Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Three

November 5, 2011: I don’t care much for Jack Frost in this game… ho. His punches lack punch. Ho.

Finally fused High Pixie and Moh Shavuu. Guess I better complete this sector before I run out of new stuff to summon…

I think I like MegaTen because you need luck sometimes just to survive. And when fortune favors you? Oh, boy.

I’m a little lost in Bootes now. Are the pits the key…? I hope not.

Unfortunately, the dungeons are more like the original Persona.

November 9, 2011: I can use the elevator on 3F to get to 4F and 5F.

Jimenez and I broke into a room and found a demon beating someone. Jimenez defeated the demon, only to turn away from the victim in disgust. It was another demon. It looked so human compared to other demons.

What will you do?”

>>Talk to him

Finish him off


Jimenez analyzed the demon and showed me the results. “He’s called a Bugaboo, and he’s a demon all right, but 25% of his makeup is different. That ¼ of him is non-demon material. Which means… he’s not a pure demon.

These facilities with their tortures and experiments… Looks like he’s a test tube demon.” But why?

Jimenez had a change of heart. “We’re both crazy rejects in this world. Let’s be friends…”

>Bugaboo smiled.”

…I’d say it’s a done deal. C’mere, you!”

Bugaboo became Jimenez’s demon.


So is this guy gonna be a lil’ angel or a lil’ devil? Time will tell, I guess.”

I should have paid more attention to Jimenez’s demons. I think he had Lilim, another Chaos demon, and a neutral one. Jimenez himself is Chaos-aligned.

November 10, 2011: Bootes 6F sure looks very different from the rest of the sector.

A four-way Co-Op Attack is something to behold.

Depending on the alignments of the demons involved, the Co-Op Attack looks different.

November 13, 2011: Apsaras are annoying.

It was frustrating, but we managed to infiltrate Mitra’s lair and defeat him. He called us “broken creatures… without a future”.

I found a Stone Fragment and the Bootlite Rosetta where he once laid.

Arthur has determined that each sector has a ruler, and our mission is to infiltrate each sectors and win each ruler’s Rosettas. Hopefully, we can leave the Schwartzwelt that way.

Zelenin refuses to use the Demon Summoning Program.

The next sector is Carina. It resembles a shopping mall. Jimenez joked that he hopefully wouldn’t max out his card.

Arthur gave us a mission to retrieve the Elve’s Graviton Radio from Carina.

November 14, 2011: Apparently, the Lord of this sector is Horkos. He likes to eat and consume. The production lines can’t keep up with his appetites.


He’s gonna be fun.

We had our first Fusion Accident! That’s what I get for fusing out on the field.

We found the Elve… but Horkos fused himself to it! Bugaboo tried to approach the Elve, only to be absorbed as well. Out of ideas, we trudged back to Mastema. He hatched a plan to infuse a crystal with our weapons. For that, we need to fuse a Megami and a Wilder demon. I’ve never recruited a Wilder, and I’ve never even seen a Megami.

November 15, 2011: Let’s Breed Demons

Power + Apsaras = Megami Fortuna. Wendigo + Katakirauwa = Wilder Raiju. That was easy.

Apsaras was the key.

Actually, we found something else to fuse Wilder Raiju.

Screw Paralyzing moves! They do nothing!

November 16, 2011: I handed the demons over to Mastema, who turned them into a crystal called Shibboleth. He also gave Zelenin a guardian angel.

We weakened Horkos with the Horkos Buster, but he escaped – twice – and now, we have no idea where he is.

December 7, 2011: Acquired Karasu Tengu and unlocked a new Special Fusion!

I hate the sanctimonious demons. Although, some of them are angels…

At last, we tracked down Horkos and separated him from the Elve. Unfortunately, he escaped again.

We investigated the Elve and retrieved the Graviton Radio and Bugaboo’s Demon Source.

Back at the Red Sprite, we used the Radio to communicate with the Schwartzwelt Project HQ. The situation is even more dire back home than we could have ever imagined. The Schwartzlwelt has completely enveloped Antarctica and is encroaching upon nearby continents.

They are attempting to pinpoint our position in space-time in order to pull us back to Earth. I remain doubtful.