Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Seven: The Wages of Sin

April 27, 2012: Damn, Maya’s father was hot!

Masataka Amano. He’s covered wars, y’know…

Masataka Amano was a war correspondent. Before Maya met the other kids and established the Masked Circle, Masataka prepared to leave Japan to cover a war. Maya made a stuffed rabbit for him and called it Mr. Bunbun, but he refused to take it. Her father told her that if she cried, Mr. Bunbun would laugh at her. Masataka told her that he would accept Mr. Bunbun when he returned home, but he died before he could make it back.

April 28, 2012: There’s a Persona called Beelzebub that has horrible compatibility with everyone. I think its arcana is Devil.

April 30, 2012: One of the Last Battalion enemies has the most hilarious voice. He sounds like a Looney Tune.

May 2, 2012: Tezcatlipoca is one creepy-looking demon. Its lower body is an insect!

Xibalba SUUUCKS. It’s epically long, and the encounter rate is insane.

This new part of Xibalba has such cool demons, though. Mayan name time!

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Kamaitachi

May 3, 2012: Not being able to run away sucks.

Bosses: Longinus Numbers 1-4 | Skills: MG34, Geisteblitz, Longinus Copy, Maragidyne, Mamagmadyne, Malaquadyne, Mirage, Marin Karin, Megidola | Weaknesses: Water (Longinus #4), Fire (Longinus #2) | Resists: Physical

These jerks take FOREVER to kill. Their stupid status ailments, especially Longinus Copy’s Persona sealing, don’t help.

Wow! With his high level of Strength, Eikichi’s critical hits are incredible!

Even though all he really does is shoot his gun.

I think I know why Maya knows about stuff before it happens in Xibalba…

May 4, 2012: Maya’s secret wasn’t as shocking as I’d thought. She was merely experimenting with thoughts becoming reality. This whole scene is very funny. But then…

Boss: Metal Daddy | Level: 59 | Skills: Huata!, Huatatata!, Yell (“DAMMIT, EIKICHI!”) | HP: Approximately 2600 | Experience Points: 40320 | Yen: 30K

Despite his scary, skull-laden background, this boss is a breeze compared to Longinus 1-4.

Boss: Metal Mama | Lv: 60 | Skills: Mudoon, Grydyne | Reflects: Magic

Even though Jun isn’t with you for this battle, it’s still easier than Metal Daddy if you equip Personas that are immune to darkness. After that, it’s just a matter of using physical attacks on her ’til she’s gone.

Sometimes, she triggers this weird melting animation. Creepy.

I’ll figure out the meaning of life before I figure out how to satisfy Tez through negotiation.

Bosses: Bolontikus 1-5 | Weaknesses: Water (1), Fire (4), Earth (5), Physical (2) | Skills: Asteroid Bomb, Dark Foamy Lover, Bloody Divorce

A long but simple battle.

The Bolontiku were created in Ms. Ideal’s head. Xibalba brought them to life, and they killed her.

Next up: the Heart of Xibalba.

So Prototype 1 > Prototype 2 because it’s newer, despite its technical upgrades.

Boss: Fuhrer | Lv: 63 | Skills: Holy Grail, Vril-Blitz, Holy Lance, Omega Cluster, Holy Ark

A character known as the “Fuhrer” was brought to life in Xibalba because of a conspiracy theory. This is an infamous part of the game because in the original Japanese version, the Fuhrer was Adolf Hitler. Atlus USA changed his name to the title of Fuhrer and drew sunglasses onto him. Why? Well, maybe it’s because Germany does not allow any references to Nazism or Nazi symbolism in their media. Personally, I think that Atlus simply exercised a certain level of taste here. Perhaps it was a bit too… tasteless to turn one of history’s biggest monsters into a boss fight in some random video game.

Atlus also edited out all the swastikas in the game.

The fight with the Fuhrer isn’t too bad, except for three things:

  1. Holy Lance seals your Personas

  2. Vril-Blitz heals him

  3. Your characters just kind of randomly… die

The Fuhrer was… Jun’s father? Or rather, Jun’s “ideal” father?

Queen Aquarius was Jun’s mother. “J… Jun… I hope… you find… happiness…”

Jun: “Mother…?”

Jun’s mother appeared crucified next to Kashihara, Jun’s father.

“Jun… Forgive me for being blind to everything but my dreams…” said Jun’s mother.

False Kashikara killed them both because Jun wouldn’t.

Maya: “I’ve never hated anyone so much in my life… I won’t forgive you no matter what!”

False Kashihara suddenly appeared as Maya’s father. He accused her of being able to forgive anyone because of her big heart.

Boss: Great Father Nyarlathotep| Lv: 68

Try and surpass your father!”

Great Father Nyarlathotep

Skills: Firestorm, Seal Raid, High Pressure, Earth’s Anger, Hurricane, Fear Torrent, Reminiscence Wave, Master 18, Megidolaon, Delusion Channeling

Well, this is gonna suck until I can have enough items to heal from all of their attacks. GFN actually consists of creepy versions of the party’s parents as limbs. This gives him five turns per round.

