Live-A-Live Part 10

June 13, 2016: Yuan wandered through the darkness until he saw glimpses of strange and unfamiliar places. Eventually, he found a staircase and went up it. The stairs led to a snowy mountain. He found a man who wore and odd hat and a poncho, who wandered off.

Huh, for the final chapter, some of the monsters sure are cute.

Yuan found an Iron Box.

I have to fight these cute little puppies?! But they’re so ADORABLE

Yuan traveled down the mountain to a foreign castle. Atop the castle’s roof, he found a strange, round object made out of steel. Yuan wondered if the Iron Box would do anything to it. Sure enough, the machine turned on and wanted to join Yuan.

Along the way to the castle, Yuan saw signposts rendered illegible by blood.

How can enemies suck blood from Cube? He’s a robot!

He has oil, at the most.

Cube’s attacks aren’t so great, but he does have decent healing and counterattacks.

This area is the same as the Medieval chapter in terms of layout.

Cube has a lil’ tail! Does it serve a purpose, though?

In the castle dungeon, Yuan found a young man wearing a headband performing various exercises. He picked a one-on-one fight with Yuan!

Masaru goes down easily enough. “I’m stuck in this crazy place too. Why don’t we work together?”

How can these characters communicate with each other when they come from all over the world and from different timeframes? Maybe Cube has universal translator built in.

Feels weird to travel with a party again after so long.

You’d best behave, or Cube will HACK YOUR MIND.

When Yuan examines a sign, a man with a sword attacks him, believing that “The evil came out!”

It was Oboromaru.

Next, Yuan finds a strangely-dressed man. After a brief tussle, he introduced himself as Akira and offers to join Yuan.

Nekomata look kinda scary, like bipedal cat zombies.

The party finds a wild-looking green-haired boy running about in a field. They try to talk to him many times, but he runs away until he tries to fight Yuan.

Kind of a tossup between Oboro and Pogo. I chose the latter for nostalgia.

June 14, 2016: We went into the Xin Shan Quan inheritor’s dungeon (all of the heroes have personal dungeons in this hellish void) and beat creepy stalker VoiceHeart once and for all. We got the Master’s Nunchaku.

Big Faces are pretty disturbing. They also spread annoying Poison and Water Field effects across the battlefield.

This was a part of the game that I never explained before. Certain skills can affect the terrain in battle. Fire, Poison, and Water fields can damage characters to varying degrees.

If you use Coop Akira’s Teleport skill to flee from battles, you stand a random chance of… being teleported into his dungeon!

Akira’s Trip

There are some creepy and powerful monsters in this dungeon. There’s a snake/monkey chimera with a big, red monkey butt. Then, there’s a creepy/cool female snake monster.

In this dungeon, you can use Akira’s telepathy to read the minds of lost souls from Oersted’s kingdom. They range from hatred towards Oersted to denial of the idea of him being the Demon King.

You can find Straybow’s ghost. His thoughts: “Is it… my fault… that he’s become this way…” Uh, yeah, a little.

You can also find Alicia’s ghost. “Please… Please stop… Oersted…”

This is interesting. I never really thought about how her postmortem thoughts reflect on her character. In death, what are her thoughts of? How to spare others the suffering that Oersted has caused, and could still cause. It’s mainly for the sake of others besides Oersted, but what if it’s also a little bit for his sake?

She did not love him like she loved Straybow (and lied about it to Oersted’s face), and yet…

If you keep finding the Sunset Kid, he’ll eventually ask why you’re following him. Because your ultimate skill lets you do 999 damage.

And with that, we form our ultimate party. Now, their individual dungeons.

Sunset blows smoke off of his gun at the end of a battle.

Got Cube’s ultimate weapon from his dungeon. Then, we reentered the dungeon to fight a tough robot and get the Ariel Helm. That robot was a jerk because he kept dodging our attacks somehow.

Found Sunset’s horse (or an illusion of it). It led us to Sunset’s personal dungeon, where we got his .44 Magnum.

Next, Pogo’s icy personal dungeon.

He has monster HP.

I did 999 points of damage with his Dodege skill! It’s a strange skill because it lowers his stats with each use, so he will do less damage with each use, unless he gets buffed.

We reached Oersted’s statue in the Forbidden Land. The random encounter rate here is a little annoying.

There was a secret door at the base of Oersted’s statue. A very long staircase led to the top of the mountain. The statue of the Demon Lord was there.

