Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Eight: We’re No Angels

March 12, 2013: Finally, the Mother of All Demons Is Dead
Would it have killed them to put another elevator in Fornax?

Drake Tiamat | Nullifies: Fire; Weakness: Electricity | Skills: Luster Candy, Bufudyne, Pure Blue (WTH), Mother Earth, Sunset Blue
Oh YHVH, Pure Blue is back. That means it’s probably best to just use your own Luster Candy, and not try to debuff her.
I ❤ the boss theme.
Jimenez went back into Jack’s Squad HQ because Bugaboo ran inside.

There’s Something About Mastema

Bugaboo knew his fellow demons were suffering and rushed into to save them. Jimenez went after him.

What little of Jack’s men remaining overthrew our forces on the Lightning and killed them with demons. Jimenez asked Atton if he was ready to strike back.

>>”Let’s lock and load.”

We should wait and see.”

Wait! What good is it for humans to fight each other?” asked Zelenin. Maybe you should ask the people back home who sent us on this mission that.

Jimenez asked Zel if she had a nonviolent alternative for a plan. She hedged her bets on something that Mastema the angel referenced, something to “lead the hearts of men”. She pleaded with Atton to take her to Mastema.

>>”All right.”

Out of the question.”

Just trying to reach the great Mastema is a nightmare.

There’s one demon called Xi-something that drives me nuts with its Grand Tack, a super-damaging gun attack.

March 13, 2013: I started an EX mission with a demon to hunt down another type of demon!

I also ❤ the song you get when battling UMA demons.

March 14, 2013: Meeting Mastema

Mastema suggested turning us into angels to stop Jack’s squad.

Volunteer to become an angel”

>>”Remain silent”

Zel volunteered. It probably helped that Mastema said that her sadness and doubt would be gone if she became an angel.

Zel expressed reservations that the people of Earth would be saved even if we destroyed the Schwarzwelt.

Even though Mastema warned that the impious would burn in hellfire if they attempted the transformation, Zel took the risk and was reborn.

Judge Zelenin

Well, Stewart? What do you think of my rebirth?”

>>”It’s beautiful.” She always was, though…

It’s awe-inspiring.”

No problems here.”

…I see. That is good. Now, let us go to where Jack’s squad dwells.”

Jimenez doesn’t like the new Zel. The rest of the crew has mixed feelings.

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to recruit demons?

March 15, 2013: And most of these demons are incompatible with my alignment.

Mortal Jihad and Grand Tack do a ton of damage.

We need to see Maya, but this demon won’t let us. He was one of the demons tortured by Jack’s squad, and he’ll let us see her if we kill the rest of the squad. “Sound good?”


I refuse.”

>>”Let me think.”

…Very well. Return to your base and think it over.”

When we try to leave Grus, Zel appears and complains, “You were all demons?!” and implies that her beliefs were betrayed.

>Zelenin is acting strange…”

>>”Call out to her”


Zel recognized Atton, claimed to be under some sort of illusion, and expelled the “wicked phantasm”.

>A presence of some sort fled Zelenin’s body…”


She claimed that she was under the influence of Maya. “My family and friends… They became demons and attacked me. They were rebuking and persecuting the old me…”

Atton explained the demon’s offer. Zel offered to subdue the demons with her song. “What do you think of this idea?”

By all means, sing.”

That won’t be necessary.”

>>”Let me think.”

Having her sing is tempting… but the sincerity of those pacified by her song is questionable.

You are right. Best to agree on a decision with the rest of the Red Sprite.”

Back at the Red Sprite, Arthur asked Atton if the crew should accept the demons’ terms. Tough call. How do you weigh the values of human and demon life and freedom?

Arthur: “Should we accept the demons’ terms?”

We should.”

>>”We shouldn’t.”

Then we shall move on to the next available plan. Should we request her assistance?”

If we try to fight he demons, more of our strike team may die. Surely, the fewer casualties, the better, right? For both sides.

>>”We should.”

We shouldn’t.”

Comms Woman: “That’s the safest, most peaceful way to do it.” Thank you, random lady!

This method has the advantage of safety and speed.”

Jimenez, who was hanging out with the demons, overheard their offer. He thought that we should wipe out Jack’s squad. How come I feel his opinion would be the same even if he weren’t half demon?

We had Zel perform the song, reducing the demons to raw data. Jimenez was pissed. Meh.

While trying to reach her lair, Maya tried to torture us with illusions. The first one had Commander Gore, still in his Demonica, declaring the Schwarzwelt mission a failure. He ordered the team to kill themselves and pointed his gun at Atton.

>What will you do…?”

Aim at him”



He demanded that Atton follow his orders. Damn.

>>”Aim at him”


>You… pointed your gun at Commander Gore…”

Now, pull that trigger, soldier! We’ll end it here and now!”

>Pull the trigger…?”



>Will you really… pull the trigger?” FRICK



>You hear a voice from somewhere…”

It’s okay… You can end your painful battle… It’s okay… You end your harsh journey…”

It was really Commander Gore! His voice helped Atton dispel the illusion. But he was not the same man he was at the start of this journey…

…It seems like Maya was trying to get us to kill each other…” He thanked Aton for helping him to dispel the illusion. “…This body is… a superevolved form of man… the übergestalt…” And it has a sweet suit, too!

He has become more self-aware. “They tried to use me as their puppet. But you defeated Ouroboros, their puppeteer, and I became a wanderer in this world… And it was you who pulled me back into the land of the living after I was fated to rot away here. My body is still the übergestalt, but… My mind is once again Schwartzwelt Investigative Team Commander Gore’s, protector of Earth.

The history of mankind will not come to a close here.” But what shape will it take?

The Mothers were our true enemies. They made Gore the übergestalt after he died. Ouroboros was much more difficult than Tiamat, which was almost perversely paradoxical.

I always kinda liked Gore because he was the strong, cool, responsible leader. He still is, even after being subverted by the enemy.