Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Part 10

March 24, 2011: Natsuki dropped a bombshell on the class and Fuuka by announcing her transfer to another school. At lunch, they talked it over. Natsuki had to because her father was unwell.

After leaving, Natsuki sent Fuuka a text: “Even if we’re apart, we’ll still be connected.”

It was then that Fuuka realized the true power of her Persona, turning Lucia into Juno.

Then Junpei, Yukari, and Aigis came to see what Fuuka was up to. They found her declaration of doing whatever she could with the power she had puzzling.

Yukari’s acting weird and distant again.

In other news, Junpei told Kasumi that somebody was distributing pictures of her in her gym clothes around school; Rio asked Kenji how he felt about her; and with Koromaru and Kurosawa’s help, we returned a little lost puppy to its owner! AWWW

Personae Acquired Today: Decarabia, Haruman, Kurawa Tengu, Rangda

I tried to fight Death. I think that successfully defeating it is a few more levels ahead.

March 26, 2011: 11/3. The Dark Hour. Fuuka used Juno to find the Shadow and two Persona users at Moonlight Bridge. Kasumi took Ken, Koromaru, and Mitsuru with her to the Bridge.

Takaya was there with Jin. He tried to play the “We’re Not So Different After All” Card, but was displeased by Kasumi’s answer as whether or not she wanted to preserve the Dark Hour.

Predicably, Takaya and Jin don’t have any weaknesses. Both of them are strong against fire, dark, and light attacks. Takaya used wind and electricity skills and Jin used fire and darkness skills. He also had buff spells.

At one point, Takaya said, “Ugh… So, this is the power of those whose Persona awakened naturally…” WHAT?

Jin is even weaker than Takaya, so you may as well treat him like a support node on a boss in a Final Fantasy game and get rid of him first.

This battle is a good example of how idiotic this game’s AI can be. Koromaru is invulnerable to fire and darkness, while Ken is weak to darkness and Mitsuru is weak to fire. Guess who Jin was targeting the most during the fight.

Jin explained that “for us, it has to be forced out.” He began to say that something will happen to Persona users when the Dark Hour vanishes, but Takaya silenced him. Takaya tried to use his Evoker but Jin grabbed him and jumped over the railing into the blood-red sea. He told us to do what we came here to do.

The 12th Shadow resembled a puppet on strings, if the puppet was a tortured, burly male shape strung up by hooks and its neck was on backwards.

It was out of attack range, but once we attacked the three statues below it, it started to fall down. The statues, with their spells, are almost more dangerous than the Hanged Man himself.

The Hanged Man also summons Mayas and can turn them into bombs.

His Akasha Arc skill took me out and he spams that attack when he gets weaker.

March 27, 2011: After a bit of training and accessory shuffling, we defeated Hanged Man. Kasumi shifted her role to healing and buffing, with Ken occasionally subbing in for her.

Everyone was happy. We started talking about having a sushi party and who would get what.

Then Mitsuru said it would be hard to let the Dark Hour go. Akihiko agreed.

We saved the world, even if no one knows it,” said Mitsuru.

11/4. Early Morning. “Good morning! This is the first time we’ve talked during the daytime,” said Pharos. “Nice weather, isn’t it? This is indeed a new day.

…For both of us. All the fragments of my memory… They’ve finally come together. I now know my role clearly. The time has come. As difficult as it may be, I must tell you something. I am afraid… this is goodbye.

I want you to know… For me, our friendship was a miracle. But, miracles don’t last forever…

…If only they did.”

I can’t see you anymore?” asked Kasumi.

I shall treasure our conversations, always. Even if today is the end, the bond between us can never be severed.

…Remember that.”

>Pharos is looking at you with teary eyes…

>You sense a strong bond with Pharos…”

The Death Social Link was maxed out. It said I could create Thanatos, the ultimate Persona of the Death arcana.

It was fun while it lasted,” said Pharos. “…Farewell.”

And like that, he was gone.

>Will you ever see him again?…”

At school, Junpei asked if Kasumi’s stomach was ready. He said that he hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday in preparation.

11/4. Evening. The sushi dinner was spread out on the table in the lounge. Ikutsuki and Aigis weren’t there because he took her into the lab for a tuneup or something.

Mitsuru’s dad, Takeharu, arrived to thank us and announce the dissolution of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad at midnight. It seemed like the guys took it a little hard.

Minutes before midnight, Junpei took a group picture of us. Unfortunately, Junpei lost his hat just as the camera took the picture, and it’s all that we were looking at. Omigod, his hair is shaved really close to his scalp.

