Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tournament of Champions II

The Tournament of Champions is a fun way of determining which character has the highest stats. ToC II tackles the characters added in Final Fantasy Record Keeper‘s third year.
This is not supposed to be an absolute guide. You can use whatever characters you want. The characters that you will use will be determined in part by which stages you want to beat and who you get pieces of Soul Break equipment for.
Please note that the characters’ stats are affected by equipment of various quality. Their stats are presented without Record Synergy, which improves the stats of characters from the same game as the stage you are playing.
The list is divided up into characters that specialize in Physical and Magical attacks. When the character/s with the highest stats are tabulated, the best Physical and Magical characters face off in the final round.
Each stat is assigned a point value. The points are determined by how high the stat is compared to other characters, if there are multiple characters in a category. Whoever has the highest points advances to the next round. If characters have the same number in a stat, characters in that category get fewer points overall.
Stats and character levels are taken from the last few weeks.

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