The 3rd Birthday Part Three: Aya’s Counterattack

June 5, 2011: There are varying degrees of mutation. It ranges from A (normal), to B (Benign), to C and D (Malignant). You can splice the malignancy out of corrupted OE chips…

On the field, I discovered something useful: If you activate Liberation just as you suffer a fatal blow, it will restore your health to full after the meter’s dried up!

June 6, 2011: Operation Red Fog! I finally got past the subway train section. Beyond that? Scratchers. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

I don’t really have a plan for my OE Boards. I definitely want to keep Odds Up on them. 😛

June 7, 2011: Once again, Aya’s attempt to enter the past altered the present. Thelonius vanished from the timeline. Blank realized what was happening and ran to Thelonius as he vanished, only to completely forget why he went to the rooftop in the first place.

Aya remembered seeing Kyle dressed as a groom at the altar, only to be shot offscreen. Kyle appeared before her at the Twisted nest again, and she begged him to protect Eve. He pledged his guardianship over “our little princess”.

Episode 4: The Moment of Truth

October 1, 2011: Chipping away at Operation Blue Hail. Let’s find Kyle Madigan.

October 2, 2011: I was able to splice a Liberation ability into the OE Board. The catch? It requires Pre Raise as a backup, because it sacrifices Aya’s life to use it.

The ability is Inferno. Press Circle in Overdive to sacrifice Aya’s life, hurting all Twisted in the area. Even then, there’s no guarantee that she would be reraised.

I care a great deal about Aya.

Aya finally caught up with Kyle. He talked cryptically, then seductively. Aya wised up and shot “him”, and “he” turned into a Twisted.

Like there’s anything unusual about characters speaking cryptically in this game. 😛

Eventually, Aya dived into the Twisted and saw images from the wedding day. Armored troops shot her, Kyle, and even the priest. Aya was able to reagain consciousness, and she saw Eve cowering among the pews.

Aya picked up a pistol and shot her.

Kyle returned and told Aya that he wanted to protect her, but the Twisted took control of him. “I… found it… Eternity… is inside… you.”

Then, the Babels exploded and condensed into a giant crystallized tree, like something out of the Macalania Woods in Final Fantasy X.

Episode 5: The Counterattack

February 16, 2014: “The Babel is an Overdive system?” asked Aya.

Maeda made more sense when he explained that something was trying to take the “Grand Babel” from the Twisted. They can assume human form. Maeda called them the High Ones and showed Aya a picture taken at the Grand Babel. It showed the Chief. Hyde Bohr? High One? Too easy.

This level has really cool music.

Operation Scarlet Snow

I just figured out that you can repair Aya’s clothes in the middle of a mission. [facepalm]

The Reaper’s theme: I know this song.

The Reaper’s theme was a remix of the Escape from U.B. theme from Parasite Eve.

The Reaper is one of the nastiest creatures in the game.

October 3, 2011: Seeing the Reaper flop and roll around is kinda funny. Then it kills you in one hit, and you stop laughing.

Fighting it is hardly fun, because it’s unstoppable, way too fast, and deadly. Sometimes, I wonder what they were thinking with these monsters.

Aya confronts Hyde Bohr at the core of the Grand Babel. After a brief boss fight where he transforms into a creepy creature with a vague resemblance to a centipede, Aya recalls what she did to Eve. Hyde explains that she did it to keep Eve from becoming “the Mother”. Or does he mean “parasite”?

The Higher Ones were created when Eve released energy upon “dying”, as Hyde cradled her body. Thelonius, Gabrielle, and Emily Jefferson were also there.

Hyde went to Time Zero, the moment of Aya and Kyle’s wedding, and Aya followed suit.

Time Zero. Try.”

Last Episode: Eternity

Aya and Hyde fought it out on an ice rink in Manhattan. She borrowed her friends’ powers to Overdive and chase Hyde to a place beyond Time Zero.

Hyde underwent a full transformation and attacked Aya, who fully liberated her powers.

With Hyde’s death, the Breas got what they wanted all along: the chance to undo the events of December 24, 2010. Aya sacrificed everything but her body to save Eve’s soul and their friends.

Aya’s soul was destroyed, as was Eve’s body. Eve took possession of Aya’s body and forgot her past. This was when the Twisted were created. Hyde wanted to fuse with Eve to create a “superior species” and kill and humans and Twisted.

Aya shot and killed Hyde. Aya regretted being unable to marry Kyle, but she needed Eve to shoot and kill her to prevent the birth of the Twisted.

The new timeline was created. Eve was stuck in Aya’s body.

On the day of the wedding, Kyle promised that he would go on looking for eternity, by which he meant Aya. He wished Eve a happy birthday and left the church.

Kyle and Aya gave each other rings to represent that their love is eternal, and that they would always be able to find each other.

I don’t understand how Aya could still be out there when her soul was destroyed. Maybe it wasn’t totally destroyed?

Beaten in: 15:55:22 at Lv 28

The Evolved DNA that you can get in the last stage sure is something.

I read that Aya’s voice changes when she was, well, herself, and boy, does it. I thought it was a different person at first. It may as well have been, since her soul was gone by then. Or something.

Yvonne Strahovski’s Eve was halting and gentle, but her Aya was more determined and aggressive.

There’s room for a sequel. He has to find her, after all.

I still think there is.


Jensen’s voice acting was rather good, too. All heartfelt, no sap. Perhaps one of the best celebrity performances in a long time.

Unfortunately, he’ll never be the “real life” Leon Kennedy. Oh, well… T.T

There was a rumor many years ago that he would play Leon in one of those Resident Evil flicks. I’m still disappointed that he didn’t.

The RE flicks are going to be rebooted. We’ll never be rid of them!