Inevitably, midnight came, bringing the Dark Hour with it. The two guards that Takeharu brought with him transformed, and a bell rang…

Takeharu asked where Ikutsuki was, so we went into Tartarus to look…

Ikutsuki and Aigis stood at the entrance to Tartarus. Aigis’ eyes were devoid of what life they did have.

Ikutsuki said that defeating the 12 Shadows wasn’t to get rid of the Dark Hour, but part of a plot to usher in The Fall. He said that that was Takeharu’s father’s plan all along.

People have filled the world, yet turned it into a void!” said Ikutsuki. “The only hope of salvation lies in ruin!

According to the prophecy, The Fall will be orchestrated by ‘The Prince’… And once the Prince has delivered us all, he shall rule the world as King! The man who tried it 10 years ago failed. But I will not: I shall succeed!”

He said it was “for our sake”, and apologized for deceiving us. He warped the message of the farewell tape that Yukari’s father left behind, despite Ikutsuki’s respect for him as a scientist.

Ikutsuki sicced Aigis on us, Tartarus grew, and we woke up inside chained to crosses. Takeharu was restrained by Aigis. Ikutsuki order her to eliminate Takeharu, but she hesitated. So Ikutsuki did it himself.

Father!!” cried Mitsuru.

Takeharu shot Ikutsuki in the gut before he fell over. Ikutsuki still ordered Aigis to eliminate the sacrifices, but she looked up at Kasumi.

Kasumi…san… Kasumi-san…


Finish them, Aigis!” ordered Ikutsuki.


>Aigis shot away your restraints with her machine guns…”

We cornered Ikstuki at the edge of the observatory. He said something about ruling over the new world before falling over the edge, never to be seen again.

Mitsuru shook her father’s body. There was no response.

…One time, my father made a promise. He swore that he would atone for endangering our generation, even if it cost him his life… But, I… I wanted him to live… I… I became a Persona-user to protect him…”

She laughed at cried at the same time.

>Everyone was at a loss for words…

>Mitsuru slumped to the floor, crying like a child…

>Soon, the Dark Hour will end…

>Akihiko picked up the stunned Mitsuru…

>Everyone returned to the dormitory in silence…”

The next day, Takeharu’s death was blamed on an illness.

11/5. Evening. Akihiko gathered everyone but Aigis and Mitsuru for a meeting. He said that Mitsuru may be bust for a week.

We decided that we would take our time and return to Tartarus to train.

Fuuka scraped together a video off of Ikutsuki’s hard drive onto a DVD and presented it to Yukari. It was her father, Eiichiro’s true message: to not hunt down the 12 Shadows. He said that they were trying to eat each other and that if they were reunited, the world would be doomed.

I know I promised I’d be home soon… But I want you to know… Daddy was the happiest man on Earth when he was with you.”


I love you, Yukari. Please, take care of yourself…”

A huge explosion occurred, followed by the tinkling of broken glass.

Dad!? Daddy…!”

She cried alone in her room…

I know one thing for sure now… I was right to believe in him…”

Yukari stopped crying. “Are you listening, Dad?… I’m doing okay. It took awhile, but I finally got your message.”

Yukari’s Persona, Io, transformed into Isis.

I’ll fight for what I believe in. That’s what you would have wanted… right, Dad?”

Junpei said he’d never trust another adult again.

11/6. After School. Junpei visited Chidori. He said that he was glad she stopped hurting herself, especially because she has beautiful hands. Then, she asked him to stop visiting her with no explanation besides, “It hurts inside… I can’t breathe.”

I finally unlocked The Tower Social Link with the Unusual Monk. But before that, I talked to a scruffy guy at the bar that cheated on his possibly pregnant girlfriend. Could her name be… Catherine?

11/9. Morning. A new transfer student, Ryoji, arrived in our class. He wore a dweeby scarf.


Aigis said to him, “You-are-dangerous.”

Dangerous? I haven’t even asked you out on a date yet…”

A date?”

After school, Junpei introduced Kasumi to Ryoji. He had deja vu and asked if they had met before.

This simple – yet odd – introduction established the Fortune S. Link.

Then Aigis appeared to protect Kasumi from the boy that gave her “bad feelings”. Ryoji left the classroom without incident.

He has slicked-back hair, big blue eyes, and a mole under his left eye, like a teen version of… Pharos.

HUH?! I unlocked Hexagon Persona fusions?! You unlock Thanatos by combining six Personae of the Death arcana.

The fifth block of Tartarus looks totally trippy, man… Rainbows, eyes, and dice… Way less dull than the gaudy golds of the fourth block, Tziah.