Thunder Lady: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Part One

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Platform: Xbox 360


Released (North America): February 11, 2014

Released (Japan): November 21, 2013

Released (Europe): February 14, 2014

Released (Australia): February 13, 2014

Once, Lightning committed a terrible sin. She needed help to battle Chaos, and so she called upon her sister, Serah. But she was cursed with the ability to see the future, and it claimed her life.

Lightning underwent a crystal sleep that felt deathless until the light of Bhunivelze, god of gods, touched her. He told her that if she saved the dying world, Serah could come back.

August 19, 2015: The End of Days

A girl crashing a party with a comrade in her earpiece? How very Final Fantasy X-2.

You can’t fool me, subtitles! I know that’s Hope talking to Lightning!

Thirteen days before the end of the world, Lightning was awakened from her slumber by God to save the world from all-consuming chaos. She seeks to save Snow from his torment for her first act as savior.

Snow and Lightning clash

Our story beings 500 years after the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the glittering city of Yusnaan.

In her narration, Lightning asks Snow if a day has passed since Serah’s death without him thinking about her. The person that brought Light and Snow together as friends and allies.

Hearing Hope call her “Light” again is strangely sweet.

Unlocked The Savior’s Descent. 1/42

The effect of returning to the Ark looks so cool.

The Ark was Light and Hope’s base of operations where they didn’t have to worry about the passage of time. This was also where Light could receive bonus items and garbs, and read up on the Datalog.

Hope called Light back the the Ark because some of the sentries of the city were hot on her trail.

As she was transported back to the Ark, she told her backstory. She called asking Serah to help stop Caius a “terrible sin”. After Serah’s death, Light slept for 500 years. She called it a sleep like death, and each century felt like an eternity. But then, Bhunivelze, god of gods, reach her through His light and promised her a miracle if she became the savior of souls from this world to the next. The miracle of Serah’s return.

This game reuses some of the sound effects from FFXIII-2. The Ark traveling? The same sound used when going into the Historia Crux…

I like the potential of the Schemas, which let you customize Light’s attributes and skills with her Garb and equipment. Sadly, the game skips any systems like X-2‘s Garment Grids, so you can only use three Schema at a time.

A character called Lumina got in between Light and Snow. Lumina looks like a younger Serah with a wicked yet joyless smile. She can use Chaos to create monsters. No one knows who – or what – she is, or what she wants…


Unlocked Novice Stylist. 2/42

I like customizing~

When Light returned to the Ark, she was reminded of when she first talked to Hope there. They realized that their emotions have lessened considerably, if not vanished altogether.

They don’t know why Hope was turned back into a boy. He knows that he originally died 156 years ago…

He said that his memories feel like someone else’s life.

They know that Serah’s resurrection isn’t guaranteed. Light knew that her sister was being used as a bargaining chip, but she couldn’t muster up any anger about it.

Light can use an energy called Eradia to stall time until God’s reawakening, but it was limited, so she couldn’t use it all of the time.

Hope sent Light to Luxerion, the “city of light”, to save souls while the situation in Yusnaan cooled down.

Luxerion: Here, Bhunivelze is worshiped and Vanille is the Order’s High Priestess. For some reason, Lumina is at her side. The Order is opposed by the Children of Etro, and mysterious deaths are happening. Rose-haired women are being killed by someone called the “Shadow Hunter”. Light must work with the Order’s Inquisitor to get to the bottom of this.

But that’s not all. Noel, the last hunter, is here, but is he friend or foe? I remember one of the trailers showing him fighting with Light, but it must be one of those misunderstandings.

Light is so put-upon but so badass and gritty, that she’s starting to remind me of Solid Snake.

If you have save data from Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, then you get Light’s costumes from those games as garbs, and they’re much better than her other early garbs. I made her XIII outfit her default Schema.

This is one of those games where your quests can have an expiration date. PRESSURE

You could say that Light’s Schema make her like a magical girl.

Snow became the ruler of Yusnaan when he tried to help people.

Light took a train to get to Luxerion. There ain’t no getting offa this train we’re on…

Hope said that, when Chaos flooded the world, most of the world was lost. Then, people learned that they could no longer age or create life. A sterile world with no more new souls being made? It’s almost like Soul Nomad and the World Eaters.

This is one of those games that has fancy introductory graphics for new areas, like Square’s own Kingdom Hearts. I LOVE things like that.

Lumina acts playful, but you just know that she’s actually cruel.

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