically be Roboto-san. (ahem)

I got a ninja robot who helped clear the door to Ode. This cluster of a chapter lets you try and get past the guards without the robot, though.

Suddenly, a prisoner joined Oboro and Ode summoned the spirit of MIYAMOTO MUSASHI to stop them from pursuing him!

After we beat Musashi, we followed Ode to the roof of the castle, where he turned into a grotesque frog/snake monster! Thankfully, he does pretty pitiful damage. Once beaten, he fell ingloriously off of the roof.

And probably crushed some poor sod below.

Ode Iou

Prisoner: “Seriously… As if we would let a man who would give up his very humanity… rule the Land of the Rising Sun!!

Ah, well done, well done! Don’t worry about me, I’m all right. Huh? Who am I…? I thought you knew…” He scratched his head. “I am… Ryouma Sakamoto!”

A ship appeared in the horizon.

Ryouma: “I have friends on that ship! The struggle for rule of the Land of the Rising Sun continues… But there’s no reason to go to war over such a silly thing! It’s silly… Humans are truly silly… But… For better or worse, we are humans… We can’t change that… Nor will the Land of the Rising Sun ever change… I have faith in that!”

He walked up to Oboro and said, “But what a waste. I’m surprised a man like you is a Shinobi… What do you think? Why don’t you join me?”


I’m Shinobi!

Oh, really! We’ll have to prepare a great feast on the ship tonight!

…The sun is rising… One day, this Land of the Rising Sun… will experience a new dawn as well… I know it…!!”

I’m honestly glad/relieved that this chapter is over.

Tetsuya Nomura worked on this chapter!

Oboro… After killing 15 people… he rescued Ryouma Sakamoto from Ode Castle.”

Now I’ve unlocked the hidden eighth Knight chapter in medieval times. The knight in question, Orsted, looks like your typically handsome spiky-haired hero.

Despite my complaints about Oboro’s chap, I still dislike Akira’s chap more. Oboro’s chap even has its own mecha anyway. I enjoyed the fight against Ode.