Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Part Seven: God’s Plan

May 3, 2016: Once again, Light recognized a love that should have been there. In one of the loading screens, she realizes that she has no idea what happened to “the heart I tried so hard to hide”.

Unlocked Expert Stylist. 16/42

When Light feeds Bartz, she may say, “Kweh kweh.” It’s cute.

Sometimes, she calls him Odin when a battle starts.

It Came from the Desert

Light goes to the desolate and sun-bleached Dead Dunes in search of a fragment of Dajh’s soul at the Oasis Lighthouse. To get it, she had to defeat a Cactaur with an afro…?

Lumina said that she gave Sazh the coffer of souls because she felt sorry for him. I kinda want to believe that she’s sincere, but she could just be condescending.

I’m already getting tired of the Dead Dunes. Big. Empty. Tough and/or annoying enemies.

After Light took the long way around to quell a sandstorm, she found Ruffian, the base of the bandit gang Monoculous. Its leader, Adonis, refused to tell Light anything about the soul-saving clavis unless she attempted a trial to join their little band of scallywags.

Adonis told her to quell a sandstorm called God’s Wrath. This was only possible by killing a certain monster to get the key to a monument that would stop the sandstorm. Surprise, surprise, the key only worked in the hands of one blessed by God’s power.

Adonis trailed her and saw her defeat the monster and get the key. He let her join Monoculous and told her to meet the gang’s female boss. I wonder who that could be?

You can find Bhakti’s Oil in several places out in the desert. Bhakti was Vanille’s little machine pet back on Gran Pulse.

May 4, 2016: That alchemist chick in Yusnaan is so condescending. Does Light have to save her soul? 😛

Lumina may be vexing, but her fashion is pretty on point.

Sazh’s chocobo chick is named… Chocolina?

The coffer of souls refused to open because Dajh’s heart was locked up tight. He became scared of his dad trying so hard to restore his son’s soul, so Dajh sealed away his own emotions.

Sazh realized he let his emotions get away from him, so he tried to reach Dajh by playing a game with Chocolina: pretending to race her with a toy ship. When Chocolina fell, he caught her – and Dajh stirred. He reminded Sazh that “Space Race” was their game. Sazh’s soul was instantly saved. He cried tears of joy.

Outside of Sazh’s house, Lumina compared Sazh’s desperation to Light and Serah. Typically stubborn, Light declared that she would save Serah, even if she hates her for it.

Unlocked A Father, a Son, and a Chocobo. 17/42

What could Serah hate Light for here?

Just quelling a God’s Wrath saves Adonis’ soul. That was easy.

Fang was Monoculous’ leader. She said that if Light shouted “Fang!” and hugged her, she’d have had a heart attack on the spot. She was glad to see that Light hadn’t changed. But Fang recognized that Light became the Savior.

Fang was looking after Vanille in Luxerion with the Order, but she left to find the clavis… before the Order did.

She seemed to have mixed feelings about leaving Vanille behind.

Fang fights alongside you, just like Bartz.

May 5, 2016: Fang wanted the clavis for Vanille’s sake. Thirteen years ago, they awoke from crystal sleep. Vanille somehow got the ability to hear the voices of the dead, which was why the Order took interest in her. Fang says that the clavis will call all of those souls to Vanille…

Even the game itself keeps saying that Fang and Vanille have bonds stronger than family.

May 6, 2016: Bhakti’s Lament

Light found Bhakti in the ruins. She gave him the oil that he needed for fuel. He also needed help opening a door to a room that his companions were in. However, it had been so long that his friends were just piles of bones. He felt guilty and thought that the others believed he’d abandoned them, but Light disagreed. Bhakti’s soul was saved.

He didn’t understand at first that his human friends couldn’t be repaired like a machine.

He wanted to be there with them when the world ended.

Unlocked Hero of Legend. 18/42

Fang said that she and Vanille were aware of the outside world in their centuries of crystal sleep. They knew of Serah and Noel’s journey, and the fall of Cocoon. They experienced it all. Light compared it to a nightmare.

At the end of the seventh day, Lumina helped Light remember something: in Valhalla, Light went into crystal sleep with Serah’s soul inside of her to protect it. But when God awakened Light, he took Serah’s soul hostage. Light was prepared to kill God if Serah’s soul was gone.

But Lumina reminded Light that destroying God would also destroy Hope. Lumina asked Light if she was willing to kill her friend.

Light: “You think I’m not?”

Lumina: “You answered a question with a question. That’s an evasion.

It looks like Hope, and it talks like Hope, but it’s not Hope anymore.”

Look, if you’re going to talk nonsense, this conversation is over. I’ve got better things to do.”

The Serah you talk to is a lie. The Hope in the Ark is a lie. How long is it going to take for you to wake up? Before you realize that maybe, just maybe, you’re a lie too?”

Before Light could respond, Lumina disappeared.

God, I hate Earth Eaters. They’re big, mean, porcine-looking bullies, and they’re tough.

This BGM is so good. Those bongos. ❤

Fang says there’s no atoning for all the deaths that she and Vanille caused. Vanille still wants to atone, however.

That Bhakti was someone else’s Bhakti, not Vanille’s. That sidequest was unexpectedly poignant. It’s timed, too. IDK what happens if you fail, but probably nothing as moving. Luckily, I picked up Bhakti’s Oil throughout the Dunes.