Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Part Two: Ordinary World

August 21, 2015: The Children of Etro and the Shadow Hunter aren’t very good at keeping their tracks covered.
Chocolina’s here! She gives you rewards for clearing quests on the Canvas of Prayers.
There’s a sidequest here involving a dude named Holmes. O.O

Don’t worry. Even if the world hates you, I’ll always be by your side, Light.” D’aww, Hope.
I failed the quest to save the Inquisitor’s soul after I got more info on the cult. Well, there’s something that I’ll have to do when or if I replay…
So I guess that I just learned the hard way to do what Hope says, even if he’s a bit of a nag.
You can get new abilities from fallen enemies.
I’m liking the battle system. It tweaks the rhythm and timing aspects that have always been present in the Lightning Trilogy so that it feels fresh.
Time limits on quests… Non-player characters who can die… OMG, this game is Dead Rising!
She’s been in wars, y’know.
August 27, 2015: War in the Warrens
Unlocked Perfect Timing. 3/42
I wasn’t even paying that much attention. Mwahaha!
I equipped the Mist Wizard garb because it comes with the Thunder spell, and there are a lot of monsters that are weak to it.

Mist Wizard

All of Light’s garbs have unique victory animations – a nice touch.

Painting the Ark Red

I got the Red Mage garb!

Light has to offer up Eradia once per day at six AM to empower Yggdrasil, the World Tree. If it receives enough Eradia, then the deadline gets extended.

When Light tried to return to Nova Chrysalis, she was forced into her own mind by Lumina instead. Light asked what Lumina was, and as she answered, Serah’s voice spoke with her and her face appeared by hers as if she was a ghost.

They said that they were dust brushed off of the hand of a god. “That’s all we ever were.”

The Red Mage garb is so gorgeous. It has the reddest of reds and it appears to be made out of leather. Ooh~

Red Mage. I love this garb so much~

Even some of the ladies say that Light is cute. Well, well…

Unlocked Novice Synthesizer. 4/42

A female warrior doubts that a lone woman like Light can defeat a Chaos creature that claimed the lives of 12 other warriors.

September 5, 2015: “Born from Chaos”: I foolishly try to take on Zolom. It isn’t pretty.

Unlocked Seeing Stars. 5/42

November 27, 2015: Handed over the Soul Seeds to Baird. It all felt very… hush-hush.

Unlocked Deliverer of Salvation. 6/42

Another quest lets you save the soul of Dolce, a little girl who lost her mother to chaos “maybe 200 years ago?” She hopes that, if her Carbuncle doll was safe inside of the darkness, then her mother must be, too. Light muses on how, when peoples’ loved ones die, they hope that their souls will be safe out there, somewhere.

That little girls prays she’ll reunite with her mother… The same way I pray that Serah and I will be together again someday.”

Light found the last digit of the code in the Warrens. There, Lumina showed her the Oracle Drive, which recorded the future. It showed Light fighting Noel… and dying.

Noel himself then appeared. He said that the future would happen no matter what. Remember when he fought the future and prophecies?

He left, saying that it was too soon for their duel.

The graveyard is a gloomy place, but it has lovely purple butterflies flying around.

Light found some of the Children of Etro cult members preparing to sacrifice another girl. Noel also arrived and was incensed that the cult was killing people in hopes of fulfilling the prophecy. He and Light defeated the cult members, but he still believed that he had to kill Light. If he had found her sooner and killed her, then all of the girls that the cult killed would have been saved…

Noel told Light to follow him into the Warrens so that they could finish it.

Some quests are only available if you fail others?! What?!

April 9, 2016: Ordinary World

Lumina reminds Light of Noel’s love for the seeress Yuel, and how she said they’d meet again. Five hundred years later, he’s still waiting…

Light found Noel in the Warrens. The Oracle Drive showed Noel reuniting happily with Yuel in a sunny field of flowers, if he kills Light. She warns him that, while he’ll do anything to see Yuel, she’ll do anything to see Serah alive again, even becoming “God’s little pawn”. Doing so has decreased her emotions’ influence over her, making her capable of killing anyone without guilt, which she still subtly laments.