Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Five

January 8, 2012: What do demons do with Macca, anyway?
I dunno where to go. Apparently, I have to fumble about in pitch-black hallways (not a problem with the Visualizer), which aren’t mapped, and use escalator tiles to get to the next area. RRRRRR

I like this game because it’s so hardcore, but this is ridiculous.
February 13, 2013: Down in the Dumps in Delphinus
I haven’t played this game in over a year because I got lost in the Delphinus sector.
The demons in this sector aren’t even the problem. The hell comes in with trying to figure out the fifth floor, which is mostly in darkness. Even with the Visualizer app equipped to your Demonica suit, dark areas don’t get mapped out for you. Add to that the conveyer belt floors that move you along, and you have the reason why I haven’t played this game in over a year.
I didn’t know you could press X on the Demon Compendium to access a mythological profile of the demons.
February 14, 2013: After encountering the formless demons on the eighth floor of Delphinus, a Rosetta Stone reading emanates from the fourth floor. That must be why there’s a save room and a healing room on that floor.
The Delphinus Parasites congregated upon the statue of Asura to bring him back to life. He asks Atton if he will allow the Earth to wither, and with it, his spirit.

>>”That’s a lie.”

It’s the demons.”

We’re recovering already.”

…It seems a rotten spirit cannot be told that it is rotten!” said Asura. “I am not one to make my arguments with words! Unfortunately, your spirits are not yet in beautiful shape. I will use my power to reshape them thus!”

Asura attacks!”

Tyrant Asura | Level 37 | Weak: Ice | Skills: Asura Rage, Maragidyne

Asura is a joke if you bring in demons with ice magic and/or resistance to fire. Asura Rage is annoying because it inflicts Rage upon your party sometimes. Enraged characters attack random targets with increased strength.

And you know why your hero’s most recent armor upgrade reduced damage taken from fire.

After beating Asura, you get the ability to create him through fusion. Ha!

Zelenin has reservations about returning to Earth through the Vanishing Point. “Can you go back with no regrets?” she asks Atton.

>>”I just want out of here.”

There’s something on my mind.”

First let’s find a way out.”

…I suppose that’s only human,” stated Zelenin. “Our self-preservation instincts at work…”

Entering Eridanus

Sector Eridanus doesn’t look as scary or dirty as the other sectors. The enemies aren’t too bad, except for Kin-ki and Jinrei, who have limited weaknesses. There are tiles that warp you elsewhere, and they’re indistinguishable from regular tiles.

Sleeping Sickness

Eridanus is showing its true colors with the horror of tiles that can put your whole party to sleep. You can get ambushed by enemies if your hero’s asleep! There is also a series of hallways that the Visualizer can’t perceive yet. Ugh.

My demons are weeeak. I need new blood.

February 15, 2013: My newest app helps me find better forma out on the field.

Forma are components that let you create upgrades to your weapons and armor.

Wow, Vermin demons can’t be mixed with many other races of demons.


Mara has some competition.

Mishaguji is actually the ancient Japanese god of sex…

No matter how many SMT games I play, there are still new demons whose designs are… impressive, so to say.

At least when you put demons away during battle, it happens at the start of your turn so that the demons you want to return can’t be taken out.

February 17, 2013: Errors in Eridanus

That Phase Shifter could have been hidden a little more out of the way.

Return to Sector Carina

Jimenez and Stewart discovered a ship called Lightning in Carina. It’s staffed by soldiers in black Demonicas. Captain Jack is their leader. He asked Stewart to help him with his team’s mission to procure… something… for their employers.

Humans should help each other.”

I’d sooner trust the demons.”

>>”I don’t trust anyone that easily.”