Live-A-Live Part Eight: Green-Eyed Monsters

April 2, 2015: We limped back to the castle. The guards could hardly believe that Hash died.

The king apologized and told the trio to rest in one of the rooms.

Orsted dreamt about Alicia in the grip of the Demon King.

Stay away!”

Orsted woke with a start. Straybow stood by his bed and left the room.

Uranus asked for Hash to forgive him.

The Demon King stood in the empty throne room. Orsted slew him in one blow.

When the Demon King fell, he turned into the king.

The Minister burst into the room. “His…! His Majesty!! What have you done to him?! Somebody! Help!!”

Soldiers poured into the room. “Orsted has… His Majesty! Wh… what kind of awful… Then if… Hash and Straybow, too… Orsted!”

The minister called Orsted a demon.

It’s him! Orsted is the demon!”

Orsted stepped towards them, and the all stumbled backwards. One of the soldiers screamed.

Uranus came into the room and came to Orsted’s defense. “What are you saying!?”

Minister: “This one came back with Orsted!”

Soldier: “Then you’re also the demon’s… ALLY?!” They surrounded Uranus.

Uranus: “Wh-what!?”

Orsted approached one of the soldiers, who jumped back.

Uranus: “It’s no good, Orsted…”

Soldier: “Shut up!”

Uranus pushed back against the soldiers and ordered Orsted to flee.

Soldier: “So now you’ve shown your true form!”

Uranus: “You idiot! Come on, hurry!”

When Orsted tried to flee, some of the soldiers saw him and went ahead to warn the townsfolk.

Soldier: “You devil! Get out of our Lucretia! Get out now!!” They forced him out of the castle.

He returned to the house of the family that idolized him. The son didn’t believe what his parents believed, but they still protected him from what believed was a demon and told Orsted to get out.

He made a lonely trek back up the mountain to the grave on the summit and reflected upon Hash’s final words…

Orsted returned to the castle.

Soldier: “Are you stupid?! We’ll execute you in front of the whole town!”

They threw him into the dungeon and told him that the execution was set for tomorrow morning. Uranus was in the next cell, unconscious until Orsted woke him up.

Uranus: “Ho ho… I’ve been tortured… To think you were the demon…”

They broke him. The last person that Orsted relied on, broken and a betrayer.

Uranus: “I can even understand why Hash hates people… But you know, Orsted… You have nothing to gain by hating humans…”

Well, I guess he still had a scrap of compassion left. He wanted to spare Orsted Hash’s miserable fate.

Uranus: “So… As long as there’s someone who believes in you…” He stood up and walked over to the bars between Orsted and him. “But you… You’re still young, Orsted… What Hash and I have devoted our lives to protect…”

He raised his arms and a magical sound rang out. Orsted’s cell unlocked.

Uranus: “Now you must go… There is still much… for you to do…”

Orsted flashed back to the night when he talked to Alicia atop the castle.

From now on… More than Father… More than anyone… I believe in you.”

Alicia stood before the Demon King again. “Stay away!”

Uranus: “Go now to Demon Peak… to the place where Hash died…!!”

Uranus fell over dead.

But there’s no guarantee that Alicia will be there now when she wasn’t earlier.

Maybe the Demon King hid Alicia so that, without Hash and Straybow, everyone would believe that Orsted was the Demon King that killed him. But why? What’s his motivation? Taking over Lucretia? Making humans suffer in general?

I think that the game’s title screen may be the mountain’s summit?

Orsted escaped the dungeon. A soldier assumed that he killed Uranus.

Orsted fought his way to the throne room and found the Minister. “AAAAHH! It’s the d-d-d-demon! Oh, Orsted! I understand now! I know you’re not the demon! Oh, that’s right! Please stay to rule over our Lucretia!”

Let me get this straight: the Minister is actually a cowardly little b*tch who ruined Orsted’s life by accusing him of being the Demon King, only to retract his statement when Orsted comes roaring back?

I think I overlooked who the true villain of this arc is.

When you return to the Forbidden Land and try to enter the first door, a voice says, “You’ve come…”

A female monster called Claustrophobia attacks you.

There are a lot of new enemies in here named after phobias.

Hammer Power FTW.

Orsted returned to the room with the knight statue and found a hidden door in its base. A long hallway led to the summit, and another door at the base of it.

