Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Seven

March 4, 2013: Them’s the Pits – Literally
Fornax has one-way doors and some pits.
The sector looks kinda cool, but seems to have human silhouettes on the walls…

Poisonous Friends

Aand here come the poison and “pain” floors.

A lot of the demons in this sector can’t be recruited. Laaame.

March 5, 2013: My main character is so fast! He usually takes the first turn in batlle.

Mitra, you ain’t so pretty no more.

We should rule over humans!”, he said, after he turned into Mithras.

Why can’t we coexist?”

>>”That way is wrong.”

You may be right…”


Evil?! You claim it is we who are the impure ones?!” Mithra twitched. “Do you foolish humans remember who made this planet?! As long as the Goddess Tiamat has power, demons shall always attack humans! And you… you will not escape my curse! No more experiments! The time for research is over! Now is the time for atonement and death, human!”

Fallen Mithras | Weaknesses: Wind| Skills: Rampage, Explosive Fist, Ice Breath

He also has a skill that causes light damage to all and Strain, and another skill that outright kills a party member.

After beating Mithras, Zelenin calls over the radio to ask if that was once Mitra. She doesn’t like being reminded of her time as a captive of Mitra’s demons. “If he couldn’t better himself outside of battle, he deserves to die as a mockery!” Damn, Zel!

…I’m sorry for that outburst. Good luck with the rest of the expedition!”

Later on, Jimenez offers Atton the chance to stay behind and spy on Jack’s squad. Hm…


No, thanks.”

Um, well… I don’t really know what to say to that… Just leave it to me, Atton. I suggested it ’cause I want to be the one to do it.”

Zel has reservations too.

Demons will give you their Demon Source more than once!

This invisible demon won’t let me pass a certain point on the middle path of B5F of Fornax!

March 6, 2013: The right wing of Fornax’s basement floors leads to a new darkened area. I need a new Visualizer to get through it.

March 9, 2013: Guess who’s baaack? Horkos! The porcine demon of greed turned into his true form: A… gateway that’s partially a devil’s face?

Orcus: “Tremble in the face of death!”

>>”I’m not going to die here.”

I’m not afraid to die.”

I’ll live on as a ghost.”

…Humans never lose hope to hold onto. No, not hope… illusions… Now comes the time to unleash the power I collected as Horkos! I will not stop until I have sipped on a chalice of your blood!”

March 10, 2013: Reaper Horkos | Strong Against: Strike | Weaknesses: Fire/Thunder | Skills: Silent Prayer, Dekunda, Dream Fist, Grocery Run, Taking a Bite, Deathbound

Alarunes look cool because they appear to emerge from a dark rose.
Jimenez got kidnapped by Jack’s squad, probably because he learned what they were doing to the demons they captured: cultivating them to build a new weapon. Because that’s totally what we need at the end of the world.

By expressing their pain through dialog, this game humanized the demons better than most of the humans. I actually felt sorry for the demons.

In the cultivation room, you can turn the tortured demons’ life support off. I did, freeing the demons from their torture.

You have to understand that not only are Jack’s squad bad guys, they are sadists who really enjoy their work.

They were holding Jimenez and Bugaboo, his personal demon sidekick, because he learned that they were torturing demons and he tried to free them. He was angry that they assaulted Bugaboo with magnetic fields. They were trying to fuse them together, and failed repeatedly. They didn’t have a Demon Fusion Program?

The member of Jack’s squad that was torturing them unfortunately got away. As Bugaboo laid on the edge of death, Jimenez told Atton to use the DFP on him. He did, and they were successfully fused together. Jimenez looked halfway like Bugaboo. He claimed to no longer be in pain, and went off to the Lightning, Jack’s squad’s ship.

It was kind of touching to see the lengths that Jimenez would go to to save Bugaboo.

March 11, 2013: The Power of Demons

Atton followed Jimenez to the Lightning and watched him punch a hole through the hatch. Jack summoned demons to battle Jimenez while he took Atton on himself.

Jack| Nullifies: Curse/Expel | Skills: Pure Blue, Rain Strike

It seems that the healing strength of Pure Blue is based on how many debuffs Jack has been hit with.

After beating Jack, Atton has the choice of stopping Jimenez from killing him or watching.

Stop Jimenez


Jimenez impaled Jack. “Awww… Think I overdid it, Atton? Nah… There was no stopping it. The moment I took this form…” He started to laugh maniacally.

Suddenly, Zel arrived to tell Jimenez not to slaughter the rest of the squad.

Back at the Red Sprite, the crew discussed what to do with Jimenez. Zel asked Atton if he should be relieved.

He is not a problem.

>>”We should wait and see.”

Probably so.”

I’m not so sure… We don’t know what to expect from him anymore,” said Zel.

Returning to Fornax, we were attacked by Asura. He turned into his true form, named Asherah and asserted that “Destruction will rejuvenate Earth.”

I won’t let you.”

>>”You’re distorting things.”

Maybe you’re right…”

…You say we act on lies? We, who have become the Earth’s foundation, despite the dangers? Your decaying Earth cannot be saved by you humans or your God. Therefore, we shall rule the Earth once again and reconstruct it in glory! You shall not escape. In this land ruled by the Goddess Tiamat… You shall return to a mere seed!”

Time to water your plant, lady. She’s weak to ice, reflects wind, and seems strong to everything else.

Probably her most annoying attack is Asura Roga, which can inflict Rage status upon the whole party. But hilariously, this can work against her when an enraged character hits her instead of a fellow party member.