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Hellish Desert, for all the good it did me.

Each limb uses a different spell. GFN uses Megidolaon and Firestorm, Eikichi’s father uses Fear Torrent, Maya’s father uses High Pressure, Jun’s father uses Hurricane, and Lisa’s father uses physical attacks.

Each of the “shadow daddies” says something creepy. The weirdest is probably Lisa’s father telling her that “You’re JAPANESE!”

Omega Cluster kills one character per turn of the lowest level in the party, if they’re not immune to it.

I realize that I couldn’t get new Personas because I didn’t make room for them.

Quoth Jahi: “They say that marriage is the graveyard of life.” What is this, Catherine?

Maxing out a demon’s Joy and Interest simultaneously gives you a random benefit from making a pact with a demon, without having to make a pact.

I’m sort of underwhelmed by the Personas available at the endgame. Where’s Mediarahan?

Mediarahan heals your entire party 100 percent.

May 6, 2012: Jun has the highest HP, but the second-lowest Skill Point total. I made Tatsuya have the highest SP. Eikichi has the lowest SP and Agility, but the highest Strength.

May 7, 2012: When you defeat Great Father Nyarlathotep, he says “You’ve killed me…” Yes. Yes, we have.

Suddenly, Ms. Ideal stabbed Maya with the Spear of Destiny. Nyarlathotep said that it was the power of the legend that when Jesus Christ was stabbed with the Spear, he bled endlessly. That was why Lisa was unable to heal Maya.

Now… I know… what is worse… than being… forgotten… It’s… chaining down… others… Everyone… just… forget about me…”

C-C’mon, Big Maya!” pleaded Eikichi. “I-It’s not like this is goodbye… Y-You’re gonna be there for my debut show, right?”

Y-Yeah…” said Lisa. “You’ll recover from this in no time…! Your clothes are stained, so I’ll pick out some new ones for you… We’ll go shopping together… It’s a promise…”

I-I’ll show you my favorite place, too!” promised Jun. “There are so many flowers blooming there… It’s quite beautiful…”

Th… Thanks, everyone…” said Maya. “You’ve all… grown… so strong…

C’mon… if you don’t… stop crying… Mr. Bunbun’s… gonna laugh at you…”

She said that, just like her father said to her all those years ago, before he died.

Listen to me… Anyone… has the power to achieve their dreams… Don’t worry… I’m sure… you can all…”

She trailed off.

Nyarlathotep laughed. “Anyone has the power to achieve their dreams, eh? Your namesake, deluded to the end, has been sacrificed. The dream is fulfilled! And out of respect for that, I’ll grant you the dream of destruction that you humans always wanted

I am the shadow of humanity. As long as there is darkness in your hearts, I’ll never go away. Behold the Crawling Chaos’ final ordeal!”

He turned into his true form. Tatsuya lunged at him, but he spirited away.

Killing Maya fulfills the Oracle of Maia and destroys the world. Philemon saves the remaining heroes from the apocalypse, however…

Philemon presented us with an offer. “There is one way left to change things… To erase the fact of your meeting on that summer evening. The first strings in his wicked web of fate were spun that day… If that one point ceases to exist, it will give rise to an alternate timeline, one which does not lead to such tragedy…”

Can you… do that?” asked Eikichi.

Philemon nodded. “From the first, people have a tremendous power in their souls over the flow of reality. Even without the illusions of Xibalba and the Crystal Skulls, your strong wills are enough to change reality.

Yes… The power that created your world is the same as your inner strength… In this collective unconsciousness, it is possible.”

Are you saying… we can reset everything?” asked Jun. “In exchange for all of it… our memories and pasts…”

Does that mean I’ll forget everyone…!?” asked Lisa. “No… No, I don’t want that! Isn’t there any other way!?”

There is none here,” explained Philemon, “in the seat of his power. He draws strength from the negative emotions of people unconsciously desiring destruction… If you are to stop him, then mankind itself must change… You must create this new world.”

Jun wiped the tears from his eyes. “I’ll never forget… I don’t dare to…”

If that bastard set all of this up, then let’s do this…” said Eikichi. “We’ll show him that not everything goes his way.”

We’ll… meet again, won’t we…?” asked Lisa.

Of course we will.

Then concentrate and envision your new reality,” instructed Philemon. “The strength of your will shall lead you to another state.”

They all disappeared. One by one. Then, Lisa kissed Tatsuya. “Just a little something for luck… I’m sure I won’t forget you now, Tatsuya…”

Tatsuya blushed.

Philemon put his hand on Tatsuya’s shoulder. “Now… We will not see each other again for some time. Is there anything you would like to say before you go?”

Thank him

>>Hit him

Tatsuya knocked Philemon’s mask off of his face. That face was Tatsuya’s own.

I am Philemon, a dweller in the rift between consciousness and unconsciousness of all souls…

It all went back to normal. But they met again, at the subway entrance. Tatsuya literally ran into Maya, and all of the others were gathered there, too. Even Philemon.

The end was just the beginning…