The World Ends With You Part Five: Gimme a Beat

December 30, 2016: Neku received a text saying that this Game only has one Player. He had to flee some Noise, only to be caught by Kariya and Uzuki. Neku apologized to Shiki and Joshua in his head, but then Beat arrived.

First you gimme some lame special op and make me snipe my friends, and now you gonna take down a defenseless Player? Ain’t you Reapers got any honor? Now you got me all kinds a’ pissed! Y’all goin’ down, yo!”

Kariya: “Oh, to be young and foolish again! Try switching on your brain, Freshmeat. If you fight now you’re treadin’ on thing ice.”

Shibuya ain’t cold enough for ice, stupid!”

The two Reapers heaved exasperated sighs.

Beat: “You an’ me is gonna pact. Aight?”

Neku: “…OK. Let’s do it!”

Aight, let’s lay ’em flat, yo!”


Neku and Beat soundly dispatched the amphibious Noise.

Beat: “Heh, served! You got nothin’ on us, yo!”

Uzuki grunted in frustration. Kinda scary. “The gloves are off! TAKE THIS!”

She summoned more Noise. Beat told Neku that they had to bounce.

West Exit

Beat: “Booyaka! We made it.”

Neku breathed heavily. Beat told him, “Yo, enough wid the huff, man! Tha’s weak!”

Neku: “Why exactly did you make a pact with me?”

‘Cause you was hung out to dry, man. I wasn’t about to leave your sorry ass to die.”

Right… My hero.”

Tha’s right. Wait, you’re makin’ fun a’ me! Hey look, yo – I owed you. That’s all.”

For what?”

Rhyme’s pendant.”

Big deal. It was yours, so I returned it. Wait…

Geez, man! You’re a Reaper. They’ll kill you for partnering up with a Player.”

Aww… quit bitchin’! Leas’ you still alive.”

Neku realized something about Beat. His wings were gone.

Beat: “Oh, yeah. Guess they are.”

Neku: “You don’t care?”

About what? That Reaper crap was lame, yo. The good guys suit me better.

Why you in the Game again? What happened to the prissy kid you was with?”

Neku flashed back to when he was protected by Joshua from Sho’s attack. The man in sunglasses (Kitaniji, the Conductor of the Game and superior to the Reapers) told Neku that he was the sole survivor.

Neku wondered why Joshua would die to protect him. Kitaniji told Neku that Joshua must have had some affection for Neku as a partner, then dismissed Joshua as a fool because no partner merited that kind of sacrifice.

Neku felt terrible for not trusting Joshua nor apologizing to him.

Kitaniji offered Neku entry into a final Game. His entry fee had already been taken…

Neku: “Joshua bought me this chance. I’m not gonna waste it.”

Beat: “Aight, then. You comin’ with me, Phones?”


‘Cause I got someplace to go. To the station underpass, yo!”

Neku wanted to tell Beat about his mission, but Beat dragged him to the station underpass.

OMG, I ❤ Beat. Maybe I have a soft spot for, well, idiot heroes.

Beat seemingly smashed through a red Reaper wall. “I have my own roads, yo.” This kid’s dialog is golden. ❤

But he could only smash through the wall because he had a Reaper keyring. He could not smash through the wall to the Shibuya River, so Neku convinced homeboy to head to the 104 Building.

Meanwhile, Kitaniji and his secretary, Mitsuki Konishi, planned something while Konishi had plans of her own.

Neku tells Beat that his fighting style is confusing, and he needs to “un-fuse” it.

Beat: “I can’t explain figure it out, so you gotta!

I only know what I know… ’cause Rhyme explained it.”

Neku: “Rhyme…”


Wanna pound stuff again?”

This is part of a tutorial to help one understand how Beat gains fusion stars.

104 Building: Neku wanted to know why Beat put himself in jeopardy. He did not know what “jeopardy” meant. “Look, man. I dunno your big words.”

He said that his reason for teaming up with Neku was to “set Shibuya up widda new Composer. Me!”

Meanwhile, Kitaniji told Konishi to strip Beat of his status as a Reaper. 

Megumi Kitaniji


Also, the Composer wanted all Reapers to wear their Outlet Pins, which increased their power – but came with side effects…

Senseless/Sensible – End

Day 2: Konishi introduced herself as the week’s Game Master. Beat old her, “Move, yo! I ain’t got time for you”

She told him that she knew he was going to ignore the mission.

Beat: “So what, yo!? I’m a Reaper. I don’t gotta do some stupid mission!

She told him that he had been demoted to a Player.

Beat: “Pfft. Whatever. You can’t fire me, ’cause I quit, yo!”

Konishi: “Oh, don’t act like a child.”

You think I’m actin’!?”

…No, I can see it comes quite naturally to you.”

Oh snap!

Beat laughed. “Damn right!”

Neku: “Uh, dude… She’s making fun of you.”


Konishi: “Since I can’t reverse evolution and speak your language, I’ll keep this brief. You may be a Player now, but you still broke Reaper rules. Which means you have a penalty coming.

They explained to you that a Reaper’s points determine his or her lifespan?”

Yeah, so? Big deal, yo.”

You’ve earned 0 points. Not a very hard worker, I see.”

You was gonna make my sic Noise on the Players! That ain’t what I signed up for.”

Then I can’t fathom why you did. One person’s success is built on another’s sacrifice.” She’s not here to make friends.

She said that Beat’s only reason for becoming a Reaper was the Noise perched on his shoulder. Is that…?

Konishi said that he had five days left to live, including today, and took his Noise as his entry fee.

Beat: “Give her back, you Iron Witch!”

I thought so…

Konishi… crushed her, which turned her into a Pin.

Konishi gave Neku and Beat their mission: defeat her in six days – or perish. She moved the goalposts.

Beat: “Yo, I don’t need no six days – I’m gonna finish this right here an’ now!”

Konishi: “Don’t you care what becomes of this pin?”

She said that Neku and Beat had to find her. “We call this Reaper Sport 2: ‘Hide-and-Seek’. I picked something at your age level.”

Beat: “Whatchu jus’ say!?”

She gave him the Player Pin and said, “I’m looking forward to watching you squirm and choke – powerless to find me… powerless to stop death from finding you. Take care.”

I hate this chick!