Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Part 15: The Empress

September 5, 2011: 1/9. The Dark Hour. We reach the highest level of Tartarus and max out he Nyx Annihilation Team Social Link. Now, we can fuse Messiah.

September 9, 2011: Persona Acquired Today: Mother Harlot

The new Persona well has kind of dried up. 😦

September 10, 2011: It seems that Strega has achieved media attention by founding the Nyx cult.

Persona Acquired Today: Chernobog

September 12, 2011: Persona Acquired Today: Hell Biker

September 16, 2011: Something utterly remarkable happened when Chernobog learned all of its skills: it produced a rare accessory called Black God’s Rock. It nullifies Slash damage. Sounds like an item out of Chrono Trigger.

Persona Acquired Today: Thor

Remarkably, it happened again: Thor gave me Lightning Gloves!

Thor can also learn Elec Amp, which greatly increases your weapon and elec damage.

September 17, 2011: Persona Acquired Today: Scathach

September 19, 2011: Personae Acquired Today: Ose, Samael, Titania

Getting kind of bored with the grind now. I wish that Nyx would hurry up.

September 20, 2011: Persona Acquired Today: Mot

September 21, 2011: Personae Acquired Today: Kaiwan, Vetata, Hecatoncheires, Loa, Succubus, Abbadon, Vasuki, Nandi, Empusa, Genbu

September 25, 2011: Personae Acquired Today: Bishamonten, Michael

1/21. After School. Junpei took Kasumi to Hagakure Ramen not just to eat, but to give her his old house keys. He was very happy to learn that he was going to live at the dorm instead. But suddenly, he decided that he was going to go back home, and entrusted Kasumi with his keys.

We maxed out Junpei’s S. Link and are now able to fuse β€œSurt, the Inferno God”!

Junpei thanked Kasumi and the others, because if it wasn’t for them, he may have done something else with his Persona power. Then, he blushed.

Personae Acquired Today: Nidhoggr

1/29. After school, Aigis invites Kasumi to her room. It has a capsule, boxes of ammo, and a closet full of clothes.

She told Kasumi that she would always be by her side.

β€œYou will… remain in my heart.”

Aigis gave Kasumi a Charred Screw. It was one of the parts that had to be replaced after she collapsed at the Moonlight Bridge.

β€œIt’s… a part of me.

My connection to you is my reason for living.”

I maxed out the Aeon S. Link and unlocked Metatron, β€œattendant to the infinite”.

Then, Aigis asked Kasumi to touch the Papillon Heart at the base of her neck. That was where her psyche was stored.

β€œIf exposed to your skin oils and cells, your genetic information will most likely be burnt into it. Even so… I want you to do this. I want to leave indelible proof in this body of the understanding that you and I have reached… Not as a memory that can be erased, but as something permanent… Something irrevocable.”

β€œ>Aigis is gazing at you intently…”

Nod intently

>>Hold her hand gently


She smiled.

β€œI’m so happy…

Well then…”

β€œ>Aigis slowly lied down on the floor…”

β€œOh, umm… Since you’ll be coming into direct contact with my heart, I… I apologize in advance if I say something odd, or make unusual noises… As a precaution, I will cut off motor functions to my arms and legs.”

β€œ>Aigis seems embarrassed…”

β€œWell then, umm…

Will you… untie my ribbon?”

β€œ>You spent a long time with Aigis.”

I never thought that the ribbon had a purpose, except as an accessory.

Personae Acquired Today: Take-Mizakuchi, Trumpeter, Saturnus, Kurama Tengu, Dionysus

Turns out that Abaddon is totally awesome at fusing weapons.

September 26, 2011: Persona Acquired Today: Skadi

I totally forgot about the Old Couple S. Link. I maxed it out on the final day and unlocked Kohryu, Guardian of Nature.

1/31. Evening. The Nyx Annihilation Team gathered for the final time.

Yukari reminded everyone that, if Nyx died, that may mean Ryoji’s death as well, taking all of our memories of the Dark Hour with him. But no one was sure, so they decided that, after the battle, they would meet at the school’s roof on Graduation Day.

Kasumi took Aigis, Akihiko, and Yukari with her to confront Nyx…

Fuuka sensed Strega’s presence on the 258th floor.

Turned out that Strega was created by Ikutsuki. He still hurt us, even after death.

Strega was determined to bring about The Fall, because they would not be alive much longer anyway.

For all of his talk, Jin is like all of the other enemies in the game: dumb as a particularly stupid rock.

Jin said that Strega was created when kids were yanked off of the streets by Mitsuru’s grandfather to be given Personae and explore Tartarus.

Only three of the 100 subjects survived.

Takaya told Jin to not let the past control him, and they were best friends ever since.

