Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Five

November 22, 2011: Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Maxi Tempest!

Where’s that Trish when you need her?

It takes more than clockwork Nazi bootlickers to keep us down!

I have not been keeping up with my party’s equipment. >.<

This game isn’t quite as tough as other MegaTen games.

I think that Eikichi’s agility is nerfed because his most fitting Arcanas can use Mudo/Mamudo.

November 24, 2011: Grinding for Yen

November 25, 2011: Still grinding for Rosa Candida’s overpriced stuff.

With all of the levels we’ve gained along the way, it may not even be necessary. But considering how tough Mt. Katatsumuri has been so far, I’m not taking any chances.

Now that I’m finished with that, I’m going to continue up Mt. Katatsumuri to its summit.

Killing a demon with reflected damage is cool!

I really resent this dungeon. “When Bad Dungeons Happen to Good Games”

Highest amount of damage done yet: 404

Check that: 448

NO, WAIT: 451

November 27, 2011: Oh, thank Philemon, we can just use the cable car to return to Caracol! Suck it, forest detour.

November 28, 2011: Let’s Help Maya Interview St. Hermelin’s Hot New Teacher

This is a scenario in Theater Mode, where a girl gives you extra missions.

Yukino isn’t in this scenario.

The combat in this scenario isn’t exciting, even though they said that the appropriate party level was thirty.

Ixtab is a shipper!

Highest Damage Done: 458

December 1, 2011: Let’s just have a nice, leisurely stroll through Caracol.

This area needs more enemy variety.

December 24, 2011: This dungeon is more boring than others because it reuses almost all of the same crappy enemies as other dungeons.

Bingo is my favorite casino game!

I forgot that there even was a casino in this game. I must not have played it very much.

December 25, 2011: Bingo is my favorite casino game, but really hard to win at. Blackjack and poker are easier, but the slots blow.

I just won at bingo. 1K tokens. >.>

Poker machine #4 seems to be my lucky number.

Raising in poker has its advantages.

Heh, Python ate four of his brothers. That left him with “only” thirty-six. He said they were tasty. Demon humor.

You know what’s fun? Warp tiles. Guess what our new favorite dungeon has. THANKFULLY, you don’t need to pass through them to progress.

December 26, 2011: Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Salamander! It does huge damage!

Yukino is impressively scary when she’s angry.

On B4F of Caracol, we rescued Anna from three Longinus mechs.

Longinus #8-10 have high HP and cause some annoying ailments, but aren’t impressive otherwise. Longinus #8 is weak to fire, and Longinus #9 is weak to earth, but Longinus #10 doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses. All of them are resistant to physical attacks.

After we defeated the Longinus, Shadow Yukino appeared to mock Yukino’s maturing as a person, and, by extension, her attempt to save Anna.

December 28, 2011: Shadow Yukino

Yukino and Anna stayed behind to battle the Shadow Yukino.

On B5F, we enter another Stellar Hall. Inside, it takes us back to that day when Tatsuya, Eikichi, and Lisa locked Maya inside of the shrine when they were younger. It showed the kids talking about killing Maya to keep her from moving away. Tatsuya used a Persona to set the shrine on fire.

Jun objected. A Shadow of his child self from that time appeared, blaming himself for Maya’s death that didn’t actually happen. The Shadow left a raspberry flower, symbolizing regret, before disappearing.

Why would Jun want to believe that Maya died and it was his fault?

December 29, 2011: Post Caracol

After freeing Jun from his Persona, Joker, Jun’s father appeared. He gave Jun the power to form the Masked Circle, but with Joker defeated, his father had no more use for Jun and removed him from the Circle.

We were spirited away to Philemon’s realm again. Yukino gave her Persona ability to Jun, and the rest of us got new Personas.

Apparently, Jun fights with… flowers.