Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Six

February 1, 2012: Leo Temple

Hades- The king of Tartarus in Greek lore.” Huh…

Using magic to learn new Fusion Spells and to level up your Personas is the most fun part of this game.

Hades is one wicked-looking Persona.

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Gnome!

Orthrus has some ugly tails.

Tatsuya’s Imposter

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Undine!

In the Leo Room, Shadow Tatsuya makes Tatsuya answer for his lackadaisical attitude and feelings towards Jun. Then, they battle.

Shadow Tatsuya is bascially the mean version of Tatsuya with the Apollo Persona. He uses Apollo’s basic skills, and never seems to physically attack. Unfortunately, he lacks any weakness to water. He’s still an easy boss.

I know what to expect from the other Temples. Each one represents an element that corresponds to one of the characters’ Zodiac signs. Which one next is the question…

February 2, 2012: Let’s find the next Temple, shall we?

All of the Temples are impressively visually distinct.


Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Slyph

Fusion Spells involving Garu (wind)/Bufu (ice)/Zio (electricity) are curiously rare. As a result, these elements seem less useful.

Eikicihi has recruited Jun into his band, Gas Chamber.

I didn’t remember that that was the name of his band.

The game is finally busting out enemies with annoying instant death skills. I can counter them with the right Personas, though.

Overall, this game isn’t as hard as Persona or Persona 3.

February 5, 2012: Taurus Temple

Huh, Maya is compatible with Apollo…

I’m concerned that I don’t have the best Personas that I can have at this time.

February 9, 2012: Taurus Temple Continued

February 10, 2012: This place is grueling, but I finally reached Shadow Lisa’s room.

February 11, 2012: Shadow Lisa lays out all of Lisa’s sins before attacking. As a boss, she’s even less remarkable than Shadow Tatsuya. She uses earth spells and occasionally Makarakarn, which reflects magic back at the caster for one turn.

Now, we have the Fire and Earth Skulls. Next, the Water Skull at the Scorpio Temple.

Ugh, each of the Temples have the same enemies. Bo-ring.

I just wanna clear these Temples as soon as possible!

April 16, 2012: Scorpio Temple

This place has some freaky, yet funky, BGM.

Tatsuya had a critical hit for 319 damage! Some may call you crazy for putting points into Luck over Strength; crazy like a fox.

A girl named Miyabi who had a crush on Eikichi joined the Masked Circle to lost weight. Damn.

The irony being that Eikichi was a chubby kid as seen in the flashbacks to when the kids first met Maya.

Shadow Eikichi | Level: 52 | Nullifies: Water | Skills: Dark Malaques, Dark Verdict,Mamudo

Unlike the other Shadows, Shadow Eikichi never seems to attack physically. One of his spells does physical and elemental damage, however. His spells sometimes leave you with Charm status… annoying.

Eikichi embraced Miyabi. He explained that he fell in love with her big heart because she didn’t treat him any differently than anyone else. He didn’t care that she was chubby.

He hugged her and a heart appeared behind them with “LOVE” above it. What. You were doing just fine without that, game.

And with that, the Water Crystal Skull was ours. Next up: Aquarius Temple, headfirst into the darkness in Jun’s heart.

April 21, 2012: Aquarius Temple

Foolish demons like to be interviewed and to have their fortunes told.

The Persona Genbu has a cute, angry anime face when it casts spells.

Jun says that once we get the Wind Skull, we’ll need the Heaven Skull from his father…

April 25, 2012: I saved the Aquarius Temple for last on purpose.

Strangely enough, Jun doesn’t have a Shadow to defeat. Instead, the bosses are Longinus numbers 5, 6, and 7. No. 6 is weak to wind, 5 is weak to water, and 7 is weak to earth. I was able to do 634 points of damage to 5 with Heavy Rain.

Skills: Maragidyne, Longinus Copy, Geisteblitz, Dormina, Pulipa, MG34

After we retrieved the Wind Crystal Skull, Tamaki called Maya in a panic. Jun’s father invaded the Kuzunoha Detective Agency and kidnapped Ms. Ideal. Jun’s father wanted to sacrifice her as the “Maia Maiden” due to her Mayan blood.

We returned to Seven Sisters High to rescue Ms. Ideal. A student told us that the Order of the Spear had begun to kidnap students, so we checked in on Class 1-A, and…

…Principal Hanya had already kicked the Order’s ass and rescued the students. Wow. Wow.

Jun said that it wasn’t Hanya’s ideal that came true, but the students’.

Hanya told us to go ahead to the courtyard.

Maya can not drive a boat. When she plows into a stone column, Eikichi and Lisa both say, “CALLED IT!”

Woo, new enemies!

Discovered a new Fusion Spell: Landspark! It can one-hit KO a lot of enemies in the cave.

Cerebrus learned Firestorm!

Landspark is possibly the strongest attack I’ve yet found in this game.

Xibalba, a fancy golden dungeon.

I think that the main problem with this game is that it becomes incredibly tiring to play after an hour or so.