Final Fantasy II Part Two: 2 Lost 2 Furious

January 2, 2013: Kashuan Keep

I’m frustrated with Maria because her physical attacks suck from the back row, but I don’t want use up her MP all the time (though casting spells is fun). I only kept her in the back row because she started the game off with a bow.

Bows do not suffer a damage penalty from being used in the back row.

It is nice how each weapon type makes a different sound effect.

The Empire kidnapped Princess Hilda. Why didn’t they take out the rest of the resistance while they were at it? Ugh, whatever, game. And they said that the plot of (insert FF game here) was dumb.

The Princess has been kidnapped by the Empire. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Princess?

January 9, 2013: Welp, I’m lost. I’m supposed to go north of Fynn… somewhere. Intuitiveness, thy name is not FFII. Plus, all of this continental zigzagging is reminding me of Tales of the Abyss, except worse. At least the towns in that game all have a distinctive look, which is nice.

January 18, 2013: I STILL can’t find where the Dreadnought is docked.

January 20, 2013: I’ll be darned. The Dreadnought was docked way to the northwest of Fynn. Specifics, people, specifics!

Heh, if you say “Wild Rose” to one of the imperial guards, he’ll attack you. Whoops!

One of the least utilized features in FFII is the ability to say certain phrases to certain characters. Saying “Wild Rose” to one of the guards tips them off to your allegiance to the resistance, and is one of the few mildly interesting uses of the phrase system in the whole game.

Werepanthers?! Cooolll. But are they predecessors to the feline Coeurls from later games?

I have no idea how to pronounce “Coeurl”.

January 21, 2013: Now what stupid, annoying, easily overlooked thing do I have to do to get past these guards that don’t disappear after I kill them?

May 10, 2014: How did I wind up at the butt end of the map miles away from any decent town with an inn?

May 10, 2015: The Dreadnought

That’s such a cool word. :3

We found Princess Hilda and Cid in the Dreadnought’s dungeon. He took Hilda to the airship while we looked for an engine to sabotage…


We found the engine and threw the Sunfire into it. The Dark Knight was there and asked what we were doing…

Maria: “That voice…!”

Firion shook his head. “There’s no time, Maria! The ship’ll blow up any minute! We have to get to Cid’s airship.”

An emergency alarm went off as our heroes rushed through the halls of the Dreadnought. It even blew up in a nice 2D cutscene.

Cid dropped us off outside of Altair.

Somehow, I have a ton of money in this game. Wish I could say the same about Star Ocean: Till the End of Time… or real life…

The King of Fynn took a turn for the worse. “Gordon… Minwu… and Firion… I have one last request to ask of each of you… Please… listen carefully…

Gordon, you’ve grown so strong… I want you to lead our army! Do all you can to help Hilda…”

Minwu was a white mage that was a part of the resistance.

Gordon knelt. “My Liege… I swear it on my very life.”

Minwu… You know of the legend… The legend that speaks of an ultimate magic… It’s been sealed away, and the seal may only be broken when the world stands at the brink of destruction… I believe that time has come. Do you agree?”

Minwu nodded and knelt. “I do. The time to break the seal binding the Ultima Tome is upon us!”

Firion… I would have to do to Deist, home of the dragoons. I was told that all of the dragoons were slain in an attack by the empire. Yet I refuse to believe there could be no survivors in so noble of a group. If we are to stand against the might of the empire, I am convinced we will need the dragoons and their wyverns.”

Firion knelt.

King of Fynn: “If you combine your efforts… the day of our victory will come. This I ask… of each of you!

Take care… of… Hilda…”

His body fell still.

Soldiers: “Your Majesty!”

His body vanished.

Gordon: “We should save our tears for another time. We must carry out the king’s last wishes. We each have our duties… Let them not go unfulfilled!”

Gordon left the party and directed us to go to Deist by way of Paloom. There, we were lucky enough to meet a female captain who agreed to take us to Deist. Maria thought that it was too convenient, but we soldiered on anyway.

Surprise, surprise: the captain was a pirate named Leila. She sicced her crew on us, but we beat them easily. Leila said that we could do with her what we pleased, but we didn’t kill her. Instead, we got her help against the empire.

Leila has a cool outfit.


I think that I like this game because it’s simple.

Mysidian Misadventure

We took a detour to Mysidia and got some great new spells and gear. Flame Lances are AWESOME.

My least favorite thing about this and other old-school RPGs like Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom is navigation. You’ll never realize how much you miss access to world maps until you don’t have it.