So you’ve come!” Straybow came out through the door. “Hehe… Surprised? That collapsed roof wasn’t a Demon Peak trap after all…

I had realized the secret of the Demon Statue… and then… The emotions I’d kept inside exploded! I stayed behind… to save Alicia! And then I faked my own death!”

Orsted stepped back from Straybow, who threw his head back and laughed maniacally.


Straybow: “You fell for it easily! Then, to fling you into the very depths of despair… I saddled you with the crime of regicide! But… You had the nerve to come here!! You always ruin the things I want to do! Since waaay back when! No matter how much I help you out, you always had to go juuuuuuust that tiny bit further! Just like in that battle tournament! How I suffered that night…”

He pointed at Orsted. “Do you think that I… That I’d let your forget!?! But… Now! Now I’ll beat you!!” Goodbye to the past, when I was just your hapless foil!!”

He turned into a demon.

Keep on apologizing to me in the next world, Orsted!”

I’m not impressed with his face heel turn. He just seems petty and immature.

You Vex Me

Straybow: “D… Dammit… N-not… not yet!”

Orsted hung his head. Alicia came out of the door in the statue. “Straybow…”

Orsted approached Alicia.

Stay away!”

Orsted stepped back and Alica knelt by Straybow’s body. “Orsted… Why… Why didn’t you come for me…? I was waiting for you… But… Straybow’s the one who came!… He… He always suffered in your shadow…”

She began to cry. “You could never understand… how awful it is to be the loser!

Straybow… It’s alright… I…”

She pulled out a knife. “I’ll always be with you!”

Orsted could not stop her before she plunged the knife into her body and fell onto Straybow’s corpse.

Orsted flashed back to all the times that someone told him that they believed in him, or preached about the virtue of being believed in. Alicia. Hash. Uranus.

Then he remembered when he accidentally killed the king, and the Minister said it.


He fell to his knees.

For the first time, Orsted speaks for himself.

There’s nothing left for me… No place to return to… No loved ones… Nothing to believe in…

But demons…


He stood up.

I will become a demon… I shall teach that stupidity to selfish humans…

From now on… I am no longer Orsted…”

He walked up to his dead betrothed and his dead best friend.

My name…

Is Demon King… Odio…!”

The statue’s eyes opened and glowed a light blue as a demon was born.

To be continued…”

Now the endgame begins. You can choose Orsted – er, Odio and get two different endings that way, or you can make you dream team of the heroes of the previous chapters.

I decided to check out Odio’s final chapter a bit.

Humans… Animals are ruled, after all, by their appetites… But you are even worse than animals… A wild beast doesn’t take life unless it needs food… But… Man is different… Man’s appetite for destruction is never sated!

I must teach you…”

Lightning struck.

I will show you what it is like to be the vanquished…!”

He returned to the room with the seven statues.

Humans…” He walked up to the statues. “With you… I was able to act gently… However… You deceived me…

Might makes right!

History is written by the victors! For the vanquished… There’s not even a tomorrow!!

I shall go to distant worlds… In ages past… I will change history, and I’ll show you…! The power of these seven stone statues! And the power of my Hatred!! Men who fight in the name of Hatred… We are not the vanquished!

Now, let’s try and experiment with those endings.

Appetite for Destruction

Spirits of those defeated in battle… No one has the right to steal your desires…! Now use your power… for this outrageous world…”

The statue’s eyes glowed green.

And make history!”

O. Dio: “So you’re the one who wasted Pike… What can you do… against this Gatling Gun?!”

To get one of Odio’s endings, you’re supposed to let the heroes hurt you enough sot that the Run option is replaced by… ARMAGEDDON?! Woah, boy. Well, here goes…

The screen flashes and a dome-shaped field of energy destroys all of the worlds. Everyone, every hero. And, uh, that’s it. Huh. Not really worth it, even with a really cool organ tune.

The song is pretty gloomy at the end with a lonely bell ringing against the wind.

…After all… Everything was blown away…”

Alternate ending: Kill everybody.

Why do you try to bring people together…? You should not strive for assimilation… What is required here is destruction… This world that was created by filthy humans must be… Purified!”

The Inko Statue destroyed Buriki Daioh.

Next: Cube.

You were born from nothing…”


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