The World Ends with You Part Six: Unlucky 777

December 31, 2016: Konishi forgot to take Beat’s Lv. 1 Keypin, so we could get through this wall in the 104 Building area. Or did she?

She lifted the ban on Reapers attacking Players. But that and the Outlet Pin still did not help the Reapers that attacked us.

Beat freaks out when someone calls him by his real name.

Some of these Pig Noise are slippery little devils.

January 1, 2017: Dogenzaka: Hot on Konishi’s trail, 777 from the band Der Märch started trippin’ on us about our bounty.


Beat: “Go play wid your mic or somethin’, and step off my grill, yo!”

777: “Sorry. Denied! Now, Daisukenojo Bito, prepare to be face-melted!”

Neku: “Die… bee… What? Is that some kind of hex?”

Neku realized that Daisukenojo Bito was Beat’s real name.

Beat: “I know it’s lame, man. Jus’ call me Beat!”

Everyone’s a wuss compared to Sho Minamimoto.

After we schooled that fool known as 777, he asked us to end him.

Beat: End you? Yo, I don’t even wanna start you.”

They reminded Sho that he had a show to play, but then he said that name again.

Beat: “Yo, you askin’ for mo’ pain!”

777 gave us his keypin. Then, he claimed that Konishi was not in the concert building. He called out for her, then to us. But when we looked for him, all we found was that dog collar he wore.

Konishi sicced a nasty Bat Noise on us, but we beat it.

Chapter 2: Style – closed.

5 days left

We were transported back to the Scramble. Kariya was made substitute Game Master, and she dangled the Rhyme Pin before us. We had to win Reaper Sport 4, or she would erase the Pin. Neku did not hear the rules because Beat blew huge sneezes. Sigh.

January 2, 2017: Neku told Beat that he did not hear the instructions because Beat sneezes “like a freakin’ elephant”. When a rando salaryman started talking about “Reaper Creeper”, Beat claimed that we needed to play it by reading people’s thoughts.

Neku: “Must… trust… partner…”

The salaryman wandered off, so we tried to track him down.

Some more Reapers found us. “Yo, they don’t take a hint,” said Beat. “How many asses we gotta kick, man?” Word.

Kariya followed the salaryman. She was giggling… MENACINGLY!

Beat keeps sneezing. Is he OK?

Much as I ❤ this game, the menus could have been better organized.

Ten Pin Slammer is fun, but I’m terrible at it. ;-;

The salaryman brought out the Reaper Creeper board to help a former employee of his, Makoto, make a decision about his business. Beat told Neku to play Reaper Creeper and make the salaryman’s decision for him.

Play the role of the Reaper?”

Just this once

>>I can’t decide this for him

Beat: “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Phones?”

Neku: “He needs to find the words himself.”

But Phones…”

The salaryman reminded Makoto that he wanted to make his customers happy. The salaryman told him that “Nothing we do in life is ever truly a waste.”

Heh heh. Who needs a piece of paper? My own answers beat the hell out of black and white.”

The Reaper Creeper paper had three kanji symbols on it, each a different color: red, white, and black.

Makoto: “I’ve Reaper-Creeped for the last time.”

Beat: “Damn straight, pops.”

Beat lamented how he freaked out instead of thinking about what to do next. Then, he said that Rhyme was his sister. He felt that he was a bad brother to her. “It’s like I killed her, man. Why I gotta be so stupid? I thought I could bring Rhyme back by becomin’ a Reaper. That turned out great, huh?

When Rhyme got erased, Mr. Hanekoma gathered up her soul and stored it in a pin. I made a pact with the pin to stay alive, but… I hated feelin’ trapped, yo. ‘Fore I knew it, I was at the Reaper’s door asking ’em how to use the pin.

That Noise on my shoulder was Rhyme. Her Noise, which I called outta the pin.”

He thought if he became the Composer, he could find a way to bring his sister back. If he defeated the Composer, he would take their position.

Beat: “You gotta help me save her. I ain’t that smart. I just crash my way through things. But that ain’t enough to save Rhyme. I need help! I need… I need YOUR help.”

Neku: “…… Screw you.”


Don’t be as ass. She’s my friend. And you act like I’d mind saving her. Besides, I’m just crashing my way through this, too.”

Beat said that he’d bring everyone back to life when he became Composer.

Beat: “Yo, uh… thanks, Phones.”

Hey, not necessary.”

Someone Set Us Up the Box

Kariya caught up to us. She was mad because we were not playing tag with her. That was Reaper Sport 4.

She fought us, but we won. She tried to set up another game, but then, Uzuki started to argue with her.

She wanted her promotion – the kind that Uzuki turned down. Why? He said that being an officer sucked. “Sounds like a total bore. I like the field, simple as that. I like being in the audience. I’m a stargazer. ‘Sides, if I join the officers, how am I gonna sucker you into buyin’ me ramen?”

Kariya calmed down. “…Jerk.”

Kariya decided to stay in the field, too. Uzuki told her to slow down and smell the concrete roses.

Uzuki gave us a LV. three keypin. If we won his game, he would give us Rhyme’s Pin. And all we had to do was beat him.

The Composer — Chapter End


The next day, Neku and Beat woke up in the underpass beneath Miyashita Park. Beat seemed lost in thought. He warned Neku about Kariya’s strength. Neku asked his partner if he was worried about him.

Neku: “Who are you and what have you done with Beat?”

N-naw, man! I was jus’ sayin’ we gotta be vegetant! We after the Composer, not Kariya.”

Vigilant. And is the Composer that strong?”

He’s gotta be, right? How else he gonna keep sly punks like Shades in line?”

One of my Pins evolved from idle PP. Then, it evolved from PP earned in battle!

When we solved the weird box puzzle that Kariya set up for us, Beat said it was “spesticular”.