Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Part Six

March 8, 2011: The Mysterious Girl is Aigis, an anti-Shadow weapon, the last of her kind from 10 years ago. Ikutsuki arrived to explain everything but why Aigis is so attached to Kasumi.

Aigis can operate the Persona Palladion.

Aigis and Palladion

7/22. Daytime. We had fun playing on the beach. Aigis attacked Junpei. “That’s not what ‘water gun’ means!”

Junpei is down!” said Fuuka, laughing.

Now’s our chance for an All-Out Attack!” added Yukari, before Kasumi joined in.

I attacked Junpei? Eek.

I unlocked a strange feature where an ally will take a mortal blow for Kasumi.

7/23. Evening. Shinjiro purchased pills from the shadowy trio. They asked for details on S.E.E.S.’ activities in return. He told them they were planning on eliminating the Dark Hour. For some reason, the Pale Young Man referred to Tartarus as the “Tower of Demise”, and was confused as to why we’d want to destroy it.

7/24. Morning. “You’ve awakened safely. Mission complete.”

Aigis awoke Kasumi up five minutes early. Yukari reluctantly gave the anti-Shadow weapon a spare room on the third floor.

7/24. Lunchtime. EXAM RESULTS! Kasumi placed in the top ten. WHEW.

March 10, 2011: Some fun stuff happened. Kasumi had to train with the Tennis Club for a big thing on 8/1. She also met French foreign exchange student “Bebe” at the Bookworm store owned by the elderly couple that belongs to the Chariot Social Link. Bebe hung out at the Home Economics club at our school, Gekkoukan High.

Less fun: Shinjiro getting more pills from the frustratingly plot-stalling mystery trio.


7/29, the Dark Hour. A Shadow appeared in the city, only to be defeated by Koromaru. Akihiko went off to defeat the Shadow, but Koro-chan beat him to it. Aigis understood what the dog said, that he wanted to protect this “place of peace”, the shrine. In the end, Mitsuru arranged for a vet to see Koro-chan, and the game moved on to the next day.

7/30. Evening. Idly talking to Fuuka, Kasumi learned that Koro-chan was fine. Fuuka believed that the priest whose grave Koro-chan was protecting helped him in turn. Awww.

7/30. The Dark Hour. Pharos appeared again. His talk with Kasumi was uneventful.

I finally took Aigis into Tartarus. On the field, her running animation is funny. She runs full-bore, head first, arms out, like a character drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Or a ninja on… sigh… Naruto.

8/6. The Dark Hour. The newest Full Moon battle. We head off to the Shadow’s location, an underground military bunker on Tatsumi Port Island. But when we got to the entrance, the plot-stalling trio stopped us. They don’t want Tartarus and the Dark Hour to vanish, for their power would vanish as well.

Like other psychologically weak villains, they tried to pull the “We’re Not So Different After All” card. I’ll admit that I enjoy fighting Shadows. The others, especially Fuuka, less so.

Takaya and Jin locked us inside of the bunker, so we moved on to our original mission. Kasumi took Junpei, Akihiko, and Aigis deeper into the bunker with her.

The Shadow looks like a tank with really high treads and a knight’s winger helmet poking out of the… port. Fuuka sensed two entities at once – Justice and Chariot – but didn’t understand why. She must have sensed the tank itself and its driver.

You had better bring lots of Dis-Poison antidotes, because these Shadows spam the Poison Mist attack. Eventually, the tank and turret separate from each other and coordinate attacks. Of course, they can also combine again whenever they want to. They possess no outstanding weaknesses, but are strong against light and darkness.

Your reward for winning? Over 4K EXP.

This Full Moon cycle seemed to happen sooner than the others because like half of it was concerned with story events.

Mitsuru reported to Ikutsuki about our encounter with “Strega” and how we needed extraction. He promised to send someone over and seemed concerned about the presence of other Persona users… or interested?

Kasumi helped a kitty cat regain his strength by feeding him, as per Theo’s request. Upon completing the request, Theo said, “I find some similarities between you and cats… That is why I cannot bear to see cats go neglected.”

Since it’s summer break, I can’t return to school to see Bebe. Sigh.

8/7. The Dark Hour. Pharos appeared again to tell Kasumi something he’d remembered. “The end won’t be brought about by anyone in particular… It’s coming because there are many people who wish for it… as if it was destined from the start. But, doesn’t that seem like a strange thing to wish for?”

I can see why some might.”

I see… Well, I suppose some people would choose death over suffering. Otherwise, one might end up hating everything in this world…

Well, enough about that for now. There’s something else I wanted to tell you today… Soon, the poisonous flowers will bloom… One, in your own garden, and three in the garden opposite yours.”

Kasumi’s friends… and Strega?

I don’t know whether or not this has anything to do with the end, but you should be careful,” warned Pharos.

Thanks for the warning.”

Pharos chuckled. “I’m happy to hear that from you. I’ll come again if I find out anything useful. That’s what friends are for, right?” Right…

>Pharos gives you a carefree smile…

>You felt a bond with Pharos…

>The Mysterious Boy Social Link reached Level 5.”

Well then… Good night. My dearest…”

>Pharos disappeared…”

He seemed to care for Kasumi… or would that be “avow”?

I forgot to rescue some people from Tartarus. That’s going to bite us later.

8/8. Evening. Mitsuru brought Koromaru to the dorm and gave him an Evoker in the form of a collar! How cute!

Koromaru joined us! Who’s a good dog? You are!