Final Fantasy II Part Four


May 13, 2015: Dude, Where’s Our Boat?

We had to find our boat again. Before we returned to Altair, we took a detour to Mysidia and bought some great new weapons.

Hilda and Gordon set up a Rebel Camp outside of Fynn Castle to retake it.

I parked our boat on the northern part of the Fynn continent, northwest of the camp.

May 14, 2015: Gordon: “You’re to be the heart of our attack. While we hold the bulk of the imperial forces at bay, you’ll slip in and kill the castellan.”

Firion nodded.

Our trio knelt before Hilda, who was happy to see them. “I owe you my life. It would appear you also deserve credit for destroying the Dreadnought. I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

Leila went ahead into Castle Fynn and rejoined us there.

This game had awesome pirate women before Final Fantasy V did.

The castellan was a monster. Gasp, shock. His name: Gottos. “Rebels… here!? Where are my soldiers? No, it can’t be… It was all a trick!”


He roared and attacked us.

This boss theme is pretty cool. Not that I got to enjoy it very much, since Gottos was such an easy boss. Is this easy mode?

Hilda: “It’s so good to finally be back. This would’ve never have been possible had we not worked together. I thank you all.

But one thing still troubles me. Minwu left for Mysidia, but we’ve not heard from him since. It pains me to ask this of you so soon after winning back our castle… Would you go to Mysidia?

Mysidia is a land of mages. Without the aid of their magic, defeating the emperor will not be easy. I’ve heard that a spell, sometimes referred to as the ultimate magic, lies in the Mysidian Tower. Obtaining it requires two Masks.

The White Mask rests beneath this very castle. You must speak an incantation to open the door that leads below. The words Ekmet Teloess have been passed down from antiquity.

Forgive me. I’m afraid I don’t know the door’s location.”

Gordon: “The Mysidian Tower is rumored house the Ultima Tome, a text containing the ultimate magic.”

There was a large mirror in Castle Fynn. We used the Pendant on it and the wyvern egg appeared in the mirror’s reflection.

Everyone moved back into Fynn, including Paul. We asked him about Ekmet Teloess, and he revealed the location of the secret door.

We went through the basement of Castle Fynn and got the White Mask.

We had to play Dude, Where’s My Boat? again to get back to Mysidia. There, we used the White Mask on a statue in an underground chamber. Now, we need the Black Mask to get into the Tower.

The Black Mask was hidden in a cave on the Tropical Island southeast of Mysidia. Boy, was it hard, to find, but it stands out on the sea as a lone island with some mountains and one cave on it.

At least the cave looks distinctive.

The item Death Idol sounds cool, but all it does is cause enemies Fear status.

Four Big Horns guarded the Black Mask. They, like everything else lately, were pretty easy to beat.

Then, we had to go to the Mysidian Cave to get the Crystal Rod.

May 15, 2015: Cave Stories

Next, the Cave of Mysidia, a winding maze, in search of the Crystal Rod. And oh, look, there’s Firion WHAT THE HECK?!

The doppelganger is motionless. The purity of Firion’s heart is stifling the defiled heart of the creature.

You place the Black Mask on the doppelganger. The mask and the creature vanish.”

If Parasites attack you, they’ll steal some of your MP.

There are too many pointless and empty rooms in dungeons in this game.

Malboros are in this game, though they haven’t yet developed Bad Breath, thankfully. But if they attack you, you may get paralyzed.

After we left the Cave of Mysidia, there were some new monsters on the overworld, like impish Imps and… Vampire Girls?

We tried to sail to the island with Mysidia Tower, but we got sucked into a whirlpool in a pretty cool cutscene.

We woke up inside of a monster called Leviathan, and Leila went missing…




Can you imagine what that must smell like?



There were other poor and unfortunate souls inside of Leviathan, because some old man had a Crystal Rod, and Leviathan swallowed anyone who had one.



What specific tastes.



It protected the Tower. Those little mage jerks back in Mysidia could’ve TOLD us that! Trolls.

Thankfully, someone in there had the cajones to try and leave: a dragoon named Kain Ricard. He wasn’t in Deist when his fellow dragoons were attacked.

We had to kill the Roundworm inside of the Leviathan, which actually did some damage to us. Then, we took a ship to flee and apparently said “screw you” to everyone else trapped in there, just like with the similar Tanzer in SaGa Frontier.

Mysidia Tower has some good items and tough fights, but it goes on forevvverrr. It may be the “scrappy level”.



As in, Scrappy-Doo, a notoriously disliked character.



We eventually found Minwu, who couldn’t break the seal on the Ultima Tome. He focused all of his power and broke the seal, but got blown away.

Minwu: “Go… through the door. You must… take Ultima. Do not grieve… This… this was my destiny…”

Firion: “Minwu!”

What a sad destiny.

There were five orbs in the next room The four blue ones gave you stat boosts. The one in the middle gave you Ultima. “I bestow upon thee the ultimate magic.”

Thankfully, a warp square appeared after we took the Ultima Tome.

Yoshhitaka Amano is a master artist, but some of his art in the game’s art gallery is a bit… strange. I can’t tell what this one illustration, “Battling Demons”, is supposed to be. I think it shows Leon getting knocked back by some giant, armored warrior, but the background is very abstract. It looks like they’re fighting on Kefka’s pants.



I dislike how Amano designs his costumes with random, splotchy patterns sometimes.



I ❤ video game art, but those import artbooks are expensive…

FFII crossed off yet another trope: the “escape from the insides of giant beast” episodes. FFII did it long before, say, Breath of Fire II, SF, Tales of Graces, Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, Splatterhouse, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Final Fantasy VI, Grandia II, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Legaia, Romancing SaGa, Treasure of the Rudra, Xenosaga, Project X Zone (borrowing a level from Darkstalkers 3), and Shin Megami Tensei if…



I know too much about video games. >.>



I still want to play if… because it’s supposed to be the predecessor to Persona. It also has first-person dungeons a la SMT I, II, and Strange Journey.



I think that Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne has an unlockable first-person mode.