The World Ends With You Part Two: Someone is Calling

January 14, 2012: 3rd Day

The proof is in the pudding. The pudding of their doom.”

Someone has a running gag of food metaphors.

I ❤ shopping in this game.

Neku may be opening up slightly.

Rhyme doesn’t have a dream, but after teaming up with Beat and seeing his energy, she thinks that, if she keeps moving forward, her dream will find her. Sweet.

Gotta get more YEN to get more SWAG~

Sometimes, the merchants’ thoughts are amusingly snarky. (“Uh, this is a store, not a museum.”)

Telepathy is part and parcel of a Player’s repertoire. It allows Players to search for Noise, creatures attracted to peoples’ negative thoughts. Noise make up the majority of the enemies in the game.

I wish I’d gotten this game when I saw it at Wal-Mart years ago.

Regrets, I’ve got a few~

I got a new Pin from a Pig Noise! EEE

1-Yen Pins? Whatta joke!

Yen Pins could be exchanged for yen.

I can’t believe how many things there are to level up in this game.

The amount of “laconic” PP you get dwindles as more time passes between plays.

There is also a system where you can eat food to increase your HP, attack, defense, and bravery (which enables you to equip better gear, which also increases your stats). But each food item takes several Bytes to digest. Bytes are used up by battling.

January 15, 2012: Every piece of food that you can eat uses up a certain amount of Bytes that can only be reset to zero once per day. So you can only eat so much food per day. It’s realistic that way.

Rhyme got erased while saving Beat from a shark-type Noise. Beat wanted to get revenge on the Reapers responsible (Kariya and Uzuki), but if he didn’t go with Mr. Hanekoma, he would die without a partner. Neku and Shiki mopped up the remaining Noise.

Uzuki (top) and Kariya (bottom)

Mr. Hanekoma

I saw the whole trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, which features TWEwY characters. It’s nice to hear Neku with a voice.

I think Aqua may have been at the end of the trailer. I saw poofy white sleeves, and a Keyblade…

January 16, 2012: The 5th Day

I don’t like the porcupine Noise (corehogs).

We helped patch things up between two friends! A miscommunciation.

January 17, 2012: But why would the Reapers wanna help them? I thought that the Reapers were villains that, you know, killed little kids by erasing them.

Mr. Food Metaphors appeared at the end of Day 5 to drop a tough boss and several bombshells on us. He implied that Shiki was jealous of her bestie, Eri, and that she couldn’t love herself or others. Then, he revealed that every Player is already dead, and that the Game determines who is “worthy” of returning to life.

The next day, Shiki’s spirit is totally broken. For once, she was the quiet one. Neku is actually worried about her.

Ooh, my ESPer rank changed to Spoon-Bender!

But… there is no spoon.

The game graded you based on how many items and Pins you collected, and how many different types of Noise you defeated.

I think this game has a DISSIDIA factor because of its usage of the DS’ system clock.

Shiki – Day 6

After passing by someone who looked just like Shiki, she revealed the price she paid to get into the Game: her appearance. She wanted to look just like her friend, Eri. So she was actually the plainer-looking girl on her cellphone background.

A little while later, Shiki tells Neku that she would give up designing clothes and stuffed animals because Eri told her she had no skill.

Even later, Shiki eavesdrops on a forlorn Eri (non-Players can’t see Players), who tells another friend that she would quit designing too. Because Eri was nothing without her friend, Shiki, and her skilled hands and motivation – all things she fails to see in herself.

Eri admitted to saying something she’ll always regret the day before Shiki died: that she should quit designing.

Eri: “She was upset because she couldn’t come up with a good design. I wanted to cheer her up… so I told her, ‘You’re not meant to be a designer.’ I mean, she had such a great future as a seamstress. But I think I really hurt her feelings. I planned to apologize the next day… but I never saw her again.

…She’s still my best friend. Even now. I want her back, so I can tell her I’m sorry… and so we can be a team again.”

E&S Designs? Why not?!

…I had no idea,” said Shiki. “I never knew she felt that way about me.”

Guess you two need each other,” said Neku.

Neku… You think I’m OK the way I am?”

Hey, Shibuya’s got room for all types. Who else is gonna make stuffed piggies?”

Shiki smiled. “He’s a cat! Heh heh…

Neku… I want to see Eri. So we can be a team again. I’m ready for a second chance!”

All right. Then whatever it takes… Let’s win… Let’s live. Just one more day!”

My item collection rank went up to D! 😀

Shiki – 7th Day

Hello? Dead kid speaking.”