Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Four

November 8, 2011: Let’s Defeat (?) King Leo

King Leo went on and on about how Nahui-Ollin and the Oracle of Maia had been forgotten. He said that Joker’s face is as beautiful as a goddess. Lisa seemed to suspect that Joker was “Big Sis”.

Long story short: We had to commandeer a blimp and defeat King Leo. He wasn’t even as tough as Ixquic.

We had to land the blimp in the water. Fortunately, we washed ashore.

Ixquic”, or Akari, apologized and thanked us for saving her life. Maya told her to promise to never throw away her life like she nearly did under “Master” Leo ever again, and to always hold on to her dreams. She expressed her dream to become a mangaka and said that she’d do a manga about us! Eikichi said he’d give her art tips.

Maya asked Lisa what she meant by “Is Joker Big Sis?”, but Lisa brushed her off.

Ulala called about the accusations that we were members of the Masked Circle and orchestrating the bombings. It was all because of a rumor.

Eikichi said that we should split up to avoid suspicion until we got to the Kuzunoha Detective Agency. Lisa insisted on coming with Tatsuya.

At the detective agency, Ms. Ideal claimed that the Masked Circle was the Furher’s Last Batallion. They were looking for Xibalba, the ruins beneath Sumaru City. With the Crystal Skulls full of Ideal Energy, the human race will fulfill the prophecy of Maia and evolve into Idealians.

November 19, 2011: Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Pegasus Flight!

Is it a perplexing pegasus?

Lisa took the party to the Alaya Shrine. Tatsuya recognized it from his vision, but couldn’t remember what Lisa wanted him to.

Then, a golden butterfly appeared and took us to another dimension where Philemon, a man with a butterfly mask covering half of his face, resided. He told us to visit the reflecting pool in the secret cavern at Mt. Iwato.

Let’s Visit the Reflecting Pools at Mt. Iwato

Maya is acting strange…

At the first reflecting pool, a lost memory bubbled up to the surface. That day at the shrine… Tatsuya went there with Katsuya. The younger brother wore his Red Eagle mask. Katsuya separated from him, and other boy with the black mask chatted him up. Then, there came a shy, awkward, and stuttering boy with a yellow mask, and a masked girl…

It was Eikichi and Lisa! They all met that day.

The same day that they formed the Masked Circle.

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Stone Rise!

November 20, 2011: Even the possessed Maya disapproves of Trish, the greedy healing fairy.

Trish was also in the first Persona.

I knew something was up when Maya’s face started looking shadowy, and her eyes turned red.

November 21, 2011: Pyro Jack gave me Tarot cards because I’m using PJ as a “per-ho-na”, ho!

You know what sucks? Pits.

Iris has rainbow hair.

Now, whenever Maya is struck with a status ailment, her character portrait looks incredibly angry.

Some Personas take longer to level up than others.

Pyro Jack can change form, too.

This game has several interesting features that other RPG’s, even other MegaTen games, lack.

You can change the order of who goes first in battle. If you pick a character with low Agility like Eikichi, your entire party’s turn may come after the enemies’.

Eikichi is compatible with Personas that can use Mudo.

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Mega Blaze!

We tried to find the black mask, but it was missing. The kids hid their masks after…

The girl in the sailor suit taught the kids the Persona Game. Apparently, that’s the same game that Yukino and her friends played years ago.

One day, “Big Sis” told the kids that she was moving away after summer vacation. Lisa was very unhappy about that.

Big Sis didn’t want to go…

Lisa had the idea to lock up Big Sis in the shrine to keep her from leaving. Tatsuya was against it, so they put him in there with Big Sis. Lisa and Eikichi were truly remorseful about it.

Lisa believed that Big Sis lived and reemerged as Joker because Leo’s description matched Big Sis’…

Maya attacked us with a different Persona. She wasn’t the real Maya. Our Maya doesn’t say cruel and callous things like that, even about screwups like us.

The imposter handed Joker the red skull after he appeared. Maya called Joker Jun, our old friend, the one with the black mask…

The one who founded the Masked Circle.

Shadow Maya is strong against magic, so try using physical skills instead. She uses Aques/Aquedyne, the more devastating Diamond Dust, and the instant death-dealing Dark Dimension and Mahama. Luckily, Dark Dimension only hits one character at a time, unlike Mahama, but has a much higher success rate. For some reason, like most of these humanoid bosses, she likes to waste a turn with a weak ranged attack. When she’s taken enough damage, she kneels.

You get over 16K experience points for beating her.

Maya was Big Sis. She apologized for forgetting about her younger friends. Lisa said that her Persona was telling her that Maya was Big Sis all along. Lisa apologized, and hugged Maya.

The illusory Maya was born from false rumors. She pleaded with us to save Jun, and she thanked Tatsuya. She called him her hero before disappearing.

A golden butterfly spirited us away to Philemon’s realm. Eikichi and Maya’s Personas evolved.

Philemon told us that if we wanted to save Jun from “the Crawling Chaos who toys with man’s fate, go to Caracol…”

We were returned to the inside of the shrine. Tamaki from the Kuzunoha Detective Agency called Yukino in a panic. “Look at the sky!”

There were… Luftwaffe-style planes dropping mechs in the streets, and other military vehicles deployed!

Ms. Ideal commandeered Tamaki’s call to translate “Caracol” for us. It meant “snail” or “katatsumuri”. That was where the Last Batallion was headed to, to do something with the “Rings of Time”.

Pyro Jack can be mutated into Galahad, whose Arcana is Cup!

I don’t recall any of the other Personas having one of the Minor Arcana of that Tarot (Cup, Sword, Coin, and Wand) as its Arcana.

Why does Baal look like Meta Knight?

We decided to take the long route through Mt. Katatsumuri. To keep from getting lost in the forest, we need to go in the direction of the way that the “Guardian Deities of the Lost” face. The real Guardians have a poem listed on them:

Into the deep mountain forest

A Lost wanders

What opens day is sun’s light

What opens night is heaven’s stars

One by one, they show the way

These are the guides of the lost

These are the silent words of deep love

Beyond the wordless guardian deities

The distant forest shall open