Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Four

December 8, 2011: Carina’s Rosetta
Some of these demon designs are spectacular.
This place is like a maze.

I fused a wicked demon called Döppleganger. Its main strength? Reflecting all physical damage. It’s as if the stupider demons kill themselves.


Horkos attacked the Red Sprite, but Arthur increased the shield output by 400 percent. Sufficiently weakened, we were able to track Horkos down.


He gave me a moralizing speech about how humanity has covered the world with products of its desire, and asked how we will deal with such excess.

We’ll learn to control it.”

>>”We need those products.”

Humans can destroy too.”

Once one’s hunger is sated, one’s appetite is for taste and quantity,” claimed Horkos. “Human ‘need’ is infinite. Of course, humans will not hesitate to eat others of their kind when their needs dictate it… Directly or indirectly, humanity swallows itself whole and drowns in luxury.” (I like this line!)

I shot Horkos with the Horkos Buster, but it didn’t work on his actual body.

…To be born, then eaten. To be made, then consumed. That was the rhythm of the planet. First, I will eat you. Then, I will eat the iron ship! And for the finale, I will devour all the humans of the Earth!”

Ugh, this guy is brutal. Punishing physical attacks and a resistance to being physically attacked. He does have a weakness to electricity, but his vitality is so high that even that damage is minimal.

He can summon a higher-level Katikamura with the move Grocery Run. This isn’t even an annoyance, until he eats the pig and restores 100+ HP. Of course, Horkos sometimes uses Taking a Bite on you or your allies too.

I retrieved Stomach Acid and Rosetta: Car from where we defeated Horkos. With the Rosetta, we traveled through the quantum tunnel into the next sector, Delphinus.

I enjoy sectors most when they are new, when I’m less used to the demons there.

December 9, 2011: Delphinus’ Rosetta

Commander Gore’s body disappeared from storage!

My HP is so high.

December 13, 2011: Rescue Zelenin

After seeing stuff from other MegaTen games online, I see many resemblances between SJ and the older games; things like the animation and the Haunt’s glowing eyes.

Treatment Development

We have to return to Bootes to investigate a cure for the Delphinus plague. Zelenin found a new forma that can be turned into a new Gate Search Main App.

December 14, 2011: Delphinus’ Parasite

We ransacked Mitra’s treasure room and found crystallized human madness. Irving used that with the MK Gun, a mind-controlling device, to create something that could purge the Delphinus Parasite.

I returned to Delphinus 3F and tried to cure Jimenez, but Bugaboo jumped in front of him and I shot them both with the MK Gun. Bugaboo is apparently all right.

Our mission now is to find any other Strike Team members remaining in Delphinus and cure them with the MK Gun.


Black Frost

I missed my opportunity to fuse him in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, so this is kind of a big deal. He looks cool!

Demon Compendium: 18%

We picked up multiple faint Rosetta readings, but were attacked by formless demons when we investigated one of them. There was also a giant egg in a web at the back of the room that vanished once the formless demons were killed.

December 15, 2011: Delphinus’ Rosetta

I love defeating enemies through Enemy Search. At first, I thought it was a useless app because the hidden enemies were really strong. But now that I’m stronger…

The formless demons are actually the Delphinus Parasite without a host. They talk to us, and they know things like Commander Gore’s death and Zelenin’s torture. They’ve been watching us since the beginning.

December 17, 2011: Eventually, we met… Commander Gore. He was now wearing a nice tuxedo, and referred to himself as “this body”.

Commander Gore is dead.

Won’t you end man’s rule on Earth?”

I will”.

>>”I can’t let that happen.”

…In the end, you are merely a human, unable to do anything. But…”

He attacked us, saying, “The Mother says to kill you… But… I don’t feel that you’re that bad… Not yet, at least…”

>Gore lowered his guard…”

…Then you are left to traverse this land, bearing the burden of mankind’s karma: Either you can be ripped to shreds by the demons… Or undone from within by Asura’s poison…

! Another… comet… has moved… The iron… comet… of Calamity…” What? “I must… immediately…!”

Gore vanished.

Arthur said that Gore is an extraneous element to the mission…

Did I fuse Black Frost? Of course I fused Black Frost. He’s such a cutie.

This other new demon I fused, Avatar Mikami, has higher Strength than anyone else so far. His Strength stat is huge even before you use Tarukaja to increase your party’s attack damage.

Black Frost’s HP isn’t so hot.