Shadows gathered around us, so we left Jin there. He committed suicide with a grenade.

Takaya was on the 262nd floor. He was a bit stronger than Jin with his Mind Blast and Almighty spells, but is still prone to stupid actions.

After the battle, Takaya asked us to kill him. But killing him would not prove him wrong, now will it?

Floor 263. The roof of Tartarus. The Moon looked huge.

Nyx descended. Fuuka sensed its presence without Juno’s help. Nyx was that powerful.


Nyx merged with Ryoji. He was no more. Yet, his voice could be heard droning under Nyx’s.


β€œGet ready, everyone!” said Fuuka. β€œNyx… she’s coming! I’m also sending multiple Shadows approaching from the lower floors!”

Mitsuru ordered the secondary team to intercept the Shadows.

β€œThis is the final battle… Failure is not an option!”

Nyx’s first form is ridiculously easy. But she has a trick up her sleeve: shifting Arcanas. That allowed her to shift resistances.

The final boss battle music is a remix of the Velvet room theme. Cool.

Basically, she will be immune to whatever element she’s attacking with.

She went through the entire arcana, and her stats/abilities represent them. Oh, and she gets two attacks per turn. Also, critical hits don’t mean jack against her.

Suddenly, after defeating Nyx’s Death arcana, the Moon opened up…

Apathy Syndrome victims recovered – and everyone became aware of the Dark Hour. They saw the Moon’s dreadful red eye descend upon Tartarus.

The β€œbelievers” were transformed.

Natsuki was there, at Tatsumi Port Island. She admitted to being β€œscared as hell”, but promised to be as calm as Fuuka was when she rescued her all those months ago.

A terrible pressure descended upon the tower, and everyone collapsed.

Aigis called Kasumi’s name.

Then, a checkerboard floor… and a door? We flew towards it.

We were in the Velvet Room…

β€œThere’s no need to worry,” assured Igor. β€œThis isn’t the afterlife… You’re still alive.”

But what about everyone else?

Igor reminded her that the strength of her Social Links would determine her potential. And now, even though their strength may be limited, they are reaching out.

He asked if Kasumi heard them. She said yes.

A mass of energy formed in Igor’s hands…

β€œSomething frightful’s going on… But we won’t give up,”, swore Bunkichi.

β€œThat’s right, dear… Kasumi-chan wouldn’t want us to lose hope…” said Mitsuko.

Rio: β€œKasumi… Things are going crazy right now, and I’m scared… but I’ll be all right. I can feel from here that you’re doing your best… You have to believe… that you’re not alone either…”

Maiko-chan: β€œEveryone else is scared, but not me… You showed me how to be tough! I won’t give up!”

Akinari: β€œI know I’m not the only one who’s suffered… You’ve endured a lot, too… But, you just can’t give up… You taught me that.”

β€œCan you hear them?” asked Igor. β€œThese are the voices of hope that wish to help you…”

The energy produced a card…

β€œI never dreamed of seeing that card with my own eyes…This is indeed a surprise…

Behold the last power you and I shall unveil…

It is the power to bring about a new beginning, or the ultimate end. It may be possible now, with this newfound power…

You may be able to defeat the one who cannot be defeated.

What you have in your hands is the power of the Universe… Nothing is outside the realm of possibility for you now.

It seems that, in addition to Death, fate has also dealt you the wild card.

…You must accept your destiny.

Our contract has been fulfilled… I have completed my role as well.

…You were truly a remarkable guest.” And you were a gracious host.

The elevator reached its destination, and the doors swung open. Kasumi saw everyone fighting against the crushing force of the Moon.

Kasumi arose, much to Yukari’s shock.

β€œ>Your body feels light…”

Akihiko called out to Kasumi as she faced the Moon. β€œWait… Are you going to go alone?!”

β€œDon’t… go!” pleaded Aigis.

β€œNo way… Why?!” said Yukari.

β€œDammit… Why the hell can’t we stand up?!” said Junpei.

β€œWait… please… We’ve been through too much together! I said, WAIT! Come back… you idiot!”

Kasumi floated into the eye. It was like a galaxy in there…

She saw a glowing egg surrounded by webs… and it was time to fight.

Burn my dread.

All Kasumi could do was attack with her naginata. In retaliation, the egg cast Death over and over again.

But her friends’ words reached inside of the abyss, and healed her…

The next time that Nyx attacked, Kasumi blocked Death.

β€œAll right… let’s do this.”


β€œ>A new power is yours…”

The Skill option opened up again.

Great Seal: 661 HP~ Unleashes the power within you to seal Nyx.

SEES woke up in a strange, starry place…

Fuuka could not sense Kasumi’s presence.

β€œDammit… Not again!” said Akihiko.