Odio: “I’ve been waiting for you…”

The sky darkened. A chill wind blew. The eyes of the Demon Lord statue glowed.

My name is… Demon King Odio…”

If you leave him, you will wind up having to fight a slightly annoying boss that bequeaths Ariel Boots to you upon defeat.

The Ariel armor pieces are good statistically, and they make the wearer immune to petrification.

Your lead hero reacts to the statue of their chapter’s villain.

Odio asked piercing questions of the heroes: Do the people they help deserve it if they do nothing to help themselves? Is it moral to hurt others to further your goals to help people? Does Yuan fight just to please the memory of his master? No, Yuan answered defiantly. He wanted to strengthen himself.

Odio called the heroes selfish. His disembodied Eyes, Mouth, and Mole attacked our heroes.

The background for the battle looks like a pile of corpses. Odio floated above a void surrounded by a ring of bones.

Once you destroy his Eyes and Mouth, the “Mole” emerges as a curled-up monster with wings sitting on top of a flower.

June 15, 2016: Unfortunately, Pure Odio wiped the floor with my party… besides Yuan, fittingly enough. Pure Odio could not do much damage to Yuan, so he just stayed back and used his ultimate technique.

While I had the Sunset Kid’s ultimate technique, it never did as much damage as it could do, and Sunset was too squishy to take much damage from the Demon King. \:

It took me at least one try to beat him.

The Demon King’s infernal dimension vanished and left behind the shell of a person once known as Oersted. “You win…”

He fell to his knees. “Now… Finish me…”



The party walked away from Oersted and returned to the statue room, when…

Sorry we’re late!”

Masaru walked in.

We’re here,”said Akira.

Of course…” said Obormaru.

Yuan walked up to Masaru, but suddenly…

It’s not over yet!” Oersted came back. “Even if I’m beaten…. I’ll keep on living….

You must know…. the meaning of Odio!”

The statues’ eyes glowed as Odio awakened them.

Odio: “It will persist…. The eternal sentiment that will continue as long as humans exist…. Its name is….


It is Odio!!”

Yuan: “Master….! Give me courage!”

Not just the master. Sammo and Li, too.

From the cold reaches of space, to the near-future, to Bakumatsu-era Japan, to lands beyond time, to the present, to the Wild West, and far-off China, our heroes must rise again to defeat their eternal enemies.

However, the heroes get access to all of their gained levels and items from the final chapter. 😉

Trying to beat Ode as Oboro was utterly tedious and slow. This is, after all, still a boss rush, and we all know that boss rushes are pure evil.

Still, this boss rush wasn’t that bad.

Masaru’s was weirdly difficult. I barely did any damage to Odie Olbright while he easily destroyed me. I had to win by using a lot of items.

The incarnations of Odio dissolve.

Wh…. why can’t I win….!? Isn’t this my destiny!? What is the difference between me and you?!”

Yuan: “Perhaps…. You are simply too pure…. That probably causes trouble for you…. But…. when you’re in trouble like that, there are two paths you can take. Which one you choose will shape your destiny….”

I see…. I…. All I’ve ever done is run away….”

You were devoid of any true friends. Not that that absolves your later choices.

And Fate…. has scolded me for that….

.When I die…. You will all be able to return to your own worlds…. But…. Don’t forget…. Anyone can become the Demon Lord…. As long as there is Hatred…. In any world…. at any time….”

He fell to the floor. The wind picked up, and Oersted’s body vanished, alone and forgotten.

Remember…. Anyone can become a Demon…. As long as there is hatred…. At any time, in any world….

Cube beeped and vanished.

Akira was happy that he had a home to go back to.

Oboro: “I have faith… The dawn will always break through the night!”

Pogo said, “Sweet!”

Masaru would continue his quest to become the strongest.

Sunset: “Even still…. Life goes on….”

Yuan: “I will preserve…. Master’s teachings!”

The skies over Oersted’s village became blue again. The game panned over Hash’s grave and the castle.

In prehistoric times, Pogo awaits the birth of his and Beru’s first child, while Gori awaits the birth of his first five children from five different wives.

Cube returned to his crew.

Sunset rode across the desert atop his loyal steed. Sunset paused to remove his hat to let the wind blow through his hair.

Masaru shut down his apartment for the night.

Akira accidentally overcooked some food with his powers.

Oboro defended his lord from an assassin.

And Yuan? He passed down his master’s teachings to several pupils in his dojo.