Friday (Least) Favorites #1: Game Tropes That Can Die in a Fire

Perhaps a more clickbaiting title would be better: Nine CRIPPLING Flaws You Won’t BELIEVE Video Games Get Away With!

I understand why these tropes exist, but that doesn’t make them much less annoying. 

1. Poor Checkpoint Placement and Restricted Saving

Checkpoints ain’t perfect. The ones that are placed just far enough apart to force you to replay segments over and over can annoy.

Saving restrictions are trickier to pin down. Some games implement it into the gameplay, like in the early Resident Evil games as a method of emphasizing the survival aspect. Other games can force you into replaying segments of the game if you don’t know how long it will be between save points. It seems that PC games (and sometimes their console ports) and handheld games have a slight advantage in this regard. Several PC games let you save wherever you want with numerous save slots, and plenty of handheld games are smart enough to let you at least make temporary saves, perfect for their portable nature.

2. Boss Rushes

I hate boss rushes. So much. Boss rushes clearly pad out a game, and can also be a right irritation. How much they bug you depends on how much you like the game, and its bosses. With that in mind, a boss rush in a Platinum game wouldn’t bother me, but a boss rush in a mean old game like Magician Lord would. I didn’t like ML much…

3. Overly Long Minigames

Minigames can be a welcome change of pace, but other times, they wear out their welcome. Take the shooter segment in Platinum’s otherwise-legendary Bayonetta… please.

Formulaic JRPG Blue Dragon is another example that offers up some on-rails shooter minigames. If you fail them, you have to start them all over again, bringing us back to the first entry on this list. However, they don’t last very long and they’re mostly optional in sidequests IIRC. 

At least Blue Dragon’s Mechat ship looks cute.

4. Controls You Can’t Fully CustomizePlease don’t force me to play with an inverted Y-axis. This quirk can dovetail with the previous entry on this list. 

5. Permanently Missable Content

This isn’t so bad in short games and/or games with new game plus, but when you’re two-thirds of the way through a long RPG like Final Fantasy VII…

Perhaps the remake will fix this. After all, does anyone really enjoy missing the Alexander summon on a slightly tedious snowswept mountain area?

6. Escort Missions

The classic. These don’t seem to be as much of a problem these days, however. But most developers didn’t take the time to make escort missions enjoyable outside of Resident Evil 4 and Ico.  

7. Trapped!

When a free-roaming game suddenly cuts you off from that sweet, sweet open world without warning.

8. Repetitive/Unskippable Dialog and Cutscenes

To be fair, some pieces of dialog bear repeating. But Fiona from the janky Mercenaries 2: World in Flames parrots the same tip and dialog whenever you start the game and leave your headquarters. Every. Single. Time. Hell is other people, truly. Another example (without voice acting) is Otis from Dead Rising. If you got interrupted while trying to hear an update from him on the transceiver, he would complain and start the dialog over again. Later games in the series fixed this.

9. Weird Achievements

I used to care a lot more about cheevos than I do now (caring about them too much almost ruined my gaming passion), but there are still some achievements that are lulzy, like zero-point achievements. Why. This is admittedly only a problem on Xbox; the PlayStation Trophy system assigns at least a small point value to your overall trophy level. I think I have a game that has a zero-pointer for getting all of the other Achievements. Madness. 

To a lesser extent, viral achievements which only unlock if you play against someone who already has the achievement and achievements that require you to play against someone on your friends list are nice in theory, but have issues in practice. There is no guarantee that you will be able to play against someone who has a viral achievement, and you may not have a friend who is willing and/or able to help you unlock certain achievements. Then there are the games with multiplayer achievements whose servers get shut down, making those achievements lost forever. Annual sports games are egregious in this aspect because last year’s game’s servers will get shut down to encourage people to buy the new game.

Finally, and this is an issue that existed before the Xbox 360’s Achievement system, the achievements that require you to fail. Do you intentionally fail to get as many cheevos as possible, and to work towards 100% completion? Do you intentionally let characters suffer and die to get all the endings? An example lies within the Resident Evil Outbreak games, some of the more obscure spinoffs in the series.

These games had Event Lists to track how much of each of the 10 scenarios (five per game) you have experienced. Dying at certain points and getting bad endings were requirements to fully complete the Event Lists.

I love achievement systems overall, but some achievements have flaws.

Well, there were some of my least favorite design decisions and nitpicks in games. What are some of yours?


The World Ends With You Part Eight: No Time Left

January 4, 2017: At the beginning of the last day, Beat started to vanish.

