Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part Nine: Calling

March 19, 2013: The Grus Grind
This dungeon is annoying~ The enemies are brutal, navigation is done mostly through warp tiles, and it looks like palette-swapped versions of earlier sectors. Gawd.

Atton has over 500 HP now.
Grimehelka, one of the toughest bosses in Nocturne, is just a random encounter in Grus, but is still tough.
Grus broke me. I need to recuperate and figure out where the hell to go.

The Queen of Illusions

And here I though Fornax needed more elevators. At least it had one.

Night Maya is cool-looking. She’s like the opposite color of Asura’s female form, but with a big purple jewel where her eyes should be.

Maya, Mother of Illusions

If you try to use magic against her, she flips out and kills the user instantly, but she’s weak to gun skills. Did someone say Grand Tack?

I wonder what inspired her look.

March 21, 2013: These dungeons get annoying.

I wonder if this game could be considered a partial “Metroidvania”…

March 24, 2013: After we defeated Maya, some crewmen left the Red Sprite with Zelenin. She left to follow her calling. Jimenez left as well, enamored by Louisa Ferre’s vision of a world where the strong survive. “I’m real sorry for all the trouble I caused you, Atton. Later, Atton. We’ll meet again if Fate would have it…”

>Jimenez left with a casual wave goodbye…”

Some more of the crewmen left with him, too.

Finally, the last sector, Horologium, revealed itself. Atton encountered Gore there, who tried to take him to see Mem Aleph, but Atton could not perceive her. Gore had Atton lead him back to the Red Sprite. There, Gore revealed that he knew the futures of the crew’s loved ones… if mankind survived. He asked Atton if he would host a demon in himself.

I would.”

>>”I wouldn’t.”

…Then let me ask you this, Stewart. In this Schwarzwelt… As well on Earth… You have had your heart’s peace shattered through many painful battles… Now you have been given a chance to reclaim that peace by singing the song of the the god of light. Will you sing God’s eternal praise?”

I will.”

>>”I won’t.”

…I see. Then I’ll ask one final question of you. This crew is caught in the throes of a battle between darkness and light for the fate of the Earth. On one side, we have the demons of chaos, bursting with power. On the other, a god trying to impose his law and order. Both want nothing more than to get their hands on the power hidden within the Schwarzwelt… So that they may lay claim to the Earth. It’s too early to tell who will win this war, but both sides are marshalling their forces. Think hard on which future you want for mankind. When you’ve made your choice, tell em who you’d entrust with the fate of all humanity. Think very carefully, Crewman Stewart, before answering…

Who would you entrust this future to?”

>>”The human race.”

A just, righteous God.”

“You realize, I hope, that you have chosen to side with the weakest power in this conflict. Great hardships await you on the path you’ve chosen to follow.”

We’ll try to destroy the Schwarzwelt with a nuke.

Gore reached his limit and transformed into the Clement Bell forma. The crew saluted him.

April 1, 2013: Sometimes, to make an omelet, you gotta break a few Cosmic Eggs.

I hate how you need a THIRD Visualizer app to see in the northeast corner of Antlia 1F! Grrr. Apparently, someone at Atlus didn’t understand that randomly humping walls ISN’T fun!

When we reach the first Cosmic Egg, Wu Kong, a demon aligned with Jimenez and Mem Aleph, stood in our way. Wu Kong nullifies physical attacks. Son of a gun! He’s super weak, though.

I will never get over how Abaddon is just a big head.

Zel stood between us and the nuke. Eep.

April 4, 2013: Skipping the nuke retrieval for now because of Zel’s tough boss fight, we retrieve the third Cosmic Egg from Sector Carina. If Mem Aleph really wants to protect her eggs, she’s gonna have to squirt out stronger demons than Zhu Yin.

Lawful demons are snooty.

I finally got to fuse Lady Black Maria. She has Mediarahan (heals the party for full HP) and Ziodyne by default, and I turned her weakness to wind into reflecting wind by using Cherub’s Demon Source! Eee~

April 13, 2013: The Ever-Steeper Trials

I got the Monarch Vest, but it can only be worn by someone who is Chaos-aligned!

Alas, I can’t even complete the mission because of my alignment. Ripoff.

Zel’s genus is “Judge”.

There’s actually a mistake in the game. Someone mistook the Garula Stones as Zio Stones, because they say that they do electrical damage.

Zel is annoying. She has a skill that restores 323 HP and increases her stats by two levels. AUGH

It’s Ouroboros all over again! No COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION for you.

I unlocked Maya as a special fusion just by futzing around with regular fusion to get new demons! :O

I hate it when I get new forma, but there isn’t enough of it to make new items yet.