The World Ends With You Part Three: Face the Noise

January 18, 2012: Neku finishes the Game with Shiki by defeating the GM, only to wake up with the Scramble Crossing’s gritty pavement as his bed.

A new week has begun… A new Game, and a new partner: Joshua. His method of gathering Fusion Stars is pretty fun. MAAATH

Math quickly turns on you in the second week, as you’ll soon see…

Guess who else loves the maths? Sho Minamimoto, the new GM. HE SPEAKS IN MATHEMATICAL TERMS. Strangely enough, I understand some of them. My ratio is satisfactory!

Meet Sho Minamimoto, your new God.

Still, he represents all that is dark and unholy in mathematics, my old nemesis. As such, he is going down.
In a flashback, Neku recalls Shiki being declared the winner of the round and Beat electing to become a Reaper. Shiki didn’t want to return to life if it meant Neku staying in the Game, but he insisted.

I’ll be waiting for you – every day, in front of Hackio… till you come back,” promised Shiki.

I’ll see you there soon,” swore Neku. “That’s a promise.”

Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?”

Count on it. You’ll always be Shiki.”

They reached out to one another as Shiki was spirited away.

January 19, 2012: Joshua – Day 2

Tried Hard mode for the first time. It lives up to its name. Noise do a lot more damage there.

My Noise Report rank went up to D.

There’s a Pig Noise that I just can’t beat. It can apparently only be damaged with the Pyrokinesis Pin.

It’s best to deck yourself out with Pins that have varied commands. You don’t want to activate three Pins at once while trying to activate one.

January 21, 2012: Holy crap. For today’s mission, Neku must win Ten-Pin Slammer. So this kid, Shuto Dan, tries to teach him how to play, and he shows you the most hilariously amateurish drawing. Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach would be awestruck.

She took Ichigo’s criticisms of her silly little drawings so seriously. Ah, memories.

It shows Shuto firing a Pin and knocking… something… into the air as various onlookers gawk. “Woo!!” “Yaaay!” “Ramen~” “Oh noez!!”

It’s not a very clear diagram.

It hurts to look…” thought Neku.

This is practically a map to victory, huh, Neku?” quipped Joshua.

It’s Yammer Time!” declares Neku’s first opponent.

If Neku wins, Joshua mockingly says, “Show those fifth-graders who’s boss.”

For the second round, Neku is all, “Who wants some?” But then, he learns that Shuto is his opponent, and he is… “Innn… PINCIBLE!

Shuto moves on to the finals, only to lose by default on a Pin malfunction. Turns out that Joshua rigged ’em.

Yen Pins can evolve? Innnteresting.

Some Pins can only evolve through battle or laconic PP, or TPS. I think.

New partners bring new theme songs with them. I miss Shiki’s.

Joshua – Day 3

The world ends with you,” Mr. Hanekoma tells Neku. “If you want to enjoy life, expand your world.

January 22, 2012: The game’s getting a little harder now, so I swapped out Pins with more awkward controls and picked some fights.

January 23, 2012: Things I Didn’t Need to See on Tumblr: An Ao Oni with Neku’s haircut. The things you kids come up with on this Intertube.

The Burning Cherry Pin ROCKS!

You only earn laconic PP for a week. You can’t collect interest.

I eventually wised up and equipped specific Pins to level up before turning the game off. Diabolical!

January 24, 2012: Having not received a mission all day, Joshua takes Neku on a magical ramen journey.

Eiji Oji, the Prince of Ennui, writer of the blog F Everything, is being pushed to promote a new ramen joint. His agent wants him to do a glowing writeup of Shadow Ramen, but Oji doesn’t want to lie in his blog.

Neku doesn’t get Oji’s hang-up about ramen. Joshua tells Neku that everyone has their own internal world, a secret garden that can’t be touched by the logic of the external world.

…Understanding other people isn’t hard, Neku. It’s impossible.”

When the Prince of Ennui flips over something, he Fs it. He Fs it to high heaven.

My ESPer rank changed to Supernatural!

I finally realized that Pins from the same brand have similar designs. D+B have very sparkly Pins.

I ❤ getting new Pins from battling Noise.

Having to dump Yen Pins kind of hassles me, but there’s a reason why the game doesn’t transfer them automatically. Some special items can only be bought with Yen Pins.

I am slightly embarrassed and impressed that this game uses the “word” “pwn”.