The World Ends With You Part Four: New Josh City

January 26, 2012: “Who the hell would want a mic with wings?” asked a Reaper. How about everyone?!

Especially CLAMP.

Neku and Joshua met 777, the leader of the band Def Märch. The Players had to retrieve the band’s stolen mic.

I got the First Gear Pin from an invisible Pig Noise! I also got a bonus for a “bottom screen-only win”. Thanks for pulling your weight, Josh! (Kidding.)

Joshua: “We’re like air, Neku. Invisible, but very real.” Duuude

Pavo Real Stationside sells an accessory with Exp Boost II for 45K yen.

February 3, 2012: Week 2, Day 4 Continued

Calling the Reaper known as BJ “Beej” is funny.

777 though that Beej stole his band’s mic.

These enemies are getting a little easy, even after adjusting my level.

TWEWY has a feature similar to DISSIDIA Duodecim where you could lower your level to get more stuff.

When Josh tries to explain the origins of Dogenzaka’s name, Neku says, “I feel so epic.”

February 4, 2012: He was being sarcastic. Shocking, I know.

February 5, 2012: Mic-based Pins are fun!

Those are triggered by shouting into the Nintendo DS mic. Honestly, just blowing air into it should work just as well if randomly yelling embarrasses you.

Josh wanted to jack Shibuya.

I don’t know how to jack a town!”

The true thief of the mic was none other than one Sho Minamimoto. He deemed the mic “zetta sexy”. He then put it into one of his art installations, which looked like piles of junk. 777 told Beej and another Reaper to start digging through the heap to find the mic.

February 6, 2012: This game ticks me off on Hard.

You can adjust the difficulty and your level, and you can avoid most battles. Enough of this Hard BS. I only started playing on Hard because I’m bored with my Pins a little. Why follow the trends if they enslave you?

Different areas of Shibuya had trend charts. These affect the power of Pins of certain brands.

I can’t remember why I felt so compelled to play on Hard. It ruined and derailed my playthrough a bit because I stopped playing consistently for a long time.

Different types of Noise have resistances and weaknesses like enemies in any other RPG. If you don’t have the right Pins equipped sometimes, you are not going to have an easy time.

January 31, 2013: This is another game that leaves me feeling overwhelmed, but it’s a good game. Fresh and stylish.

Neku and Joshua have a troubled partnership. Neku thinks Joshua is the one who killed him, sending him into the Game to earn his life back. Neku’s dialog hints that he wants to repay the “favor”…

Joshua is a living participant in the Game, bending the rules.

Pork City

When Neku and Josh confront Minamimoto the Game Master, Neku remembers who really killed him: Minamimoto. Josh was trying to shoot Minamimoto himself. Possibly to protect Neku?

Minamimoto is one tough boss. We can barely damage him once he turns into his Noise form. We may have to… grind.

When you change your attack Pins around, it can be very confusing. I draw a blank on how to activate the Pins I’ve equipped.

February 1, 2013: Things like level adjust and chaining together multiple battles seemed to be passed down to DISSIDIA.

There are a lot of factors that affect Pins, like attacking from behind and whether or not the Noise is fast or slow.

Gasp! My ESPer rank went up to C and I got the Master Player title!

I found the infamous sleeping Pig Noise! Close the DS to defeat it and get the Archangel Pin.

December 29, 2016: I’m really out of practice, so I need to refresh my skills before I try to beat Sho.

I have trouble remembering how to use my Pins.

The problem with Sho is that the boss fight is so dang long. He’s constantly switching between human form (to attack Joshua) and Noise form ( to attack Neku). He also throws Noise around everywhere. I think that battling Sho himself would have been quite enough, thank you very much.

Sho ‘Nuff


It took 17 minutes. @_@

After every battle, you get a grade and it tells you how long it took for you to finish off your opponent.

I started taking over Joshua’s attacks at points to try and pass the Light Puck around faster.

In the cutscene before the battle, it was established that Sho tried to shoot Neku, but Joshua stopped him.

Sho: “You’re zetta persistent…”

Joshua: “Aww, what’s wrong?”

Sho laughed crazily and recited the digits to pi. “The world’s made up of numbers! I’ve been reverse-engineering my desired solution all along! And here it is!”

His body glowed.

Joshua: “Look out! That psyche’s a Level i Flare!”

Sho: “I am victorious!

Joshua shielded Neku from Sho’s attack… with a smile.

The cold pavement again. Neku, alone.

Dammit… why… WHY!?”

The 7th Day: Clash of Destinies – Closed

7 days left

Neku: “At least this time it really ends.

Shiki’s out. They made her my entry fee. Joshua, too. Took the bullet for me. Rhyme’s gone. Noise got her. And Beat left to join the Reapers. One Player after another… gone.

I’m the only one of us left – the only hope we have.”

The new mission mail: “Game 1. Reach 104. Time: 60 minutes. Cost of failure: Expunction.”

Neku: “104 again? They’re not very creative.”

He decided to check Hachiko’s statue for a new partner.

I shored up my Defense with different equipment to beat Sho. My Pins? Natural Magnum, Onmyo, Healing Whale, and Psych Support.

The save file says that this is Beat, Day 1. But Beat went to join the Reapers. Did he wise up and change his mind?

I leveled up in the battle against Sho.

It was possible to level up mid-battle because you instantly received experience points gained from defeating Noise and other enemies.