Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Three

October 15, 2011: I discovered a new Fusion Spell: Heavy Rain!

Fusion Spells were more powerful attacks that could be revealed when you cue up the correct spells/skills.

The animation for that spell is so cute. Pew pew!

In the park, I found a special Material Card!

Material Cards could be used to make certain special Personas.

Quote the demon Kiyohime: “They say that marriage is the graveyard of life, after all.” What is this, Catherine?

Please god no

Random stat increases? Cool!

Making Pacts blows. The slightest mistake, and they’re kaput.

Being able to level up Tatsuya is cool. The others’ stat growth is fixed, though.

So far, Maya is geared more towards spellcasting. Yukino and Michel’s magic is poor, but their Strength is high. Yukki’s HP is through the roof. Ginko just seems to be in the middle.

October 16, 2011: A flower sucked up all of my Skill Points. I am sad.

Pacts also suck because you can only have three at a time.

Judgment demons are so sanctimonious.

Learned a new Fusion Spell: Boulder Smash!

Concert Hall

Zio can suck it!

Zio is the family of electrical spells in SMT games. I take it there was an enemy sassing me with Zio at the time.

Backstage, Lisa flips out on Muses. Ginji Sasaki planned a chorus in English for her, but she’s unhappy because she can’t speak English.

Sasaki and Muses suggest that she tell Joker about her dream, but she “lost it”.

Lisa bemoaned that being able to speak English was expected of her as a Caucasian, but her father never taught her any English.

Unfortunately, the team has to live up to their cover of working backstage, and the boys are separated from the girls. Tatsuya and Eikichi decide to rescue Lisa.

They find a masked man using a golden skull to steal energy from Muses and other girls in the dressing room. It’s Sasaki, or Prince Taurus. He tells Lisa to call Joker, but she decides against it. Eikichi and Tatsuya join her to battle Prince Taurus.

Ah, now THIS is the classic and brutal Persona boss that I’ve been missing. He uses a dual darkness/earth spell and causes Dizzy and Charmed status ailments constantly. More lamely, he has a giant revolver, wears a long coat, and says things like “Too slow!” Who do you think you are, Wesker?

Maya and Yukki arrive just as the battle ends.

King Leo arrives to lament the “Cursed Star”’s victory over Prince Taurus. But Taurus swears that the Earth crystal skull will be complete and something about the end of “Nahulib-Olin”. He absorbs what remains of Lisa’s friends’ dream energy, turning them into Shadow People, and vanishes.

Leo taunts us with bombs set around the park and vanishes as well. Lisa is crushed, and Maya tries to console her.

I… I never believed in my friends,” said Lisa. “But Sheba and Mee-ho believed in me… I…I…!”

October 22, 2011: Let’s Visit Double Slash

Elly! She helps us divine a path to Hirasaka-cho.

We went to Smile Hirasaka.

October 29, 2011: Let’s Defeat Ixquic and Belphegor


Ixquic was a 13-year-old girl who fought on behalf of the Masked Circle. Yeah, it’s pretty absurd.

The background for this fight is a little weird. It’s toilets. I know we’re in the ladies’ room, but still…

Much as I’m loathe to say it, Belphegor is easier to beat than Ixy, seeing’s how he’s weak to all magic.

Our next clue is “Golden One” in Yumezaki-cho.

Mr. Tomi freaks me out.

Some Personas can’t be taught spells of opposite elements with skill cards, no way, no how. Was it the same in Persona 3 Portable?


It’s cool to meet Ulala in the GOLD gym. Meeting characters from Eternal Punishment in this game is like reverse deja vu.

I’ve been using Kinnara for a while as a Persona, and after a random battle, it said that, “Persona can change form”! What?!

We met a servant of the “Queen” that was really just Ulala’s skeevy boyfriend. She chases him out of GOLD and we read Leo’s next “riddle”: “I’ll be waiting in the Aerospace Museum in Kounan.”

Upon returning to the Velvet Room, Igor explains that Personas that participate in Fusion Spells can mutate into other Personas!

I was able to mutate Kinnara into Iris.

November 7, 2011: Let’s Save the Aerospace Museum Visitors

After helping Maya rescue Ixquic from the Catwalk Anteroom, we evacuated everyone on 3F and moved on to 4F. Yukino and Tatsuya worked together to pull a kid out of an elevator.

King Leo taunted us from afar again and sent demons after us.

Tatsuya wasn’t much of a talker, so he didn’t say anything to the kids in one of the Exhibit Rooms before they escaped.

…Did those kids just run off because your glare freaked them out?” asked Eikichi. “You shoulda said something nice to calm them down, heheh!”

Tatsuya should have, but we were pressed for time.

He’s pretty good at critical hits. High Luck!

Atop the roof, Ixquic and the kids were threatened by King Leo. His mask fell off. Half of his face was burnt. He blamed Maya and Tatsuya for it. That vision they had when they rescued Ixquic… Tatsuya was unconscious, and Maya was locked inside of the shrine… That was King Leo back then.

King Leo

He said that there were more transmitters then the ones we found. He blew up the SMILE Hirasaka and GOLD buildings.