No one was moving on the streets of Shibuya.

It’s kind of dumb how some items require yen Pins instead of just yen. I can’t keep all of those denominations straight!

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The World Ends With You Part Seven

January 3, 2017: Uzuki and Kariya started talking about how all of the thoughts in Shibuya began to coalesce. Suddenly, the Reapers were wracked with pain.

It was then that Sho revealed his new body.

Indelible Guilt – Chapter Closed


I’m playing a handheld other than my 3DS? Whaaaaa?

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The World Ends with You Part Six: Unlucky 777

December 31, 2016: Konishi forgot to take Beat’s Lv. 1 Keypin, so we could get through this wall in the 104 Building area. Or did she?

She lifted the ban on Reapers attacking Players. But that and the Outlet Pin still did not help the Reapers that attacked us.

Beat freaks out when someone calls him by his real name.

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The World Ends With You Part Five: Gimme a Beat

December 30, 2016: Neku received a text saying that this Game only has one Player. He had to flee some Noise, only to be caught by Kariya and Uzuki. Neku apologized to Shiki and Joshua in his head, but then Beat arrived.

First you gimme some lame special op and make me snipe my friends, and now you gonna take down a defenseless Player? Ain’t you Reapers got any honor? Now you got me all kinds a’ pissed! Y’all goin’ down, yo!”

Kariya: “Oh, to be young and foolish again! Try switching on your brain, Freshmeat. If you fight now you’re treadin’ on thing ice.”

Shibuya ain’t cold enough for ice, stupid!”

The two Reapers heaved exasperated sighs.

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The World Ends With You Part Four: New Josh City

January 26, 2012: “Who the hell would want a mic with wings?” asked a Reaper. How about everyone?!

Especially CLAMP.

Neku and Joshua met 777, the leader of the band Def Märch. The Players had to retrieve the band’s stolen mic.

I got the First Gear Pin from an invisible Pig Noise! I also got a bonus for a “bottom screen-only win”. Thanks for pulling your weight, Josh! (Kidding.)

Joshua: “We’re like air, Neku. Invisible, but very real.” Duuude

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The World Ends With You Part Three: Face the Noise

January 18, 2012: Neku finishes the Game with Shiki by defeating the GM, only to wake up with the Scramble Crossing’s gritty pavement as his bed.

A new week has begun… A new Game, and a new partner: Joshua. His method of gathering Fusion Stars is pretty fun. MAAATH

Math quickly turns on you in the second week, as you’ll soon see…

Guess who else loves the maths? Sho Minamimoto, the new GM. HE SPEAKS IN MATHEMATICAL TERMS. Strangely enough, I understand some of them. My ratio is satisfactory!

Meet Sho Minamimoto, your new God.

Still, he represents all that is dark and unholy in mathematics, my old nemesis. As such, he is going down.
In a flashback, Neku recalls Shiki being declared the winner of the round and Beat electing to become a Reaper. Shiki didn’t want to return to life if it meant Neku staying in the Game, but he insisted.

I’ll be waiting for you – every day, in front of Hackio… till you come back,” promised Shiki.

I’ll see you there soon,” swore Neku. “That’s a promise.”

Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?”

Count on it. You’ll always be Shiki.”

They reached out to one another as Shiki was spirited away.

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The World Ends With You Part Two: Someone is Calling

January 14, 2012: 3rd Day

The proof is in the pudding. The pudding of their doom.”

Someone has a running gag of food metaphors.

I ❤ shopping in this game.

Neku may be opening up slightly.

Rhyme doesn’t have a dream, but after teaming up with Beat and seeing his energy, she thinks that, if she keeps moving forward, her dream will find her. Sweet.

Gotta get more YEN to get more SWAG~

Sometimes, the merchants’ thoughts are amusingly snarky. (“Uh, this is a store, not a museum.”)

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Pin Your Hopes on Me: The World Ends With You Part One: The Power is Yet Unknown

The box art. From left to right, bottom row: Joshua, Neku, Shiki, and Rhyme. Top row: Beat.

The World Ends With You

Japanese Title: Subarashiki Kono Sekai (It’s a Wonderful World)

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developers: Jupiter/Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Japanese Release: July 27, 2007

European Release: April 18, 2008

North American Release: April 22, 2008

Australian Release: April 24, 2008

December 31, 2011: The game’s intro flashes a series of images as protagonist Neku Sakuraba runs past most of the characters in the story. The opening theme, “Twister”, is pretty cool and gets the game’s incredible soundtrack off to a good start.

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