Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Six: Sinful

February 18, 2013: Arachnes are kinda sexy. Wait – where the hell are their strings coming from?
If you have Kurama Tengu, you can get some high-level fusions with him.

Ugh, Mishaguji’s battle animation is really disturbing… They really wanted to show off his design.
February 19, 2013:
Stewart encountered a demon in Eridanus that called us limited beings. It was Ouroboros Maia. She asked if Stewart believed that humans can rule over demons and overcome their endless power.

>>”Our power is also endless.”

Your enemy’s power is endless.”

I want that power.”

That changes nothing…” dismissed Ouroboros. “Humans see the infinite dream from their cradles… Awaken from that dream and behold your frail, children’s bodies.

Humans… A lamentable mistake birthed by the waters of life. I shall return you to the particles that flow through empty space. Break apart, you sinful clumps of matter!”

Snake Ouroboros | Level: 43 | Strong Against: Gun | Weakness: Fire | Skills: Mahama, Disaster Cycle, Wild Lightning

She has brutal physical attacks (for up to two hits per turn), a few nasty spells, and regenerating health. Augh.

There’s the SMT difficulty I know and curse. Where’s the Demi-Fiend when you need him?

Not strong enough to beat Ouroboros, so I’m just gonna explore for now…

Some of these earlier sectors… Their challenges feel downright quaint now.

February 20, 2013: Zouchouten looks angrier and more uggo here than in other SMT games.

February 25, 2013: We acquired the demon Orthrus.

I like the formality of Xia Guan’s speech.

An EX Mission has you attempting to reunite strike team member Anthony with a demoness that he loves. When he tells you he’s in love with one, the music cuts out for a few seconds. When he asks if you feel the same about female demons and falling for them, the negative response about whether or not it’s natural is, “No. No, it isn’t.”

Investigate the hidden southwest area of sector Bootes 1F and you encounter two strike team members named “Mike” and “Dawson”. Their squad is pinned down by demons, so Dawson squeals, “Game over, man!”

When you tell Anthony that Leanan Sidhe blew him off, he says, “There are still plenty of fish-women in the sea, bro.”

When Anthony tells you he’s in love with ANOTHER demoness, the music briefly cuts out again. This time, he’s in love with a “young-looking” demoness. But he says, “’Young’ for a demoness is probably like, a few hundred years old!”

I finally discovered that you can just hold down A to input your battle commands rapidly, just like how you can hold down X to skip text.

February 26, 2013: If a lone enemy is charmed, they attack themselves! Great.

I dig how each SMT game has different musical stylings.

Nocturne had heavy industrial rock

Persona 3 had J-pop/hip-hop

SJ has a gothic orchestral score

I can’t remember the music in Catherine. ;A;

Shoji Meguro is a genius for sure.

March 3, 2013: It’s strange sometimes when demons don’t sound like they look.

Portrait of Ouroboros as an Immortal Demon

I finally got the right combo of demons to beat her, but she regenerated. Arthur ordered us to retreat, so we did.

Other demons gave her power. One of them, Dzelarhons, belongs to the “Lady” species.

Severing Infinity: Ouroboros – Second Round

Skills: Disaster Cycle, Wild Lightning, Silent Prayer (nullifies all de/buffs), Mahama, Wave of Death (does minor-to-huge damage to all)

Ouroboros is a little easier then she was the first time. Probably the biggest hitch now is her spamming of Disaster Cycle and Wave of Death. Having lots of Bead Chains (which heal the whole party for max HP) help. You even get one for beating her this time.

It’s a relief that she doesn’t restore any of her own HP this time, but it’s still a crapshoot.

The crew returned to the Red Sprite to await escape via the Vanishing Point. We retrieved a lot of supplies from the Schwarzwelt. Jimenez asked what Atton thought we should do with them.

>>”We owe it to mankind.”

Fine, as long as it’s destroyed.”

I just want to forget it all.”

You just don’t learn, do you, man?” said Jimenez. “Don’t tell me you wanna stay here… I don’t need to hear that shit.”

I was only paying half-attention. I thought that he was asking about the supplies, not the Schwarzwelt itself. Otherwise, I may have answered with the middle option instead.

Guess that’s what makes you the team’s golden boy,” said Jimenez.

Of course the escape plan failed. The three men in the mystery room mocked us and showed us a vision of the Schwarzwelt getting nuked, which may have actually happened.

It didn’t work.

The trio told us that if we collect Exotic Matter, we could escape using the Vanishing Point for real this time.

Zelenin asked if I could carry out my duties.

>>”I can.”

I’m… not sure.”

Finding Fornax

The demon boss from the first sector returned as Moloch, the tyrant of flames, to defeat Atton once and for all.

Learn the greateness of demons!” bellowed Moloch.

I already know.”

>>”Stay away from humans.”

Demons should die!”

You dare try to reprimand me, human? I will brook only worship form the lips of humans !Not orders!” So needy.

Moloch is a joke if you have demons with ice magic and/or resistance to fire.