The World Ends With You Part Eight: No Time Left

January 4, 2017: At the beginning of the last day, Beat started to vanish.

No one was moving on the streets of Shibuya.

It’s kind of dumb how some items require yen Pins instead of just yen. I can’t keep all of those denominations straight!

Beyond the station underpass, we wound up in a place where Pins were unaffected by trends. Ooh, no more worrying about those.

Near the River, we found Sho. “What the factor took so long?”

Konishiput up a barrier that Sho could not get past. He said that Kariya was with us the whole time. She hid in Beat’s shadow.

Konishi asked Sho to make her Conductor if he became Composer.

Sho: “I zetta dig your style!”

He agreed, and Konishi disabled the barrier. He went on ahead.

Beat said that he would become the next Composer, and that he would never make Konishi one of his men. “So suck on that, yo!”

Konishi laughed at the idea of working for Beat. “You vexatious monkey! You’re right. No analysis could ever plumb the depths of your fatuity!”

Beat laughed. “Damn right!”

Neku: “Uh, dude… She’s making fun of you.”


Since Beat was no longer a Reaper, he could not grab Rhyme’s Pin. That was up to Neku. But he told Beat that resurrecting Rhyme was going to be done by him.

Konishi is a pretty cool boss. She has a Noise form that looks like a tiger. You can only attack her when she turns orange in the first phase.

Eventually, she will steal your Pin and you have to say in her shadow to both damage her and avoid damage.

Then, you will be left with Rhyme’s Pin to attack with. You have to find which of the three bosses is the real one to attack.

Neku: “Sucks for you.”

Konishi wondered how Neku summoned a Noise.

Neku: “Like I know! And she’s not a Noise! She’s our friend, Rhyme!”

Beat held Rhyme’s Pin. “I’m so sorry. This is all my fault… I’ll never let you go again! I’m gonna give you that second chance, I swear!”

Rhyme’s memories of Beat were his entry fee.

He wanted to sacrifice her memories of him? :O

If it wasn’t for the mail we’d gotten before entering the Trail of Sinners, I probably wouldn’t have figured out Konishi’s shadow tricks.

Ooh, her Noise form, Tigris Cantus, had 4444 HP!

The number four, or rather how it’s pronounced, is very significant in Japanese culture. The number four is pronounced the same (shi) as the word for death, so there is a superstition about it. The number nine is in a similar position because it’s pronounced the same (ku) as the word for suffering, agony, or torture.

The game warns you that you won’t be able to turn back once you enter the Composer’s room.

I found a Noise that looked like Neku with a fox mask over his face!

The music is in my heeead! GIVE ME ALL YOUR LOVE GIVE ME ALL YOUR LOVE

January 5, 2017: The Kids Are All Right

Shiki appeared behind us. She was so embarrassed when Neku told her she was his entry fee.

Further down the tunnel, we found Sho crushed under some garbage.

When we found Kitaniji’s room, he turned Shiki against us.

Neku eventually realized that the O-Pin she wore controlled her mind. She attacked Neku, but Beat took the hit while Neku destroyed th O-Pin.

With Beat and Shiki KO’ed, Neku continued on… alone.

Shiki… Beat… Joshua… Rhyme… Everybody. They got me this far. Now…

It’s my fight.”

Room of Reckoning: Neku called for the Composer to reveal himself. But the only man who showed himself was Kitaniji.

The Composer was not there. Kitaniji was in control ever since Neku came to the UG.

Kitaniji blamed the world’s ills on individuality. “By tearing down the differences between us, I can make the world a paradise!”

Neku: “By making everyone think alike? That’s not even pos-”

It IS possible! With these pins.”

The Red Skull pins.”

I based them on the Composer’s Player Pin. You see, the eyes of the world are on Shibuya. What starts on these streets will spread across the globe! I can save all of mankind right here.

What have your dealings with other people brought you? Only hurt. Join me. Help me build a new Shibuya.”

Neku refused. “I was never good with people. I covered my ears and blocked them out. But you know what? If I don’t clash, I don’t change. The world ends at my borders, and the best moments slip away.

Here in the UG, I clashed. I changed. And now I know – Shibuya should stay just as it is!”

Kitaniji tried to destroy Neku’s Player Pin, but the Composer would not let him harm His pick.

Then, Beat and Shiki arrived. Shiki asked Neku what Mr. Hanekoma told him to do with partners.

Neku: “Um… trust ’em?”

Beat: “You ain’t my partner anymore, man. You’re my friend! So trus’ that, yo!”


Kitaniji turned into a huge draconic Noise, but with Shiki and Beat, Kitaniji was actually easier to beat than his human form.

Suddenly, a familiar laugh. “I’m back, Megumi.” Joshua. He said that Megumi’s time was almost up, but he absorbed Neku’s friends into his Noise form.

Draco Cantis with Shiki, Joshua, and Beat absorbed

It was a long and exhausting battle. It’s key that you pay attention to the top screen so that you can pass the light puck between Neku and his friends. I think it also prevents Kitaniji from recovering HP.

Kitaniji was defeated and the friends were freed. Joshua was the Composer. Kitaniji had a timer and it was running out. He had one month to convince Joshua that Shibuya could change, so that He would not erase it.

Kitaniji was praised by Joshua, and Kitaniji complimented Neku before the Conductor vanished.

Joshua picked Neku as his Player, but even though he won… Joshua did not erase Shibuya.

Neku felt very betrayed and deeply hurt that Joshua killed him so that he could be His Player. But even with the gun in his own hand and tears in his eyes, Neku could not shoot Joshua back.

7 days later. Neku met with Beat, Rhyme, and Shiki. The game cuts away just before you see Shiki’s real face.

Neku cast off his headphones, and the game ends by saying The World Ends With You.

There is so much I can say about this game, but it all boils down to: buy it.

Final Stats: LV. 50

ESP’er Rank: C (Master Player)

ESP’er Points: E (402)

Noise Report: B (70 types; 72.9%)

Pin Mastery: E (46 types; 15.1%)

Item Collection: C (195 types; 41.3%)

Why didn’t Joshua erase Shibuya? I guess Neku impressed him.