β€œHow could I be so powerless?…” asked Aigis. β€œThis is what I was trying to prevent!”

Yukari knew that Kasumi was out there. Aigis begged to hear her voice.

β€œWhat happened…?” asked Kasumi.

β€œDon’t worry… I will sleep once again. Normal days will return to this universe, for you… and for her.” It was Ryoji.

β€œShe’s found the answer to life’s greatest question… It just happened a bit sooner than it will for the rest of you.”

β€œLife’s greatest question…” repeated Aigis.

β€œAigis… You’ll find the answer one day as well. You, too, are a precious living thing… You just need to realize how the bonds of friendship have changed you.”

β€œThe bonds… of friendship…”

Ryoji swore that the Dark Hour would vanish, and that they found the miracle that they were looking for.

β€œWe shall meet again some day…”

Goodbye, Ryoji.

The others were returned to the entrance of Tartarus.

Bells chimed as the tower crumbled and disappeared into the sky.

The moon’s color returned to normal, as did the Gekkoukan High School building.

Aigis spotted Kasumi. They ran to her. Everyone sounded so relieved.

β€œFinally… the gang’s all here,” said Mitsuru. Koromaru barked happily.

Aigis’ eyes were introduced to tears. β€œUh-oh… They won’t stop… Th-this is most unusual…”

β€œ>The battle has ended. By an unexpected miracle, the world was saved from the Fall.

Peace was restored, and people resumed their busy lives.

No one remembered anything about the extraordinary turn of events.

And so, the season changed.”

3/3/2010. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, and they were beautiful.

Junpei wondered if anything interesting would do down in the senior year.

>>β€œI’m sure it will.

Probably not.

β€œI hope you’re right. But, seein’ the current seniors makes me wonder… Seems like all they do is frickin’ study. Talk about boring. Is that gonna be us next year?… Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?”

Aigis looked this way…

β€œDude, she’s pretty cute! How come I never noticed her before?”

Yukari popped up to say that Aigis lived in the same dorms as us.

Junpei said that Akihiko was moving out this year.

β€œYou know, the captain of the boxing team?” said Junpei.

Yukari asked Aigis if she was looking at us. She said no, and then she walked away. Junpei said that she seemed depressed, only to ask if she was into him. Yukari was doubtful.

Junpei asked Yukari if she remembered how they became friends, but she couldn’t say.

The school bells rung.

β€œ>The days go by peacefully without incident.”

…Huh, I can still play around in the classroom. I feel as if something’s missing, though…

Junpei had a strange moment where he remembered a girl that he liked, but it wasn’t me…

β€œAm I… forgetting something really important…!?” said Junpei. β€œSomething I should never forget?”

He decided not to get ramen with me.

Rio wanted to go pro. She said that she didn’t have any fun with tennis until I joined the club.

Fuuka wanted to start a tech club, but had to get grumpy Mr. Ekoda’s permission first. He told her that she needed five members to start. She asked me to join, and I said yes.

She started the club because she was happy making headphones for me, and she wanted to share that.

She couldn’t recall why she was referring to making β€œeveryone” happy, though…

After school, I wandered into the back alley at Paulownia Mall, but there wasn’t anything there.

3/5. Graduation Day. Early Morning. I let Aigis in to talk. She said that she remembered everything. I told her I was glad that she did, and she smiled.

She asked if I remembered our promise, and we went to the ceremony together.

Mitsuru delivered a speech, but when she got to the part about her father’s sudden death, she knew it was wrong somehow.

This unlocked everyone’s memory of the promise they made. She jumped from the stage to meet with the others on the roof.

We beat them to it. The wind was wonderful and soothing.

Aigis said, β€œI want to be your strength” in a long talk about what she learned after our ordeal. β€œMy life will be worth living if it’s for this reason…”

Emotion crept into her voice. β€œThank you…”

β€œIt’ll be okay.”

β€œYou’re right.” She sniffled. β€œWhat’m I doing? I understand now, so I should be happy…”

Junpei and the others arrived.

β€œ…I realize now that I have friends as well,” said Aigis. β€œYou don’t have to save the world to find meaning in life… Sometimes, all you need is something simple, like someone to take care of.

I’ll keep on living no matter what, so I can protect you…”

β€œ>Aigis is smiling gently.

The gentle spring sunlight warms your body.

The cheering you hear from afar, the slightly chill wind…

This is the world you and your friends protected…

You feel a little sleepy…”

β€œThank you… for everything… You are tired, aren’t you?

You can close your eyes. I’ll always remain here by your side.”

β€œ>The bright sunlight and Aigis’ voice softly overlap…

You’re getting sleepier…

Your eyelids feel heavy…”

Close your eyes


The screen fades to white.

Don’t worry… I’ll always protect you.