The 3rd Birthday Part Two: Aya Getting Married

April 2, 2011: A battle with tough Twisted in T3B.

If you don’t set the OE Board correctly, Aya could wind up with a disease spliced into her DNA!

I feel bad about my guys dying due to my carelessness. What will I do when they’re not around? You just know that Aya is going to go in alone at some point.

I wasted time trying to fight a Twisted that does too much damage; is hard to hurt; regenerates health; and creates small cyclones?!

I guess the manual says to just shoot at Twisted until they’re stunned, but this particular Twisted becomes a lot more dangerous once you nail it with an Overdive Kill for the first time. It also says to heal your guys by OD’ing and hiding behind cover. SIGH

T3B‘s voice acting is better than a trailer led me to assume.

April 4, 2011: I learned how to overlay chips on the OE Board for greater effectiveness, AND I defeated the Emily Jefferson Twisted. Protip: Exploit Aya’s Liberation ability. Any time it’s full. Every time. I also took my magnum into battle.

Aya encountered Emily in Club Sacrifice. The young lady reminded Aya of someone who looked similar to her.

Emily gave Aya a cryptic message before she transformed: “Time Zero. Try.”

Then, Aya wakes up. Hyde says that Cray is dead. Whaaa?

I only get Ds on missions so far. T.T

Taking too much time. Too many deaths. Not enough Feats.

Every Episode had Feats to accomplish to increase your rank.

Why don’t Aya’s clothes recover during intermissions? For once, a video game is too realistic.

Aya’s defense decreased as her clothes took damage over the course of an episode. Controversially, this could allow her to be reduced to little but scraps of clothing over her underwear, though she is never shown naked. Repairing clothes cost three hundred Bounty Points.

I probably should have tried this game on Easy. I keep screwing up and getting soldiers killed. It’s unforgiving. 😥

They use the battle theme from the first game too. How odd is it that I still recognize that song?

April 14, 2011: I’m not sure why OE chips change if you equip, then unequip them, then equip them again.

It’s useful for reshuffling them to get abilities you need.

It would appear that only high-level OE chips upgrade your abilities.

After an absolutely brutal battle with a Twisted inside of the Babel, Aya rescued Cray. But then, they lost Gabrielle Monsigny, so Aya has to look for her now.

Gabrielle was the sniper on the CTI team.

Going back to earlier missions to level up did wonders for getting ahead in the current mission, but that Twisted inside of the Babel was brutal.

May 4, 2011: Operation Black Storm was mostly a failure. The mission, timestamped December 21, 2013, failed to save Gabrielle Monsigny’s life from being erased by the timeline.

All of the operations had color-themed names.

At the end of the mission, Aya encountered Eve Brea and Kyle Madigan. Aya had flashbacks of her and Kyle getting married, but someone stormed the church and murdered the priest.

Kyle was voiced very well by Jensen Ackles.

Kyle claimed that Eve died and then her soul wandered through time. Why? How?

The mission ended after Kyle told Aya his name. Bohr told her that the FBI was no longer involved in CTI operations. One of Blank’s disturbingly chipper emails said that the FBI chief that kept butting in died… what?

So begun Episode 3.

May 5, 2011: I get sick of getting my ass kicked in the subway train section. It shows just how weak the controls are.

May 6, 2011: Doing the right thing with some training.