Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Part Three: The Magician

November 21, 2010: June 11, 2009 – Big day. Mitsuru gathered everyone for a talk. Chairman Ikutsuki said that all three of Fuuka’s bullies have returned to normal.

Fuuka: “What a relief.”

Fuuka agreed to join the team. After Yukari told her that she would have to live at the dorm, she said, “That’s fine. I’d rather live here than at home anyway…”

During the Dark Hour, the Mysterious Boy asked to be Kasumi’s friend. She said that they can be friends if he revealed his name to her. He said it was Pharos.


Thus, Kasumi established the Death Social Link with the Mysterious Boy. The music was rather ominous when the game revealed that.

June 13, 2009 – Mitsuru is now able to join the front lines. Fuuka has taken her old position.

Mitsuru: “Even though I’m a bit out of practice, I will soon return to my prior form.”

Mitsuru Kirijo

From the moment I started the game, I was disappointed that I could not have Mitsuru in the party. She uses a rapier to attack and her Persona’s arcana is Empress, of course.

Personae Acquired: Valkyrie, Zouchouten

The Death reveal was rather scary. What does this odd boy have to do with Death?

My friendships are in ruts. I iz sad. 😦

Sometimes, your Social Links will not level up even when your friends and associates are available to go out.

I don’t know what to do with them.

November 22, 2010: I fused Omoikane and Alp together to make Jack Frost. Igor said that one day, it will make a “special piece of equipment”.

Jack Frost reminds me of the newly canceled cat-bunny thing Chowder. 😦

Personae Acquired: Inugami, Jack Frost

I read that Fuuka’s voice acting as a supporting party member sucked, and by god, it does.

Mitsuru’s lines were cheesy as an analyst, but at least she’s voiced by Lisa Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. 😉

November 23, 2010: On June 20, Mitsuru said that the chairman would visit us. When Kasumi arrived at the dorm, Fuuka and Yukari were playing with a big dog with white fur and red eyes. A passerby told us that the dog, whom Fuuka called Koromaru, belonged to a priest at the Naganaki shrine.

…Until he was run over by a car while walking Koromaru six months ago. “Ever since then,” explained the passerby, “that dog sits patiently by the site of the accident.”


Koromaru’s story was inspired by Hachikō, a loyal Japanese dog. Every day, he waited at the train station for his owner, a professor named Hidesaburō Ueno, to come home from work. In May, 1925, Ueno suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage that claimed his life. Hachikō continued to wait every day for Ueno to return. Commuters would sometimes give Hachikō treats and food.

On March 8, 1935, Hachikō was found dead on the streets of Shibuya. It wasn’t until March 2011 that scientists determined the cause of his death: cancer and a filaria infection. He was cremated and buried in the Aoyama Cemetery in Minato, Tokyo, next to his master.

A bronze statue of Hachikō was commemorated and a ceremony is held every year on the date of his death at Tokyo’s Shibuya railroad station. The statue was featured in The World Ends with You.

Hachikō’s also story inspired an homage in an episode of Futurama.

Ueno and Hachikō’s story is a testament to the loyalty between human and pet.

Persona Acquired: Tam Lin

November 27, 2010: Personae Acquired: Archangel, Berith

During the Dark Hour on June 22, these three weirdos assassinated a young man in the back alleys around the Port Station. I think it’s directly connected to this revenge website making the rounds.

The trio consisted of a Jesus lookalike with pale skin and light-colored hair; a goth-loli girl; and a cold young man in glasses.

June 23. Evening. Akihiko tries to convince Shinjiro to rejoin S.E.E.S., but “My power ain’t worth shit.”

Akihiko told him to let go of the past, and he countered with the same and left Hagakure Ramen.

Something bad happened in the past and Shinjiro and Akihiko aren’t right about it yet.

December 9, 2010: Personae Acquired: Principality, Pyro Jack

February 28, 2011: School’s been out for a while. Out of sheer boredom, I returned to the game and waltzed all over the “Intrepid Knight”. Then, we descended a few floors in Tartarus and rescued a woman trapped there. Unfortunately, Akihiko-senpai and Yukari got injured, so we returned to the entrance.

With those two out of commission, I don’t know how I’ll wrap up these tasks that have a deadline of 7/5. 😦

I plan on taking that guy from the Velvet Room out on another “date” before 7/5, though.

It seems that my Persona life can become as badly mismanaged as my real life.

Personae Acquired: Unicorn

With Fuuka’s Social Link, it receives extra experience, too.

Akihiko’s shyyy. ~

Theo blushes! Eeee~

Personae Acquired Today: Ares, Fortuna, Legion, Oberon


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