Final Fantasy II Part Three: Lair of the Lamia

May 12, 2015: Dragon Keeper

The Empire poisoned the waters of Deist in an attempt to kill the wyverns. They did Kefka before Kefka was Kefka!

One of the wyverns clung to life, so we had to get water from a life spring in Deist Cavern to heal it.

This part reminds me of how Lenna’s wind drake was sick in Final Fantasy V, too.

Quite a few things in this game remind me of other FF games. I don’t recall how we get it, but we have Egil’s Torch, which carries the Sunfire. Maybe Egil from Bravely Default is a reference to Egil’s Torch from FFII.


Well, I was all wrong about what we were supposed to do. We were supposed to talk to the wyvern and get an egg from it to submerge into the Life Spring, lest it die. It was the last wyvern egg.

I just looove trudging through repetitive dungeons again.

By the time we returned to Castle Deist, the wyvern had died. The widow of Ricard, the last dragoon, wept over its death. But she said that hope remained in the wyvern egg. “Someday it will hatch, and the wyvern will spread its great wings and soar through the sky for the rebels. The wyverns can’t thank you for what you’ve done, so allow me to do so in their place. We are… grateful… [sobs]

But… what will the last wyvern breed with? Similar species?

Back in Altair, we returned to the rebel hideout. All anyone could talk about was how Hilda was acting strange. When they tried to talk to her, she would just laugh. I noticed the same thing when I talked to her after her father died.

A boy said that he saw her eating a rat! What?! …Maybe she just got really hungry? …Hopefully?

At Gordon’s behest, we spoke to her again.

Hilda: “Firion… There is something I would like to discuss with you.” Is it sex? All right, everyone else out!

Maria: “We’ll be waiting outside.”

I was joking! Dang, girl.

Hilda laid in her bed. “Come to me, Firion.”

Firion was taken aback. “Y-Your Highness…”

Why are you just standing there? I don’t enjoy being teased.”

Firion looked around. “Um…” He approached her.

Now you’re mine, Firion!”

She turned into a hideous snake monster!

Firion: “What have you done with the princess?!”

The monster hissed.

Leila: “Not so fast, ye scurvy snake!”

The others burst into the room to slay the beast.

The music that played during “Hilda’s” “seduction” was nice.

The Lamia Queen sure was easy to beat. She didn’t even get to attack us. Isn’t this game supposed to be hard?

Firion: “Leila… just how much of that did you see?”

Leila: “Enough to know ye shouldn’t be lettin’ yer guard down around fetching young ladies, I’d say.”

Guy: “Where real princess?”

Don’t tell me that wasn’t really her in the Dreadnought.

A rebel came into the room “I’ve terrible news! We’ve just heard a tournament is being held in Palamecia… and Princess Hilda is the prize!”

Gordon came into the room. “I’m coming with you. I… I want to help you rescue Hilda.” Oh? 😉

Leila: “Don’t worry. I know just how ye feel, Cap’n. Me and me boys’ll manage yer army. I run a tight ship. No need to fret over us.”

Darn, I should’ve removed Leila’s Wind Swords so that Gordon could use them. >.>

The PSP is hard to turn off.

One of my greatest shames is that I can’t reliably turn it off. If you just hold the switch down a certain way, it goes into sleep mode. ;-;

Behemoths of the Arena

We reached the Coliseum, where the Emperor trapped us with a Behemoth. We made short work of it and tried to kill the Emperor. “Here is your reward. A reward befitting rebels, Firion!”

The Emperor vanished, and we were surrounded by soldiers.

Dark Knight: “Hmph. Throw them in a cell.”

We were captured, but Paul rescued us. “This is for rescuing me from the mines. I pay my debts. Now get out of here before they catch you!”

Death Flowers look like giant Venus Fly Traps.

We found Hilda in a cell and tried to free her. Gordon went into her cell and asked if she was all right.

Hilda was surprised. “Gordon? I never thought to see you here…”

Firion let them go ahead while the others drew the guards’ attention.

Parasites look like creepy disembodied eyeballs attached to roots.