Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part 11: Disappear

April 24, 2013: Very Odds and Ends
Some weak demons can lead to unique fusions.
Huh, we’ve made most of the armor in this game.
Vile Samael says he has many names.

Maybe Makarakarn, the magic-reflecting spell, would help against Mem Aleph. But it would need to be recast every turn… and the caster would have to be faster than MA.
April 28, 2013: The Mother of All Grinding
Thor can attack twice per turn physically.
April 30, 2013: I got a new gun and it’s pretty powerful, but its it powerful enough for her?
Healing stations look cool.
May 26, 2015: I sold a lot of useless forma to afford some upgrades. But I know that we still aren’t ready for Mem Aleph.
It just takes so long to breed out demons’ elemental weaknesses.
November 15, 2015: I need to grind to be able to summon a demon from a password that is resistant to everything. I have enough macca somehow to summon a couple of useful demons. I think that I sold a ton of stuff, not realizing just how much macca I was making.
Genesha + Haoma = Trumpeter, a level 83 Fiend. Yowza.
I got Rangda (who repels everything) and Huang Long (strong to everything and comes packing Megidolaon)… and Mem Aleph STILL killed me with that devastating, multi-hit physical attack of hers in her second form, just when her health got in the red.

Mem Aleph’s first form
Mem Aleph’s second form

November 11, 2015: I did it. How? Luck, and a lot of MA’s stupidity. She didn’t pull the deadly moves that she usually does.
My demons: Surt (Madness Crush), Laksmi (Invitation), Thor (reflects and resists most elements, and absorbs electricity), Rangda (Salvation and refects all except Null and Curse), and Huang Long (resists all elements, has Megidolaon, Madness Crush, and Energy Drain).
Once I established a rhythm with Rangda’s Salvation, I just had Atton defend in case MA pulled out that nasty Mother’s Kiss attack. Ironically, when she DID use it, it failed to kill anyone and Rangda reflected multiple (at least two?) attacks.
It’s not as awesome as autobattle cherry-tapping MA to death, but I’ll take it.
The great Mem Aleph trembled. “Ughhhh..”
Not very classy for someone’s dying words.

I… am defeated… and shall disappear…? Human… Haaaaaah… How much power… have you gained…?
Haaaaah… But… You cannot… create a future…
Create… a fu…ture…”
A future without you in it.
She disappeared in a flash of light.

>You see something where Mem Aleph has been…
>Stewart obtained EM: Horologium.”

This is Arthur. Crewman Stewart, respond. I have verified your victory over Mem Aleph. Mission ‘Horologium’s Exotic Matter’ is confirmed complete.”

>The Main Mission Horologium’s Exotic Matter has been completed.”
But what to do with it?
The ground began to shake.

We have detected fluctuations in the Schwarzwelt’s gravitational field. They are believed to be a result of Mem Aleph’s defeat. It is possible that the Schwarzwelt could collapse unexpectedly. We must accelerate our timetable. All crew, return to the Red Sprite…”
Stewart returned safely and Arthur congratulated him on defeating Mem Aleph. He then instructs him to return the Exotic Matter to Engineering.
Tyler: “You did it, Stewart! I can’t believe you beat Mem Aleph…” Me, neither. “We’ve eliminated the root of the Schwarzwelt!”
Maebe: “…Am I dreaming? You really beat Mem Aleph!? Our goal always seemed almost impossible… But look at us now! We solved the Schwarzewelt’s mystery and we’re on the verge of destroying it!”
Mila: “I never thought things would seem so hopeful for us… Humans really can do big things when they put their minds to it, eh Stewart?” Yes we can. “…We ought to thank Commander Gore, too.” Yes.
Mackie: “There were several times where I thought ‘This is it…’ But I’m glad we never gave up! Can I get a ‘Hell yeah!’ for the Red Sprite?”
Kato: “Alright, guys, I’d like to keep celebrating too, but c’mon… We’ve still got a job to do. Let’s all get back to our stations.”

The Schwarzwelt’s destruction will be carried out at the vanishing point. We will return to sector Eridanus immediately.”
Terry: “You heard him, everyone! Stand by to shift to Eridanus!”
Using Horologium’s EM, the Cosmic Egg, and a nuke, we could destroy the Schwarzwelt. Arthur decided to separate the Red Sprite into two sections: the carrier and engine sections. He would stay behind in the carrier section. He wished us well.
Williams: “Arthur…? You sound like you’re saying goodbye.”

I will not return to Earth.”
The BGM stopped.

I will transfer my personality matrix to the carrier section to ensure the bomb’s activation.”
Kato: “What? Why? You don’t have to do that! Just make a system backup so we can restore you back on Earth!”
A piano medley began.

I have acquired too much information in the Schwarzwelt. I now hold a secret with the potential to alter the nature of the world, as well as humanity. If I return to Earth, humans will become dependent on that knowledge and eventually come to worship me.”

It is improper that I should ever be worshipped.”
Wow, he really understood his decision and its ramifications.

Humanity should remain in control of its own fate.”
Tyler: “……I didn’t think I’d ever heard selflessness like that from a virtual personality…”

One problem remains. An error has arisen in my logic subroutines regarding the final mission, causing me to hesitate. I have given the order to destroy the Schwarzewelt. However, doing so will result in my termination before the results can be confirmed. This contradiction in my commands is causing a slight instability. Perhaps this is what humans refer to as ‘fear’.
Stewart, I have a favor to ask of you. The knowledge Commander Gore endowed to you… Will you transfer it to me? It may help me to become stronger.”

>Will you transfer your power to Arthur?”


Thank you, Stewart.”

>You transferred the brilliance within you to Arthur.”

Now Gore will help you one, final time. “We must hurry. If the Schwarzwelt were to become unstable, all hope would be lost. Let Plan Omega to destroy the Schwartzwelt and escape the Earth commence.”

Arthur detonated the bomb inside of the carrier section, and the Schwarzwelt receded, the blight washed off of the face of the Earth.

Crew A: “…It stopped. It looks like we’ve landed.”

Crew B: “Where? Where’d we touch down?”

Crew C: “Judging by the weather conditions, I think it’s safe to disembark. Atmospheric composition, gravity… All the readings are very similar to those of Earth’s.”

Crew D: “Alright, let’s go outside!”

Blue skies. White snow.

Crew A: “This is Antarctica! We made it back to Earth!”

Crew B: “We did it! We escaped!”

Crew C: “It’s gone…! The Schwarzwelt is gone! The Earth is saved!”

Crew D: “…Thank you, Commander Gore. Thank you, everyone who risked their lives. The Earth is safe. Thank you, Arthur. We made it out alive…”

Crew E: “I can tell you what Arthur would’ve said… ‘Our mission succeeded, but caution is necessary regarding mankind’s actions, which are the root cause’.

Humanity’s mission isn’t over yet… right, Atton?”

The Joint Project sent a rescue squad to pick us up. The Joint Project confirmed that the demons and the Schwarzwelt disappeared.

>The Schwarzwelt born in the Antarctic and threatening to cover the Earth has vanished. At the moment of its withdrawal, all demons on Earth vanished with it. And so, mankind, in the depths of their despair, reclaimed hope.

>The Schwarzwelt Investigation Team’s incredible report was met with shock the world over. However, it is unknown whether the people understood its full repercussions…”


A new game plus lets you carry over your Compendium, macca, items, equipment, and forma. Your demon stock is at max and level restrictions on summoning demons are lifted. Gasp!