Live-A-Live Part Nine

June 20, 2016: Ultimate Destruction

When Orsted decided to go to Akira’s world, he wondered why Akira and his friends strove for assimilation and unification. Orsted believed that the world filled with filthy humans needed to be purified.

Then, the world of Oboromaru.

Orsted: “There will be turbulent days in the future…… Without any nonsense like so-called ideals…. Until soul is sold for the power of a demon….”

The statue of the frog’s eyes glowed. “You should believe in your own way!”

Ode Iou’s monstrous frog form is really hideous.

Just like the psychic in his mecha, the ninja and the prisoner fell. Next, the Sunset Kid.

Spirits of those defeated in battle…. No one has the right to steal your desires….! Now use your power…. for this outrageous world…. And make history!”

That filthy little Western town full of rebels.

O. Dio: “So you’re the one who wasted Pike…. What can you do…. against this Gatling Gun?!”

Both the Sunset Kid and Maddog fell to the immense killing power of the Gatling Gun.

Next, the little robot’s future will be snatched away.

You were born from nothing…. No…. you too were manipulated by humans…. At the selfish whim of humans…. You too were defeated by their creations…. Fight….! Once more!!”

Everything within the ship must work in harmony_”said the computer of the Cogito Ergosum. “I was built to maintain harmony_ Therefore, my will is absolute_ Nobody will stand in my way_ Anyone who tries…. _will be terminated!”

The robot, Cube, tried to stand up to the Mother Computer inside of the Captain Square game to no avail.

Next, far into the past, to the cradle of civilization. “You must be defeated…. Fools…. I will show you powerless humans…. the pure power of the wild!”

The dinosaur O-Di-O proved what the superior species was.

Next, the fighter full of ambition. “You who have chosen he path of battle and become the strongest…. To prove that defeat is only temporary…. Once again…. Reclaim the title of world’s strongest!”

Not bad, Masaru…. I wonder how the hell a small fry like you…. became the strongest by learning those guys’ skills! But I….! I gave them…. quick deaths! First, that amateur brat Namcat…. Then that Lucha Libre wimp…. Tolas’ joints got bent in ways he never even imagined! Then Max and Yowkeya’s fat ass…. And that old geezer, Moribe or whatever…. They were weak…. so they died! And I…. I am the master….! Odie Olbright!”

Masaru: “Bastard…. You cheating bastard…. That wasn’t a match….” He stepped towards Odie. “That was just a massacre!

Namcat’s ashizawa…. Great Asia’s Lucha…. Tolas’ armlock, Jackie’s strength…. Morgan’s power, Seishi’s technique! And…. My anger!”

Masaru rushed at Odie. “I’ll crush you!”

Masaru was strong, but not strong enough.

Finally, in a far-off land, the weakling trained by that miserable old fool. The best of the worst, the only survivor of his school.

Oersted: “You have trained your body intensely…. Those that are moved by useless emotion will never be victorious…. The one that has the last laugh…. Will be the one that sacrifices everything for raw power!”

Yuan: “Li, Sammo! Grant me your courage!!”

Shinkansen Special….”

He channeled his power, but Odi Wang Lee just laughed.

That’s useless!” claimed Lee. “Sengazanken….!!”

So too did the young master fall.

Oersted: “Have you realized yet…. You are trapped by your own delusions! We are the only…. True victors….!!”

He laughed. He laughed. There was no one left stop him. No one left to save him from himself.

He left the cave and looked at the house of the family with the boy that still believed in him. Then, he returned to Hash’s house and grave before he returned to the castle and visited Uranus’ cell in the dungeon.

Oersted stood in the courtyard and remembered the day when he won Princess Alicia’s hand…

He stood atop the castle roof and hung his head.

Well… at least that was more substantial than the Armageddon “ending”, but IDK if it’s worth working for.

Beating the heroes is easy, almost distressingly so.

There is another way. The way of heroes. Select a team to take Oersted down.

For the leader, I have to go with Yuan, the hero of my favorite chapter.

Yuen was training atop the mountain. He split a rock in half.

Sensei…. I made it this far…. I broke the rock. But I’m still no perfect. Will I be as good as Sensei someday? Will I be able to take over Sensei’s task? I will…. I’m sure of it…. and I will surpass him….!

Okay, Ms. Li and Mr. Sammo…. and Sensei! Because I’m the…. Shinkansen Master now!!”

Suddenly, a darkness fell over the land and an ill wind blew.

It’s time…. You who gained motivation…. You who still embrace the illusions of humanity…. I invite you…. to learn the truth….”

Yuan’s body glowed, and he faded from the world that he knew. Darkness everywhere, until strange places came into view. They faded in and out.

You can find and recruit the other heroes in this chapter. Apparently, you need to have everyone in your party at least once to get the best ending? That sounds like a lot of work. Because you can only get a different hero if you kick someone else out of your party. Harsh.

So each hero has their own opening to the last chapter? Cool.

You need to have all of the characters in your party once to get the full ending. Pick up the ones you don’t want, then ditch them for the ones that you do. Simple.