Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Final Stats, Thoughts, and Trivia

IT’S OOOVER (flails)

That was perhaps the most bittersweet ending of the Shin Megami Tensei games I’ve played. It reversed my opinion on all of the game’s BS… even Mem Aleph.

I’m tempted to rate Strange Journey a little above Shin Megami Tensei IV, which I liked, but don’t found very memorable, and equal to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

Some fans nicknamed Jimenez “Mexican Junpei”. 😛

Some fans think that this game’s soundtrack is the best of the series. I’m tempted to agree.

Gore, Arthur, Zelenin, Jimenez, Bugaboo… If only you could be here to see it.

A journey four years in the making… over.

I think that SJ is fairly pro-human in its Neutral ending. It’s pretty uplifting. It probably helps that the hero is human with no supernatural attributes.

Eh, let’s put a bit of perspective on some of that praise. SJ is great, but the grind in certain spots – especially near the end if you got the Neutral path and have to emancipate yourself from MA – is ridiculous. It just gets boring.

I’m unsure if SJ deserves to be put on the same pedestal as Nocturne, though it is close.

The Neutral path is usually considered the “best” (or least sucky) out of the paths in SMT games. Unlike in certain other SMT games, I was never tempted to stray from the Neutral path.

I neglected to mention that one of MA’s many charming attributes is that she can randomly kill your main character outright.

The BGM is great. There are some cool details, like how the main battle music, “The Fear of God” doesn’t start until after your party’s turn begins in battle.

Final Stats: Demons and Loadout

Hero: Atton Stewart

Alignment: Neutral

LV: 80

Stats – Highest to Lowest

HP: 654

SP: 386

Magic/Agility: 60

Luck: 52

Vitality: 49

Strength: 45

Sword: Laevateinn

Gun: Pinaka

Armor: Scanner Vest

Accessory: Dragon Ring (Strong: Fire, Nullifies: Light/Expel)


Kishin Thor | Chaos| LV:77

Strong: Physical, Light/Expel, Dark/Curse | Drains: Fire, Electricity | Reflects: Ice

HP: 661

SP: 345

Strength: 56

Vitality: 53

Luck: 49

Magic: 46

Skills Include: Elec Amp, Tetrakarn, Repel Ice

Femme Rangda | Chaos

Reflects all but Light and Dark

LV: 70

HP: 583

SP: 329

Magic: 53

Luck: 48

Vitality/Agility: 46

Strength: 42

Skills Include: Debilitate, Salvation, Repel Elec/Fire/Wind/Ice

I think that this is one of the demons that I got from a password when I was desperate to beat MA.

Dragon Huang Long | LV: 80

Strong: All but Light and Dark; Nullifies: Light and Dark

HP: 686

SP: 376

Skills Include: Megidolaon, Madness Crush, Phys Amp, and Void Mind

He must be another password demon.

Demon Compendium: 54%

I never mentioned just how important items were to beating MA. Beads and Bead Chains helped a lot.


The main character is Japanese in the Japanese version, but American in the American version. His design is somewhat ethnically ambiguous.

The game has received a remake for the 3DS. It features a different art style, voice acting, and new characters, demons, and ending routes. Coming off of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, some of the Megatennists dislike what they see is an attempt to make the mainline SMT games more like Persona. The redone character artwork by Masayuki Doi has also drawn some complaints. I can see why; the main characters look too smooth now, in a way that’s jarring to those used to Kazuma Kaneko’s art style. (shudders)

It looks like Doi drew right over Kaneko’s designs. It’s weird.

Sometimes, when I start an LP, I will begin with a quote (or put a quote at the beginning of an appropriate chapter). But if I had used a certain Terminator 2: Judgment Day quote for SJ, you would have been able to guess one of its plot twists. Just remember that Arthur, a machine, knew the value of human life, and was able to consciously choose to sacrifice himself to defend it, despite being afraid of not existing.